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Sunday, October 14

BookWedge Review

This is the BookWedge.  It's part of my Holiday Gift Guide.  What I liked about this is it's easily inflatable, and sits comfortably on my lap.  It would make a perfect gift for those loved ones that like to read.  Even those that are in school that read a lot in bed. It also partners well with the WondaWedge. Both would be  great for the avid reader.

My SonyS Tablet Fits Perfectly On The BookWedge
Just like the WondaWedge, it can be inflated, as easy as it can be deflated.  It's good for all kinds of Books, (Paper back, hard back, or e-books on electronic devices.)

I Inflated Mine In  Just A Few Minutes

I used my Sony S Tablet on mine.  Whats great about my device, and the BookWedge, I can play flash games, facebook games, while in my lap. 

Side View Of My Tablet, and Book Wedge.

Experience:  Blown up within minutes.  It held my tablet firmly, and did not fall off, or over.  As you can see my tablet is a little top heavy, and thin at the bottom.  That was not an issue with the BookWedge.

Durability: Deflated easily, and I inflated it again right after to see if it would be as easy.  It was.  There were no issues with leaks.  It rolled back up with ease.

Price: The BookWedge retails for $19.99.

Don't forget to check out my Review for the WondaWedge. Same durable material, and ease.

My Hubby On The WondaWedge Relaxing After Work

Hope you enjoyed my Reviews, and thought of someone these would be great gifts for!

WondaWedge Review

by, Life According To GreenVics

The WondaWedge is part of my Holiday Gift Guide.  This product would make a fantastic office gift.  You could even give it to that family member you just don't know what to get.  As soon as I received the WondaWedge I let my husband lay on it, and he's already claimed it as his own.  

My Hubby Relaxing on our WondaWedge

Sometimes you just feel like laying on the floor, and watching TV.  I'm not sure if it's because we did it as kids, or that it's just nice to stretch those muscles out.  I was sent WondaWedge for free to review.

Deflated WondaWedge
This product can be used for multiply situations.  The beach, the park, a concert.  Or just to hang out at home.  We like to lounge on it in the middle of the floor.  I wish I had the WondaWedge when I was pregnant.  My husband is guilty of taking the pillows off the couch to use on the floor and this product really is a better alternative than him using my couch cushions.

I really look forward to taking this camping with me.

Experience:  It's easy to blow up. It holds it's air & is soft to the touch.  It even comes with an attached  mat in case you are laying on the ground.

Durability:  Both my husband, and I are husky people so we need things that wont break/pop soon as we use it.  This has held up to the test of being above average.

Price: The WondaWedge is $24.00.  Pretty reasonable for how it deflates, and rolls up for easy storage when not in use.

Colors Available: Navy Blue, Lemon Yellow, Think Pink, Warm Grey,  Lime Green, Citrus Orange.

Don't forget to check out my Review for the BookWedge!

Can be used for books, or tablets!

My question to you.. Did these products make you think of someone these would be great gifts for?