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Wednesday, February 6

Cleaning with Eco Store USA in the bathroom.

I just know you all want to see my toilet.. Haha.  This week has been horrible.  Everyone in my house is sick with a stomach virus, and my 2 year old has ear infections in both ears, along with the stomach virus.  He's on medicine, and is doing a lot better.  I just feel like the house is dirty, so it's almost midnight, the baby is sleeping.. and I am cleaning.

First item from my Ambassador Kit for Eco Store USA I wanted to use was the Non-Toxic Toilet Cleaner (Retails $3.00.)  I thought the way the nozzle bends made it convenient, and easy to squeeze around the hard to reach ledge under the rim of the bowl.  It did do a great job at that.  Another thing that made this product great was the odor, or should I say lack of odor.  There is no chemical smell, because there are no toxic chemicals in the toilet cleaner.

I liked the results of the cleaner.  I thought it made the toilet shine, and I really liked that I was not light headed from chemicals.  I don't care how much ventilation, and if the bathroom fan is on I still get light headed from the other chemicals by being so close to them, and the toilet.

I figured why stop cleaning now? Might as well clean the bathroom sinks, and the glass. For that I used Eco Store USA Non-Toxic All Purpose Spray Cleaner (Retails $3.95,) & Non-Toxic Glass Cleaner (Retails $3.00.)  The Spray cleaner has a citrus scent which is nice.  I love that smell.  The glass cleaner has a Vinegar smell, but it is not strong at all, and does not linger.

Cleaning is one of those things I know it has to be done, but it doesn't mean I have to like doing it, these products made it a less tedious task just by not having an overpowering smell.  Yes, it's fantastic they are non-toxic, and the fumes wont harm you as well.

I received these products for free for being an Eco Store USA Brand Ambassador. You can apply to be part of the movement against nasty chemicals too.

Friday, June 1

smiley360 Arm & Hammer Laundry

I received this full size bag of Arm & Hammer Crystal Burst Power Paks to review through Smiley360 for free. I really do not like doing laundry. To think about it, no one likes to do laundry. Let alone to take the time to measure things out. Sometimes even family members, or friends use too much or too little, and you have to wash a load all over again.

The packaging was easy to open, I just tore off the top slip, there's a ziplock at the top to keep the detergent fresh. Which I liked.

The smell itself isn't strong, just a fresh clean scent of baking soda.

I threw a Power Pak into the wash, it dissolved quickly as the water filled up, Added my clothes. And I could smell the clean laundry from the load in the hallway from just that one little pak.

I'm not one on overly flower, girly smells in my laundry soap, my perfume, and body sprays is a whole other story, I don't want the laundry soap smell to interfere with my perfume, so this is right up my alley, and I liked that it dissolved fast. And smelled as good as it did. Maybe they can come up with different smells, and have them in a sample size bag too, but other than that I really enjoyed using the Paks.

Usuage: Extremely easy.

Scent: Fresh OxiClean.

Would I buy?: Yes, I would.