Tuesday, February 4

#PurexInsider #Review for #PurexCrystals Fresh Mountain Breeze.

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The Purex Crystals come in a bottle that's easy to use.  The cap comes off, and is used to measure the crystals into.  One capful is enough for a whole loud of laundry.

It also dissolves quickly, and smells amazing while the spin cycle is on.

Once the wash was over, and it was time to put the clothes into the Dryer.  They felt normal.  

Now my favorite part, was once they were in the Dryer, the smell from the Crystals I could smell even in my living room.  (My Washer & Dryer are in the downstairs hallway in their own Double Door Closet.) It's been really cold here in Ohio lately, and having these Mountain Breeze Crystals motivated me to do all of our laundry.  The smell, and bonus heat coming from the Laundry room made me beyond happy.

Overall impression:  These are fantastic! I like that I don't have to worry if things are going to be sticky from too much Fabric Softener, or if things are too soft.  The clothes were just perfect, and it's been a few days since washing everything, and I still find myself sniffing the clothes before putting them on.  Also when I mean I washed everything.  I really washed everything.  Even bedding, and Curtains.  It smells great in here. 

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