Saturday, March 9

I miss the water, the smell of the clean air. I just miss the seclusion, the quiet. I miss being able to sit with my thoughts without someone watching me.

I'm pretty home sick today.  I know it's been 6 years, but I miss the water, the smell of the clean air.  I just miss the seclusion, the quiet.  I miss being able to sit with my thoughts without someone watching me.  

I wanted to show you a few photos I've taken, of places that mean the world to me. I'm not a photographer, but I am an avid lover of beautiful things.  I like to take pictures of things that stand out to me.

This is looking up from the back swing in my Parents yard. One of my favorite go-to spots when I was younger.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge,  We used to drive over this bridge almost everyday to see family.  The view is just amazing on it.

Driving back trails that most don't even know about is love. This is historic James Town. You don't need to pay for tours.  There are many areas that are free to the public, that the public doesn't even know about.  I used to live across the river from this.  

Sunrises on calm water can put any one at ease.  These are the things I miss.  The simplicity of life.  The wait of the ferry to cross the river.  The pace is completely different than City living. 

Secret spots, that are hidden.  Still clean from this worlds trash.  A clean beach?? Some do exist.  This was one of those spots.  

I miss the quiet walks around a town that's population was only in the 300's.  Historic buildings, and no pollution.  No tourists. 

Sitting at the town beach with my dog as he runs up and down the beach, while I watch a fish kite dance in the wind.  Cool sunset breezes.

Driving onto the Ferry with family, and loved ones to just enjoy the nothingness on the other side.

Weird attractions that you just have to pull over for, and talk to the older generation that owns the store.

Fate bringing you to that store, because it's name is your Dog that's with you.  And the older lady thought you had a healing aura about you, and gives you a $100.00 natural amethyst necklace because she likes you.

While sometimes, the simple things, like a flower in the middle of the woods, around no other flowers,  is a beautiful thing.  

Finding reflections in the photos you've taken, and thinking it's the most beautiful thing ever without having to even touch a photoshop.

Loving the water, and all fish life.  Sometimes I wonder why we don't try harder to find what's exactly hidden in our oceans, like we do in space.

Why? because I love the lines, and underwater plants.  I would like to live under the sea.  I like how just reflections on glass, can make ones imagination roam. 

When a tree calls out to you right at sunset, and looks like the only sunlight left brightens it's red flame.

And, this is why I miss the water, and need to move back.  Don't get me wrong.  The City has some nice Metro Parks, and we have other things .. like the Franklin Park Conservatory, The Zoo & Aquarium.  We've even camped in Athens, Ohio, been to Ash & Old Man's Cave.  It's still not the same as being sea level. 

I'd pay anything to be able to smell that fresh air, right before it rains, when you just know it's going to rain before the storm clouds even roll in.  

*All images are my own.  


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