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Friday, February 27

Someone with Autism loves me.

Just saying "Someone with Autism loves me," is difficult for me.  I'm not ashamed of who Sy is, I just dislike labeling him.  Sy is Sy.  He loves me, and I love him.

Sy started Early Special Ed, Pre-K last month.  He's been diagnosed with Autism by Childrens Hospital, and he has an IEP with the school system (This is why I don't blog as much as I used to.
Sy really loves going to school.  He has his own booster seat on the Bus.  Sy is hand to hand transfer  through his Aides since he's a Flight Risk.  He's adjusting better than I thought he would (I on the other hand, that's a whole different story.)  He's upset this week because of all the snow, he doesn't understand that school has been cancelled because of the weather.

Sy is the cutie in the blue jeans, and Teether in his mouth.  He is a chewer, and likes to rub things on his chin as well.  Sy has ritualistic behaviors, on top of ASD. He's also non-verbal, but learning sign language, and PECS.  

I just wanted to say, if you know a family that has a child with Autism, a few things not to say are "He will snap out of it.", "Don't worry about it, all kids go through that.", "He's just being bad, you have to discipline him more.","You just have one kid, I have three..","Be Thankful he doesn't talk..","Try this diet..",  How about just saying "He is who he is, and we love him."  Sy is Gluten, and Dairy free already.  Since going Gluten free, he makes Eye Contact, he never did that before.

We are still learning along with him.  Some days when he's walking even higher on his toes, I know that's going to be a bad day.  Other days, when he does that spin on his knee, that's almost like a triple axle - perfect balance, I know that's going to be a good day.  Sy loves Pirates, and he loves the water. Sy also likes to take different sized balloons, and let them hoover over the air purifier fan that's on the floor.  I like to call him my Professor Sy.  For people that think autistic children are stupid, They really aren't, they just see things differently than you, and I.  I wish more people would understand that.

Since today was a snow day (It was supposed to be his Picture Day!!) We have been playing with Playdoh most of the day, and practicing his "Say Cheese" face.

Sy also loves music, and to dance.  Sy is pretty awesome.   Even with the meltdowns, and trying to get him not to self hurt, he is still perfect.

The way I try to explain why Sy is "the way Sy is" is that he has too much soul for his little body to handle. It's a sensory overload. 

Saturday, August 2

My Self Portrait. #Art #DigitalArt #Selfie #Creative #Therapy

I've been working on my Self Portrait for almost a month now.  I work on it here, and there.  Add a little, Delete a lot. I don't feel like I am done yet, I'm pretty hard on myself tho, but drawing calms me.  I'm not sure what made me want to draw myself to begin with.  I just haven't felt like myself lately I suppose, and needed to get back to things I enjoy. Art really is one of those passions that calms this beast.  I don't get to draw, or paint with oils anymore.  My excuse would be since finding out Sy has Autism Spectrum Disorder, with Ritualistic Behaviors I just try to keep the safest environment for him, and my oils, along with the paint thinner isn't it right now.  This tablet, and creating the digital art I can do while still in the same room with him. We also do drawing sessions together on it.  I don't talk about this really, but I wont hide the fact I needed an outlet to be creative before I lost my mind.  I really believe Art, even if its digital is perfect therapy. I tried finger painting, and he hates the texture of anything "wet" on his hands. I tried sand art, and he wants to eat it.  The same thing with Clay. Digital art tho, he sits on my lap, and tries to hold the characters hands, to where my heart smiles, and I know my sweet man is there. Sy does not talk, and I don't need to hear his words to feel his emotions from creating things together. 

Wednesday, July 23

How I love my Wacom INTUOS Tablet, let me count thee ways.

1. It's pretty b@dass.
2. The detail I can draw while zoomed in 200%+ is unbelievable. 
3. Affordable!
4. The Pressure Point on the Creative Pen, and while adjusting Tool Thickness/Shade is fun to play with!
5. Even if you are like me, and drawing is just a hobby.. this tablet is Easy to use!

I received the most awesome Birthday present ever this month.  It's something I've been wanting forever.  I received a lot of great things, I felt very spoiled, from my Wacom Intuos Tablet, Starbucks Giftcards, and an abundance of my favorite Green Teas.  The way to my heart is through Art, Coffee, and Tea. I am also doing another Harvey Prince post for Hello soon too! So, yay, Hope you read my posts!

So this is my newest precious.  The moment I set it up (as simple as plugging in a usb, and popping in a disc.) I was doodling.  I find myself drawing things here, and there in the Autodesk Sketchbook Express Program just because.. I want to see if I can remember how to draw things I did over 20 years ago.

This is Leo, from TMNT that I drew from memory for my little brother.  I don't know why, but it calms me to be able to shut my eyes, and remember lines, and certain strokes to create an image. 

Little Weirdo Eye Sketch using the Pen Tablet.  

Here is one of the very first things I drew with the Tablet.  I had been watching Puppet Master all Week (Dollar General had whole box set series of Full Moon DVDs on sale for $4.95, so I dorked out to some old School Horror.)

When the Kids saw what I was doing, the requests started pouring in for Pirate Skulls, and Horses.

I really hope this helps my blog become more personal, and fun for myself to do.

I forgot how much I loved to draw.  The last thing I drew, and put any effort in were DIY Dr. Seuss Themed Letters for my son's bedroom wall.. that was a while ago. I'm going to practice, and become a paint, smudge, pencil, blur, penciling machine. I'm hooked, and already want to learn more.

Tuesday, July 1

My love of a certain plant.

I just wanted to do a quick update on how great my cherry tomato plants are doing! They remind me that moving from the Midwest back to Virginia was worth the headache.  I've already ate 3 off the plant, ahaha. Growing up I would walk around eating tomatoes like apples.  Then I discovered cherry ones, and they are my absolute favorites.  Don't get me wrong I love a juicy big boy too.

Are you growing anything? This year all I planted was diff tomatoes, and peppers.  My dream is to have a bigger garden.  I want my whole front/side yard to be an edible garden while the backyard will be for the kiddos.

Tomatoes are extremely easy to grow, they shoot up like weeds.  They just need sunlight, and plenty of water.

Sunday, March 31

Hoppy Easter!!

We made Bunny Cupcakes together instead of just a chocolate boxed bunny in his easter basket.  (Yellow Cake Mix, Icing, Sugar Bunnies, and Egg Sprinkles.)

Wishing you, and yours a very Hoppy Eastre! =)

Love Wastefully,
Life According To GreenVics

Saturday, March 9

I miss the water, the smell of the clean air. I just miss the seclusion, the quiet. I miss being able to sit with my thoughts without someone watching me.

I'm pretty home sick today.  I know it's been 6 years, but I miss the water, the smell of the clean air.  I just miss the seclusion, the quiet.  I miss being able to sit with my thoughts without someone watching me.  

I wanted to show you a few photos I've taken, of places that mean the world to me. I'm not a photographer, but I am an avid lover of beautiful things.  I like to take pictures of things that stand out to me.

This is looking up from the back swing in my Parents yard. One of my favorite go-to spots when I was younger.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge,  We used to drive over this bridge almost everyday to see family.  The view is just amazing on it.

Driving back trails that most don't even know about is love. This is historic James Town. You don't need to pay for tours.  There are many areas that are free to the public, that the public doesn't even know about.  I used to live across the river from this.  

Sunrises on calm water can put any one at ease.  These are the things I miss.  The simplicity of life.  The wait of the ferry to cross the river.  The pace is completely different than City living. 

Secret spots, that are hidden.  Still clean from this worlds trash.  A clean beach?? Some do exist.  This was one of those spots.  

I miss the quiet walks around a town that's population was only in the 300's.  Historic buildings, and no pollution.  No tourists. 

Sitting at the town beach with my dog as he runs up and down the beach, while I watch a fish kite dance in the wind.  Cool sunset breezes.

Driving onto the Ferry with family, and loved ones to just enjoy the nothingness on the other side.

Weird attractions that you just have to pull over for, and talk to the older generation that owns the store.

Fate bringing you to that store, because it's name is your Dog that's with you.  And the older lady thought you had a healing aura about you, and gives you a $100.00 natural amethyst necklace because she likes you.

While sometimes, the simple things, like a flower in the middle of the woods, around no other flowers,  is a beautiful thing.  

Finding reflections in the photos you've taken, and thinking it's the most beautiful thing ever without having to even touch a photoshop.

Loving the water, and all fish life.  Sometimes I wonder why we don't try harder to find what's exactly hidden in our oceans, like we do in space.

Why? because I love the lines, and underwater plants.  I would like to live under the sea.  I like how just reflections on glass, can make ones imagination roam. 

When a tree calls out to you right at sunset, and looks like the only sunlight left brightens it's red flame.

And, this is why I miss the water, and need to move back.  Don't get me wrong.  The City has some nice Metro Parks, and we have other things .. like the Franklin Park Conservatory, The Zoo & Aquarium.  We've even camped in Athens, Ohio, been to Ash & Old Man's Cave.  It's still not the same as being sea level. 

I'd pay anything to be able to smell that fresh air, right before it rains, when you just know it's going to rain before the storm clouds even roll in.  

*All images are my own.  

Teen Works Binder ( From the 1980s) Photos of myself, growing up from Tom Boy to now.

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today.  Growing up my cousin Terri Jean gave me a Teen Works binder.  I was a huge Tom Boy.  Instead of Barbies, I wanted GI Joes. Instead of going to Girl Scouts, I would cry, and want to go swimming in the creek with my male cousins, and swing from vines over the ravines.  Beauty just wasn't anything to me.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't an ugly kid.  I was actually quite adorable.  I just didn't feel "Girly."

My mom also allowed me to be myself.  When I didn't want that Cricket Doll, she took it back, and got me the Storm Shadow I had to have.

That's me!  I even cut my hair short.. 
& Yes, I rocked the Heman's too.  I still wear a pair of Masters of The Universe Pj's to this day.

I could also be extremely cute!

When my older cousin gave me the book (she was into hair, and make-up.) I read it.  I didn't think I was ugly, but I liked the artistic aspect of the pages.  The eyebrow section especially was to teach you to set them up to arch with your face shape.  Through the awkward teenage years it helped me a lot.

I am 19 years old here.. that was 11 years ago. 

I really think that binder helped me grow into my looks.  I didn't do anything drastic to my eyebrows, and I knew how important skin care was because of it.  I didn't do anything to damage my skin, and I mostly used natural, greentea lotions, and oatmeal baths. My mom had bad allergies so we didn't use perfum-y chemical based products.  Even at almost 31 today I still get told I don't look my age.

This photo is when I was pregnant with my Son, right before my 30th birthday.  

I just did a search for the Teen Works Binder, and Kostia on Flickr has uploaded some of the images,

Hilarious! Some of the styles back then, but still loving the tips. I wanted to do a huge, Thank you to my cousins, both of them,  Terri, and Liz (They are sisters.) For them not telling me what to do as for looks, but for Terri giving me that binder.  And Liz always giving me Make-up she didn't like anymore, Lol! I Love hand me downs.  Especially when she'd use it like once, and didn't like it.  Hehehe. Now I have so much make-up.  Loving the natural, earth friendly products out too.  Things have really changed.

Any one else a total Tom Boy that changed as they grew older?  I still like certain things that aren't deemed "Girly." but overall, I really think books like Teen Works are needed, and are great role model material for young women.

Did any of you have the binder too?

Saturday, December 8

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Sy!

Today is my little mans 2nd Birthday.  I never thought I would end up a mommy.  I had my first kid at almost 30, and I would not change anything.  Sometimes it can be rough, and lonely since my family are all in another state but everyday achievements remind me that life is precious, and the little things really do matter. 

1st Birthday Icing Face, aww He's changed so much in just a year.
I will have birthday pictures later today if you all would like to see!  We are going to celebrate, then let him pick some fishes out at Aquarium World.  He's always been fascinated with the Zoo/Aquarium, and our fish tank at home.

Mommys Future Coupon Blogger

See you all on Monday!

Wednesday, November 16

About Me

Contact: (my old email was I now have my big girl blog panties on by upgrading to my own domain name.)

I'd like to share that I am a 30 yr old first time mama. I enjoy product reviews, sharing my opinion, and possibly helping others find better alternatives. Theres this world experiencing new things, and sharing with friends & family out there..   Now I've been exploring, I have a facebook too that I post alot of deals I find along the way. Even recipes and cheap healthy alternatives for snacks & meals. I don't mind being called a Mommy Blog, It's not a dirty word, it's my life right now.

I've been thinking about creating a blog for awhile now. Just to write it out more in detail what exactly I mean, and why it means so much to me. I do this on facebook too.

I can be extremely silly, I have a twisted sense of humor. I joke/play/pick at people that are playful back. Really I learn fast, and learn more. I love animals, art, and music. I used to play alot of video games( I still play, but not as nearly as much as I would like to, LOL), and had that boring job. I miss the pay, bonuses, and 401k, but the path I am on now, is where I was meant to venture down.

I am part of many mom, blogger, help groups. It's a way for each of us to help one another out. Sometimes one of us will know an easier solution to something, or another mom is looking for an item one of us already owns/doesn't need anymore. It's a great group for when Adults need friends, and so does your little one.

I am always looking for new things to review, you can contact me at, if your PR thinks I'm a great fit for your product, or service. I love doing reviews in exchange for products. Really? You want to know what my opinion is? What I think? How it worked for me, my friends, my family? You had me at MY opinion. Aww, You care! You really, really care. I may link, or quote something from another site, but everything I post, I 100% wholeheartedly mean and agree with. I would never have posted it to begin with, if I didn't agree. I am a very visual person, and I have fun doing my reviews. If you want some one that loves what she does, and will give you an honest REAL time consumer out look, I'm your gal.

This is my Silly Sy, He's nothing but personality.  He keeps us busy!

My beautiful little niece baby Beck,

Super Cute Video Of Sy in the Mambo Tunnel that was part of the Tent picture above. I did a review for that too ( I bought it myself, but I loved it. )

Gaga, and her Grand babies,