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Thursday, November 24

Scan every and any receipt for free Cash Back

I've been cashing mine out for Amazon Gift cards. It's helping a lot with Birthdays & Holidays.  You can also use Credit, Debit, Cash & EBT at the stores as payment & then scan your receipts in Fetch for the Cash Back. 

Fetch is my 2nd favorite app. Mostly because it is very easy to use. You sign up and can scan every and any receipt for Cash back. There is no clipping anything. There are promotions to get more points for cash back at certain stores & products but no matter what receipt - you will always atleast get 25 points for taking an in app photo of it.  

$300 in cash back from buying food!!


Ibotta takes all types of payment for purchases, debit, credit, cash, EBT for cash back. Walmart you link your Payment cards to account, and Food Lion you link your MVP Card. It's really easy to use at those stores and I have no need to upload a receipt, just make sure your Wallet at is up to date, and your items you are buying in Ibotta are clipped in the Ibotta app (with a check mark.)  

I've only been doing Ibotta for a few months now and it's already helped me with extra items around the house. 

If you'd like to sign up under my Ibotta it would mean the world to me. If you have any questions about the app, or need help with the app - just Email me. I really do enjoy helping others save money.  

Love you,

Cash back for buying Gas!

I am always trying new apps to get cash back on things I HAVE to buy that I don't want to buy. My first trip I made back $9.46. 

Like Gas.

Gas is crazy expensive right now, and Upside is a free app that is easy to use and WORKS.  

Download it here, This free app gets you cash back on gas! Use promo code 9NJ7SM to get an extra 15c/gal bonus on your first purchase.

Heres how it works;

1. Sign up - verify & complete your profile in app.

2. Add into your Wallet your payment method you use at the pump. It only asks you for your First 6 Numbers and Last 4 of Card. 

3. Scroll down participating gas stations from the list & Claim which location you'd like to redeem at.  You have 4 hours to redeem your claimed location.

4. Once you arrive the pumps, go back into your Claimed Offers & Check In.  It is very important that you check in befre pumping.  You can do steps 3 & 4 at the same time at the pump before getting Gas.  

5. For Cashing out you can choose Gift Cards or link your Bank account using Plaid.