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Wednesday, October 11

Sesame Street Halloween Forest of Fun: The Counts Spooktacular At Busch Gardens 2017

We had so much fun at Busch Gardens last weekend for The Counts Spooktacular Halloween.  Our Favorite part of the Park is Sesame Streets Forest of Fun.  The park is very Autism Friendly.  We stopped by Guest Services to receive his Bracelet that allows him to get a Fast Pass on certain rides. It also lists the Rides that he's allowed on due to his Disability.  The bracelet helps a lot, and I love Busch Gardens for offering that to families like mine.  There are many rides he cannot get on because one of us has to be with him at all times.  Offering this to us, makes our experience and others at the Park A more enjoyable experience. 

Sy rode his first ever roller coaster this year.  It was Elmos Alpine Express.

We arrived at the park early, as soon as it opened, and hit a few Trick-Or-Treat Stations.  Sy was a Wizard! He matched Elmo. We then made our way to Sesame Streets Forest of Fun, rode the Whirly Worm, Elmos Alpine Express Roller Coaster, Met Elmo at the Picture Station.

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Sy won a Candy Corn Stuffed Animal at the Pick-A-Lolly Pop Tent (Check out more photos, and videos of the Live Show by following me on my Instagram Account @Greenvics.) 

The Counts Spooktacular is only on the Weekends, and from 11AM to 5PM, After 5 the Park gets ready for Hollowscream and Sesame Street along with Land Of Dragons closes down.  Get your tickets now to see Sesame street!! It's only a few more weekends left to go, and when I went on a Sunday as soon as the Park opened we basically had the park to ourselves in Sesame Street til around 2PM When more people came to see The Live Dancing Show of the Count, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abbie, and Friends.  Later they have a Parade as well for the Kids.

Check it out, and for more information on Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia go here,

Monday, September 19

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia Staycation #Spon

We had a blast on Saturday at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Amusement Park.  My favorite thing about the park was how it's set up by different Countries in Europe.  There's always something to explore, and ride. For all ages. Howl-O-Scream Starts this Weekend!!!!!!  I cant wait to see No Escape: Case of Mr. Karver, and  Jack the Ripper.

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We started off in Sesame Street Forrest of Fun.  Sy loved all the water play, and Oscars Whirley Worm Ride.  I didn't know that if you, or your child has a disability that you could get a Wrist band that allowed you to Go to the Front of the Line for Approved Rides.  The super sweet, and friendly Ride Operator on Oscars Whirley Worm called someone from Guest Services to come meet us, and fill out the forms.  I thought that was just nice of them, and I had no idea they did that.  It made getting on the rides with Sy a lot easier.  It's kind of like a fast pass, but you can get it free at Customer Relations by the front of the park.

I completely consider Busch Gardens Williamsburg to be an Autism Family-Friendly Place to have fun.

After riding Oscars Whirley Worm a few times, we took a ride on the Aeronaut Skyride.  They are Sky Carts that go completely around the Park for each Country, and you can either get off, or continue on to the Next Stop. You can see everything from the Sky Carts, and it's fun to go through the Roller Coasters, and watch them speed by!  We went to the Land of Dragons, played for awhile.  Got on the Kinder Karussel, and then took the Skyride back to Sesames Street Forrest of Fun to head back towards Busch Gardens Railway.  The breeze was fantastic since it was a hot day, and it went over Bridges, and Ravines.  The Railyway has a view of the Lochness Monster, Animals, and of the Rhine River Cruise.  The Water Cruise shows more of the 339 Acre Park.

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The Turkish Delight Ride (Mini Tea Cup saucers was a lot of fun as well, it goes FAST!) So was the Elephant Run, and Little Balloons, If you are worried there's not enough for the little ones, check out all these Kidsiderate Attractions.

Now for the Adults, the Roller Coasters are Amazinggggggggggg! Seriously, go, have fun! And remember that the Skyride can take you to anywhere in the park, It stops at each Country!! So does the Train Ride.

Check out the rides by going here to Busch Gardens Featured Attractions

If you live Local like I do, the best deal is to get the Fall Fun Pass.  It's $80.00 for Unlimited Visits from Now til Oct 30, 2016. Upgrade to Quick Queue Ride Access for a little bit more, also Seat Reserves, Food Plans, and My favorite is the Refillable Cup, thats $12.99 but has Unlimited Free Drinks for the Day, Refills for the Entire Season are Only .99 after that.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for my Opinions, and Photos.  All photos are my own, and Busch Gardens was A LOT of fun.  Sometimes it's had to find ASD Friendly Places. Busch Gardens made us feel welcomed.  Thank you for the Fun times, and for your Employee wanting to make our stay special by her approaching us to tell us about What Guest Services can do.