Monday, December 3

Hammacher Schlemmer Specialty Gifts Review (Mine happens to be a Grinder/Roaster/Coffee Brewer!!)

Holiday Gift Guide: Hammacher Schlemmer has it all!

Wouldn't it be something to take whole beans.. roast.. and grind all in one machine..while at HOME?!?

Recently I was sent the Breville Grinder/Roaster from Hammacher Schlemmer to review.  First I'd like to praise Hammacher Schlemmers customer service, and fast shipment.  This company has been specializing in the best, the only, the unexpected for 164 years. That is truly remarkable, and I honestly praise them for the history behind their company.

The quality of the gift I received from Hammacher Schlemmer made me so giddy.  I love coffee, and I love electronics that do far, and above what others do.  The fact that this company has a whole catalog of products that I would personally like to own every single one of just makes me want to purchase gifts for everyone.  I'm a firm believer in budgeting else where so we can splurge on items like these. Through the long hours at work, to the whiney children at home.. I felt as if shopping from here would be like a well earned reward. 

Best. Present. Ever.  I am an avid dark roast consumer. Now I own a machine, that roasts, grinds, and is just classy.  Thank you Hammacher Schlemmer.  I have nothing but great things to say about your company, and you do offer the best gifts to be found.  Really, there is something for everyone in this catalog.  

If you'd like to check out Hammacher Schlemmer, or to request a catalog, go here.  Really, who wouldn't any of these gifts make happy? 

I know I am extremely happy with mine. It's a great, easy, way to grind, and brew your own coffee.  I can make gourmet, fresh, coffee at home.  For the cost of beans, and the flavoring that I enjoy, it saves me so much money making my own.

Seriously, once you go this fresh, you can never go back.  Even getting coffee made at expensive coffee houses, you still know, it could be FRESHER.