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Monday, March 3

The New @Dyson DC65 is now available at @BestBuy #DysonatBestBuy #Spon #Review

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

(So easy to use, even the Hubby vacuums more often now.)

Before having kids (including furkids) I would just buy whatever was the cheapest vacuum.  It didn't matter to me back then.  Now, I need all the extra help keeping my house clean, and with little effort. Before the Dyson vacuuming felt like a chore to me,  I had to always go over the same spot to pick up things, and even lift my old vacuum cleaner up, and place it directly on top the mess.  I don't have to do that now.  The Dyson DC65 gracefully turns, and even those sweet potato fries, and half ate corn tortilla wraps have no chance.  It has made clean up time go a lot faster.

Before I received the Dyson, I would ask friends, and family who had one if it was worth it.  And they all would say yes, and list weird things they were guilty of vacuuming up.  Also the fact that they had their Dysons for years. Of course I was skeptic, like "OMG WHYYY you pay that much!!" Now I know why.  It's a commitment for a cleaner, more hypoallergenic home.  It really is amazing how much it picks up.  I don't cringe anymore when the 3 yr old spills Cheerios, and Popcorn all over the carpet either. More things it has sucked up: Fruit Snacks, all shapes/sizes.  Fruit Roll Ups, Coconut Flakes (Yes, my 3 year old made it rain coconut flakes all over the kitchen floor.) I didn't even sweep those up, I just used the hand tool.  

Overall Impression: Well worth the price, I truly believe you get what you pay for now.  I have enough to worry about and clean up.  Only thing I should be lifting up is my little one, not my vacuum to place directly over a spot.  I am hoping for a long relationship with my Dyson.
Unboxing was also pretty easy to put the Dyson together.  I love the long dusting brush, and extra tools.

The prices range from $499 through $649 depending if you want just the Multi-Floor function for the dyson, or the Animal Dusting Brush, and extra tools.

· $499 (for Multi-Floor)

· $599 (for Animal): comes w/ TFT and dusting brush

· $649 (for Animal Complete): comes with extra tools and Zorb (plus TFT and dusting brush)

Many competitors claim superior performance on carpet, but 75% of US homes have a combination of carpets and hard floors.

Solution: Cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors.

Below are a few reasons why the Dyson DC65 cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors.

· Brush bar power increased by 25% for superior carpet cleaning

· New configuration of bristles dig deeper into carpets to remove more dirt

· Remodeled airflows to help remove more dirt, dust, and allergens from the home.

· 180AW of suction (vs. 160AW in DC41)

· Comes in three colors based on variant: Platinum (MF), Purple (AN) and Fuchsia (ANC)

· Also, same great features as DC41:

o Self-adjusting baseplate

o Long-reach telescopic wand

o 2x suction of any other vacuum

o Closer edge pick-up

o Built to survive 10 years

o Hygienic bin emptying

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Tuesday, February 4

#PurexInsider #Review for #PurexCrystals Fresh Mountain Breeze.

Being a PurexInsider has it's perks, like trying the new Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze for free to review.  If you don't know what a Purex Insider is, and you'd like more information about it, Just go to, and check it out.  There is also a huge Purex Giveaway, and anyone is allowed to enter.  It's to win either $500.00 Visa Gift Card, or 1 of 100 Lucky Winners that will win a Bottle of Purex Crystals too.  Enter to win that here, Purex On Facebook.

The Purex Crystals come in a bottle that's easy to use.  The cap comes off, and is used to measure the crystals into.  One capful is enough for a whole loud of laundry.

It also dissolves quickly, and smells amazing while the spin cycle is on.

Once the wash was over, and it was time to put the clothes into the Dryer.  They felt normal.  

Now my favorite part, was once they were in the Dryer, the smell from the Crystals I could smell even in my living room.  (My Washer & Dryer are in the downstairs hallway in their own Double Door Closet.) It's been really cold here in Ohio lately, and having these Mountain Breeze Crystals motivated me to do all of our laundry.  The smell, and bonus heat coming from the Laundry room made me beyond happy.

Overall impression:  These are fantastic! I like that I don't have to worry if things are going to be sticky from too much Fabric Softener, or if things are too soft.  The clothes were just perfect, and it's been a few days since washing everything, and I still find myself sniffing the clothes before putting them on.  Also when I mean I washed everything.  I really washed everything.  Even bedding, and Curtains.  It smells great in here. 

Don't forget to Enter! Never know unless you Enter! Click the Image to find out more.

Tuesday, February 19

Eco Store USA Bathroom Cleaner Giveaway!

Enter to win the same Glass Cleaner, All Purpose Spray, and Toilet Cleaner I reviewed in my Cleaning with Eco Store USA in the bathroom review!  Retail Value of combined products: $9.95.  All products are chemical, eco-friendly formulas.  Safe around pets, babies, and YOU.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway is open to the U.S. Only, Begins 2/20/13 12:01AM Est, Ends 3/06/13 12:01AM Est.  Prize Pack is mailed directly from the sponsor.  Life According to GreenVics is not responsible for prize shipment.  Winner is chosen at random Via Rafflecopter.  Winner has 72 hours to respond to winning email, if no response is made, another winner will be chosen at random by rafflecopter.  By entering you agree to this! Thank you, and good luck!

Wednesday, February 6

Cleaning with Eco Store USA in the bathroom.

I just know you all want to see my toilet.. Haha.  This week has been horrible.  Everyone in my house is sick with a stomach virus, and my 2 year old has ear infections in both ears, along with the stomach virus.  He's on medicine, and is doing a lot better.  I just feel like the house is dirty, so it's almost midnight, the baby is sleeping.. and I am cleaning.

First item from my Ambassador Kit for Eco Store USA I wanted to use was the Non-Toxic Toilet Cleaner (Retails $3.00.)  I thought the way the nozzle bends made it convenient, and easy to squeeze around the hard to reach ledge under the rim of the bowl.  It did do a great job at that.  Another thing that made this product great was the odor, or should I say lack of odor.  There is no chemical smell, because there are no toxic chemicals in the toilet cleaner.

I liked the results of the cleaner.  I thought it made the toilet shine, and I really liked that I was not light headed from chemicals.  I don't care how much ventilation, and if the bathroom fan is on I still get light headed from the other chemicals by being so close to them, and the toilet.

I figured why stop cleaning now? Might as well clean the bathroom sinks, and the glass. For that I used Eco Store USA Non-Toxic All Purpose Spray Cleaner (Retails $3.95,) & Non-Toxic Glass Cleaner (Retails $3.00.)  The Spray cleaner has a citrus scent which is nice.  I love that smell.  The glass cleaner has a Vinegar smell, but it is not strong at all, and does not linger.

Cleaning is one of those things I know it has to be done, but it doesn't mean I have to like doing it, these products made it a less tedious task just by not having an overpowering smell.  Yes, it's fantastic they are non-toxic, and the fumes wont harm you as well.

I received these products for free for being an Eco Store USA Brand Ambassador. You can apply to be part of the movement against nasty chemicals too.

Wednesday, January 30

Eco Store USA Ambassador GreenVics!

I am officially an Ambassador.  Meaning, I get to write reviews, try products, and share samples with my friends.

Little about Eco Store USA:  All of the products are ECO FRIENDLY! They are 100% plant based products (no nasty chemicals.) While also being super concentrated.  Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about these products.  I'm starting to get excited about cleaning!

It's free to sign up to be a Brand Ambassador,  costs nothing, you're selling nothing, you're just signing up to possibly review, and share your opinion to be part of this movement.  The movement for a chemical free home.

Love Wastefully,

Wednesday, January 23 Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones Review

I never noticed how horrible the cheapo in ear headphones I had were til I put on Sol Republics Tracks HD Head phones.  The sound quality blew me away.  Even just small clicks had this in-depth acoustic sound to them, easiest way for me to explain it was it sounded like I was in a closed hallway with high ceilings, that the sound was all around.  I can never go back to those other head phones now.

To really break these babies in, I broke out some P-Funk.  It was nice to block out the Kid show songs, and  whiney-ness for a few!

Depending on the On-Ear head phones you chose (All can be customized by color, which is great!) some have v8, or v10 built in sound engines,  along with deeper bass, higher clarity, and better vocals. I like that there is a volume control on the headphones cord themselves.  The foam on the head phones are extremely soft, and the headphones themselves are flexible as well.  Overall, I am enjoying these! They are also light weight.  

You can find out more about Sol Republic on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

I received these Headphones for free to review.  Opinion, and pictures are my own!  I was not paid, nor told what to say.

Tuesday, December 11

{ Giveaway } Stained Glass Window Film Review

Recently I reviewed Wall Paper For Windows,  Atlantis Stained Glass Window Film. There is no trimming, and they are adhesive free.  I really needed a privacy option for my side window that receives a lot of walk by action in my apartment complex. There are always tenants cutting through to go else where. One day I noticed my Toddler smiling, and waving at a stranger outside that was waving back so I decided I needed a change. After researching window films, I came across

Little Man enjoying the colors of the stained glass film.

I measured my window, and customer service custom made me a film that would fit. I installed it myself, and it really is so easy to put up. I just cleaned the window, sprayed a little bit of water on, peeled the backing off the film, and placed on my window. It does come with a tool that I used to flatten out the air bubbles.

The Window Film worked perfectly for what I needed it for. It's nice not having to worry about my little man messing with the blinds, or strangers waving to him from outside. These are great for us people that live in apartments that still want light to come in, without showing everyone in the complex whats in your living room.   

Outside View,  No one can see in with the blinds up.

Wall Paper For Windows offers all sorts of styles, from stained glass, to etched, various designs. Everything can be made custom for the window size. If you'd like to learn more, check them out online, facebook, and twitter.

I received this item for free, for my honest opinion. The experience, and photos are my own.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway
U.S, and Canada Only! Giveaway begins 12/12/12, Ends 12/19/12. Winner is chosen at random via rafflecopter. Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Monday, December 3

Hammacher Schlemmer Specialty Gifts Review (Mine happens to be a Grinder/Roaster/Coffee Brewer!!)

Holiday Gift Guide: Hammacher Schlemmer has it all!

Wouldn't it be something to take whole beans.. roast.. and grind all in one machine..while at HOME?!?

Recently I was sent the Breville Grinder/Roaster from Hammacher Schlemmer to review.  First I'd like to praise Hammacher Schlemmers customer service, and fast shipment.  This company has been specializing in the best, the only, the unexpected for 164 years. That is truly remarkable, and I honestly praise them for the history behind their company.

The quality of the gift I received from Hammacher Schlemmer made me so giddy.  I love coffee, and I love electronics that do far, and above what others do.  The fact that this company has a whole catalog of products that I would personally like to own every single one of just makes me want to purchase gifts for everyone.  I'm a firm believer in budgeting else where so we can splurge on items like these. Through the long hours at work, to the whiney children at home.. I felt as if shopping from here would be like a well earned reward. 

Best. Present. Ever.  I am an avid dark roast consumer. Now I own a machine, that roasts, grinds, and is just classy.  Thank you Hammacher Schlemmer.  I have nothing but great things to say about your company, and you do offer the best gifts to be found.  Really, there is something for everyone in this catalog.  

If you'd like to check out Hammacher Schlemmer, or to request a catalog, go here.  Really, who wouldn't any of these gifts make happy? 

I know I am extremely happy with mine. It's a great, easy, way to grind, and brew your own coffee.  I can make gourmet, fresh, coffee at home.  For the cost of beans, and the flavoring that I enjoy, it saves me so much money making my own.

Seriously, once you go this fresh, you can never go back.  Even getting coffee made at expensive coffee houses, you still know, it could be FRESHER.   

Sunday, October 14

WondaWedge Review

by, Life According To GreenVics

The WondaWedge is part of my Holiday Gift Guide.  This product would make a fantastic office gift.  You could even give it to that family member you just don't know what to get.  As soon as I received the WondaWedge I let my husband lay on it, and he's already claimed it as his own.  

My Hubby Relaxing on our WondaWedge

Sometimes you just feel like laying on the floor, and watching TV.  I'm not sure if it's because we did it as kids, or that it's just nice to stretch those muscles out.  I was sent WondaWedge for free to review.

Deflated WondaWedge
This product can be used for multiply situations.  The beach, the park, a concert.  Or just to hang out at home.  We like to lounge on it in the middle of the floor.  I wish I had the WondaWedge when I was pregnant.  My husband is guilty of taking the pillows off the couch to use on the floor and this product really is a better alternative than him using my couch cushions.

I really look forward to taking this camping with me.

Experience:  It's easy to blow up. It holds it's air & is soft to the touch.  It even comes with an attached  mat in case you are laying on the ground.

Durability:  Both my husband, and I are husky people so we need things that wont break/pop soon as we use it.  This has held up to the test of being above average.

Price: The WondaWedge is $24.00.  Pretty reasonable for how it deflates, and rolls up for easy storage when not in use.

Colors Available: Navy Blue, Lemon Yellow, Think Pink, Warm Grey,  Lime Green, Citrus Orange.

Don't forget to check out my Review for the BookWedge!

Can be used for books, or tablets!

My question to you.. Did these products make you think of someone these would be great gifts for? 

Friday, September 21

The Bronx Naturals Soy Candle Bella Review

100% Soy Wax Candle, Natural Fragrance & Cotton Wick

From one avid candle user, and lover of natural oils to another I'd like to introduce you to, Soy Candles.  This Candle is called Bella. 

The experience of ripe peach and earthy sandalwood's really do fill the room. I enjoyed the sweetness of the candle.   I like my candles sweet like I am. The wax is extremely oily, and can be used on the skin once cooled down some.  So that's always a plus. I've been burning my candle almost every other day these past 2 weeks for about 3 hours a day, and it's only half way melted.   I have nothing but positive things to say about this candle.  

Little Info On The Bronx Naturals, The Candles have a burn life of 40 hours. Like I said before, mine is only half way melted.  Soy Wax really does burn longer.  The only thing to keep into consideration is to always make sure the cotton wick is trimmed to 1/8", and to let the candle burn evenly for a few hours before blowing it out.   Like any candle,  it should be respected, and used at caution.  

The Bronx Naturals makes some fantastic, Natural fragrances for their 100% Soy Wax Candles.  

  • Bella: Ripe Peaches & Sandalwood 
  • Fresco: Exotic Floral & Ginger 
  • Temptress: Sandalwood
  • Lemon Energy: Sweet Lemon, Sage, & Orange Blossom 
  • Velvet Rose: Exotic Woodsy Fresh Rose, & Jasmine

Limited Time:  Classic Vanilla, or Classic Lavender.  

I received Bella to sample for my review.  I really am hooked, for just an 11oz candle, the aroma it releases put me into such a great mood.  I give this candle 5 out of 5 stars.  I love to experience products that last more than just one use.

If you want to give a great soy candle a chance.  I would definitely make The Bronx  Naturals a go to for a gift for yourself or some one that loves a great aromatherapy candle.

My motto is.. TRY IT! You might like it!

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Thursday, August 30

Ozeri Eco Friendly Green Earth Ceramic NonToxic Pans

I've been trying to lead a more Eco-Friendly Green life style since my leg injury, I have to watch my intake on everything, that made me realize how many toxins our bodies actually come into contact with. What we don't even realize we are consuming by the things we cook with.

I started to question,  Where do you think those Teflon Non Stick Coatings go?

The more I read, the more it freaked me out on how there are over 15 different types of gases that can be released in those pans. It happens when a certain temperature is reached, say you left your pan on for preheating.. Seriously, Why did I buy those $50.00 pans? If It was coated with poison? It can also cause Polymer Flu Like symptoms, and can be fatal to birds.

I just refuse to cook with anything coated with Teflon anymore.  I'm not saying something else is healthier, YOU be the judge of that, I'm just saying, Those gases go somewhere.  There are way too many choices out there than to use those types of pans.

This is my new Baby, I use her about twice a day. Shes the 12" Green Earth Pan by Ozeri which is 100% PTFE and PFOA Free!!

Ozeri has a line of Green Earth Pans, From Sauce pans, to frying, even a Wok by Ozeri.  I've been using my 12" Pan for awhile now, and I seriously threw all my other pans away after reading what those nonstick coatings can do.  I didn't know.  I'm upset with myself that I bought those expensive nonstick pans, and never thought to question what made them nonstick.  I will never go back to them.

The layering of the ECozeri Ceramic Eco-Friendly pan is pretty high tech, and just worth buying just because of its technology for evenly cooking, and being nonstick by the layers of Ceramic Coating.

I've cooked just about everything in mine.  I used virgin coconut oil to fry Fried Chicken (Wheat Flour, with coconut shreds, so delish.) I even made Rice with Kale.  We eat a lot of Veggy Burgers, and they were great fried in the pan.

It's proved to me what It's capable of doing, and the price? There is always a deal on Amazon for the ECozeri, Ozeri Eco-Friendly Pans.  I'm getting myself the Wok soon.  I'm completely set on being healthier for my family, and I.  It's little steps like this that make a difference in the long run.

If you have any questions for Ozeri on their Ecozeri Green Earth Pans, You can message them on Ozeri Products Facebook Wall.

Below is actual Coconut Fried Chicken I made in my pan. It tastes just as good as it looks!  If you don't believe me, I've added my personal recipe too.


  • Pepper tsp
  • Season All  tsp
  • Nutmeg 1/2 tsp
  • Shredded Coconut  1/3 cup
  • Eggs
  • Wheat Flour  2 cups
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Thawed Chicken Tenders

First mix the Flour, Pepper, Season All, Nutmeg in a bowl by itself, and mix, then add in the Shredded Coconut.  Mix again.

The eggs you crack into a separate bowl, mix, This is used to dip the chicken in, and then once the chicken is coated with egg, you dip it into the flour mix.  I do this about three times.

The frying pan I turn on High, and let the Coconut Oil heat up, always drop the breaded chicken tenders into a hot frying pan, warm, and just turned on will not work, and you might loose some of your breading. 

Once its in the pan, I turn the heat down to Medium, and let it cook, don't flip them too soon,  make sure they are nice and crispy before going to the other side.  Also, I move the tenders in the pan around, that makes sure I don't have to add more coconut oil, and nothing tried to stick in the Ecozeri Earth Pan.  I'm really loving that pan.

Verdict:  GREAT PAN!  Super easy to rinse clean. I received this pan for free for my honest, open, opinion. And, can be found on Amazon too! For under $40.00,I love amazon. I know others that love it too, just like me, I save up Amazon Giftcards I've earned from various Social Media Word Of Mouth sites, and then I splurge on Amazon with something I want.  Ozeri WOK is going to be my next Kitchen Splurge.

With the holidays coming up, if any of my family members or friends that read my blog, want to know what to get me, I need more of these pans, Thank you very much, Lol. You know I'm not joking too!

Sunday, August 19

MadisonAtMain, Jellybean Rug Review And Giveaway

Here is my, Jellybean Indoor/Outdoor Washable Rug
Review & Giveaway,

This is the Front Gate Jellybean Rug I've been reviewing for the last two weeks. sent me this product for free so I can do a review for Jellybean Rugs.  The quality of the Jellybean rug is pretty great.  I love the design on mine, it matches every piece of furniture in my house.  I try to avoid overly cute novelty rugs, or things that I just don't "collect."  I wanted a rug that would match my wooden furniture, and the earthiness of the artwork that are on my walls.  Plus, I love plants, the swirls of the front gate pattern makes me think of vines, instead of the iron gate bars.  The swirls are always beautiful to me, and somewhat fantasy like.

(21" X 33" - 1/4" thick)

It looks much better in person than the stock photo from the website.  The Jellybean Rug is extremely soft, and standing on it you can really feel the thickness of the pattern.  Shipping wise, It came in just a few days, and rolled flat with no problems at all.  I've bought door way rugs before that no matter what I did, they just did not want to lay flat after being mailed.  But the material of the jellybean rug is much easier to work with.  It can also be washed.  The rugs are not nonslip, but I am using them on carpet in front of my sliding glass door, so I really don't need the option of non-slip for where my placement choice was made.  

Saturday, August 18

Purex Insider: Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait, and Gel

Review, and Giveaway For Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bate, and Gel,

I'm part of Purex Insiders group.  I received this Kit of Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait, and Ant Gel for free, for my honest opinion.  My first thoughts when the kit arrived was how real the ants on top of the box looked for the picnic scene.  I've been having issues with ants lately.  I really don't want to spray anything, so this is a better option.  I did try Lavender oil, Peppermint oil.  I'm really burnt out on the little red ants that keep getting in.

The bates I put nearest to the sliding glass door, and didn't use the syringe with the Gel were I put the bates at.  I read that it's better to leave them an opening that way they can take the ant bate back to the nest, and you have a better chance of getting rid of them.

Around the rest of the windows I used the syringe of Combat Source Kill Max on the exterior windows.  I have a baby, and a dog that both like to get into the window to look out.  So I wanted to test it on the outside,  I know I'm going to have more treatments that way, but I just feel safer that it's outside, and not touchable from inside.  

It's been a few days now, and I haven't had an ant bite me.  I'm hoping some of the bate got back to the queen.  

I have great news, since I am a Purex Insider, and For this Combat Ant Kit, I get to offer a giveaway to one lucky follower for the same kit I received.  These are chemicals, so treat them with respect.  Follow the directions.

Below is the Giveaway, Begins 8/18/12, Ends 9/14/12  U.S. Residents Only,  Entrants must be 18yrs or older.  Winner is chosen at random via rafflecopter,  has 7 days to respond back to my email.  Purex Insiders/Combat has full responsibility for shipment of kit.

Coming soon is also a Combat Sweepstakes through Purex Insiders themselves, so don't forget to check back in.  Good luck!

If you don't want to use rafflecopter, just leave me a comment, and email me, ,and I will add you in manually. I believe everyone should beable to enter.

Thursday, August 2

Easy Canvas Prints 8x10 Wrapped Canvas Review

Easy Canvas Prints, Picture Wrapped Canvas Review,

(Isn't it cute? I love it)

I had the honor of receiving an 8x10 canvas wrapped picture of my choice for free from Easy Canvas Prints. I absolutely love my Canvas. My husband thinks he's hilarious by always calling me a Momarazzi. I do, love to take pictures. Baby Sy is our first kid together, and we are both in our 30's. I don't want to forget anything. I see the canvas everyday because it's on the wall by the front door. I live in the city, so It's nice to see a photo of my baby playing in the river, as the clouds from aboves image is mirrored. It's beautiful.

(The back of my wrapped canvas)

I was impressed at how well wrapped, and put together the canvas itself was. Here is a picture of the back of my canvas. Easy Canvas Prints prides themselves on being 65% cheaper than competitors pricing, and being professional quality.

I just used their canvas design tool to see which picture I wanted to use. The design app was easy to use, and no downloads. My overall experience with Easy Canvas Prints was a pleasurable one with no drama, and the canvas came extremely fast within the week. I wasn't expecting it to be that fast, but no complaints here!

I received this product for free. I love it, seeing it before I leave the apartment makes my day.

Monday, July 23

Dezign With A Z, Fairy Tree Wall Decals Review

I wanted something cute for the area Sy likes to lounge at. The walls are pretty plain in my apartment still, and soon as you walk into the apartment you see an inner island where the sink is, that separates the kitchen from the living room.

I ordered the Fairy Tree Wall Decals 22”x25” from Dezign With A Z to fill that void on the wall. I was impressed at how fast the decal came. There were also cute little butterflies, and polka dots rolled up along with my tree, so it was like a bonus unraveling it, and finding little treasures along the way.

Here's a demo on how easy it is to Install the Decals:

It's pretty simple to install the Decal; My wall wasn't glossy so I didn't have to clean it off. I just marked where on the wall I wanted it, and I picked the corner of the inner island. I then laid the decal on a flat surface, and used the special tool that came with it to flatten it so the transfer sticks to the sticky side. I lined the tree on the wall with the marks. Since mines on a corner, I peeled the top right first and gently flattened it down to stick to the wall (Sticky side goes on the wall.) I did the same with the bottom right corner.

Then I used the tool and flattened the detail of the decal down more as I went around the wall. With the tree there are alot of little swirls, and leaves. The detail is just wild. Once I thought it was flat enough I peeled the plastic off, leaving just the decal behind on the wall. For how small some of the lines were, it really wasn't difficult. Even applying it to the corner was pretty easy. Just had to make sure I smoothed it out enough, and every bit stuck where it was supposed to.

This was a simple project for even people that aren't crafty, and want something unique. The decal is for a fairy tree, but I don't think it means for a certain gender. I love things that are magic, and mythical. I grew up reading about fairies, goblins, and trolls. Of course, I would want my son to have an imagination too.

You can find Dezign With A Z on,
Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest.

I was giving the product in exchange to do a review. Review as in, I installed it myself, gave my feed back, and honestly, pictures do not lie when it comes to decals, and placement. Receiving product did not sway my opinion. All links on review, do go to the sponsor regarding more detail.

Sunday, July 15

Dali Decal Review & Giveaway

I live in an apartment that all the walls are a nuetral cream color, and the trim is a walnut, while the fixtures are white. I wanted something for my 18 months old room to make it feel more like home. It seems the past 3 years we have moved each year due to expanding our family. I really wanted a place that felt like home, and that I can be comfortable in. I've never full on decorated, or painted my apartment walls, because I didn't want to have to paint them back to a cream color when we moved.

I wanted the babies room to be different this time, somewhere he can go play, look at colorful things on the wall. Basically I wanted him to really enjoy his first room to himself. It had to be playful.

I did a search online for easy wall murals, and found Dali Decals. There were so many different designs, and for all kinds of areas of your home. I saw some cute little girl fairy wall decals that I thought, Oh man, I wish I had a girl!! Maybe the husband wouldn't mind if I put that in our bedroom.. But I got back on my main mission, for my baby boys bedroom.

I was graciously giving a $50.00 Dali Decal Gift Certificate in which I choose the Mini Happy & Fun Dinosaur Printed Wall Decals in exchange for a review. In total there were six dinosaur wall transfers. The package arrived quick through UPS. There was even a test decal to try. When you order the decals you have the option on what type of wall texture you have. Mine were just plain flat paint, so I had no problem applying the test decal. I put it above some art work on another wall. In the package is also a plastic tool to smooth the decal flat. The Dinos came on a sheet together.

The directions were very easy. Peel the test decal off sticker side up, so you can apply that side to the wall, smooth out so there are no air bubbles with the decal tool. I found it easy to just do the top left corner first, flatten it out, and smooth out evenly, and work my way down, and across to the right. Peel the transfer paper off the wall so that the transfer sticks flat the same way. I picked one corner to start on, and just kept peeling in the same direction in one motion. It all came off no problem, and one try. After that I used the tool again to make sure it was completely as flat as it could be.

1. Cut around each dino.
2. Peel the transfer paper off the side that has the self adhesive.
3. Apply the sticky side to the wall.
4. Use the tool to flatten, and make sure no air bubbles.
5. When taking the last layer of transfer paper off, I pulled in the same direction, and got it all off in one piece.

The dino's teeth, and claws gave me no problem, and they were small in detail, so it looks great on the wall above the babies crib.

I really wish I would have done this sooner. It was so easy, and now I am addicted, I want something for each room. There are all kinds of different decals, it's easy to do a search on their site, and find what you are looking for. I'm very pleased with how great they match his stuffed animals.

I've also been given the option to do a Giveaway for my Followers for a $25.00 Dali Decal giftcard. U.S.A. Only, All readers and/or contest entries are only eligible to win once per 12 months.

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