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Eco Store USA Ambassador GreenVics!

I am officially an Ambassador.  Meaning, I get to write reviews, try products, and share samples with my friends.

Little about Eco Store USA:  All of the products are ECO FRIENDLY! They are 100% plant based products (no nasty chemicals.) While also being super concentrated.  Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about these products.  I'm starting to get excited about cleaning!

It's free to sign up to be a Brand Ambassador,  costs nothing, you're selling nothing, you're just signing up to possibly review, and share your opinion to be part of this movement.  The movement for a chemical free home.

Love Wastefully,

Sunday, January 27

Syncrohearts Game by Dr. Love Review.

Tonight my husband, and I played a game called Syncrohearts by Dr. Love.  Our copy was signed by Dr. Love himself!

The board game play is shaped like two overlapped hearts.  There are 2 game pieces, and 1 dice.  The game starts off by just a Hug, and a Kiss.  Two simple gestures! Then you roll the dice, and wherever you land on you draw a card, or do the action.  The actions were things like Massage,  Kiss.  The cards range from Couples (Both Answer a question about the relationship.) For Example,  One of the cards said, Name three things you enjoy about your partner.  Fun cards, One of my favorites tho was a card that said to plan the next holiday together.  Then there were Hot Stuff cards, Say massage for 20 seconds, or kiss for 20 seconds.  It really is a sweet game to just remember to be considerate, and lovey to one another.  There were also 20 blank cards for writing down "Your Choice", or "Insight" options.  On mine I wrote things like Massage my knee,  What was the first thing you liked about your partner? I really loved that the Start spot, was also the End spot so that hearts also made an infinity loop.  That's really what love is to me too.  The couples cards were very in-depth. Dr. Love has done a great job just putting it on cards things sometimes with time we forget to remind our loved ones for.

I've known my husband since we were 13 years old.  We didn't start to date tho til we were in our middle twenties, and then married with a kid in our thirties.  We have a great, honest relationship (we hold nothing back, and talk it out what's on our minds.) So this game was great for us, we both are pretty playful at times, and pick at one another but I couldn't see my life with out him.  I look forward to playing this game again, and to many more years together!

Wishing you all an abundance of love too!

Don't forget to give Dr. Love for the Syncrohearts Game on Facebook, Twitter,  and Youtube.

I received this game for free for my honest opinion.  I was not told what to write, or say. Both my husband, and I enjoyed playing, and he is the one that wanted to play the game last night.  I really love that he takes an interest in our reviews.  

Giveaway! Lugz Tambora Boots Review. Retail Value $69.99

I am currently reviewing the Lugz Tambora in Vintage Brown during these cold arctic months.  The boots are easy to put on, and to lace up. I have no patience for boots that are hard to put on, and take off when its so cold that you just want to leave all the snow at the door.  I also liked that they have a soft fur lining.  They do keep my feet warm.  I needed a good pair of snow boots that would help keep me warm.

The great thing about Tamboras are their ability to fold down, and to be stylish too.  The toe cap, and heel are made of the same durable rubber as the bottom of the boot.  

Guess what? Would you like to experience owning a pair of these too? One lucky follower will win at random via rafflecopter a pair of Tamboras in their choice.  

I received this item for free for my honest review. I was not paid, or told what to write/do. The giveaway is just a nice gesture for one lucky follower to receive. Prize Value $69.99. Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway begins 1/27/2013 12:00AM, Ends 2/11/2013 !2:00AM. U.S. Residents Only. Winner is chosen at random via Rafflecopter. Winner has 48 hours to reply to winning email, or no reply is made, prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

Giveaway! Sweet Andy's Cookies!

"Sweet Andy's Cookies were founded by a former Wall Street financier who left his job to pursue a job that was more fulfilling! When times were tough he began to thank friends and family in his community for helping him out with these decadent cookies! Everybody loved his cookies so much that he decided to launch his own business, Sweet Andy's Cookies."

*Photos by Savvy K*

Read the rest of the review by going to Real Reviews by Savvy K here!

Can't wait til Valentine's Day to buy these tasty sweets? Win them here! That's right, Sweet Andy's Cookies is letting one of our readers win a Sweet Andy's Cookies Gift Box ARV $36.00! Enter using the Rafflecopter below!

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Disclaimer: Real Reviews by Savvy K recieved products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and may or may not differ from yours. Real Reviews by Savvy K or other blog members participating in this event are not responsible for prize shipment. However, we will do all we can to make sure the sponsor delivers in a timely manner.

Thursday, January 24 Monthly Subscription Box Review

Healthy Surprise boxes are All Natural, Real Foods that are Vegan, Gluten Free, and Soy free.  This box had no chance in my house.  My whole family loves snacks like this.  This is a great way to break in the new year with eating better.  There is no excuse that you have no time, or the energy to buy healthy snacks.

I am hoping you all are a lot like I am when it comes to trying different snacks.  I enjoy a variety of things.  I can't eat the same thing day in, and day out so I like to switch things up.

This is a healthy monthly Subscription box called Healthy Surprise.  It really was a great surprise.  When the box came I opened it right away, and it was packaged in layers.  The first layer (Yes it was like receiving a gift!) had fruit bars, mango fruit leather squares, some bags of different kinds of dried fruit/nut/mixes.  There really was so many items I thought wow! but I wasn't done unpacking.  I then took out the 2nd layer and unwrapped to find huge bags of chocolate granola, more nuts/fruit, freeze dried fruit, chocolate macaroons. The Kale chips were really good too. There really is so much in these boxes that you have to try it.

Every box has full size items in them!! No sample sizes, or the same boring thing.  My family loved this box.  We are going wheat free.  My son enjoys the dried fruit (being he will not eat anything that is wet, so this is how I trick him into eating his vegetables, and fruits.) My husband has been wheat free for awhile now, and he loved the nuts/fruit mixes.  His favorite was one that had sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds in with the dried fruit.  We also fought over the macaroons to where I went out and found them at Whole Foods.. for $7.00!! You can get this whole box delivered to you for $33/month that has 16-20 servings, enough for 1-2 people.  I think it's a great deal considering we are human, and we need to eat! I'd much rather eat foods like this.  I also like that I can try different things, and they do all the work for me finding them. If I really like something, I know what to buy when I am out, and about.

Don't forget to send an abundance of love to Healthy Surprise on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  I honestly believe more companies should care like this.

I received this box for free for my honest review, I was not paid to like, or post this.  I just like to try new things! 

ENSTROM Almond Toffee Review & Giveaway

I had the pleasure of sampling World Famous ENSTROMS Almond Toffee.  The Toffee itself is sweet, and easy to eat ( as in when I bit into it, it broke into layers, and melted in my mouth.) There were almost whole California almonds inside the Toffee.  The outside has a delicious coating of milk chocolate, and crushed almonds.    

The Toffee was pretty thick!  The box I tried was a LB of Toffee.  I had planned to break some up, and bake with it, but it was so good that it only lasted a few days.  My hubby dubbed the day it came his "cheat" day from his diet, hahaha.  It really is a great treat. I have to agree that it has a gourmet taste!  

ENSTROMS makes other treats that I am in dire need of trying too.  There are assorted chocolates, truffles, peppermint bark, mint meltaways, even sugar free candies too!  Well worth the click to check them out.

Go give ENSTROMS some sweet, sweet love on Facebook! Also thank them for this giveaway! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received this item for free for my honest review. I was not paid, or told what to write/do. The giveaway is just a nice gesture for one lucky follower to receive. Prize Value $19.95. Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway begins 1/24/2013 12:00AM, Ends 1/30/2013 !2:00AM. U.S. Residents Only. Winner is chosen at random via Rafflecopter. Winner has 24 hours to reply to winning email, or no reply is made, prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

Wednesday, January 23 Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones Review

I never noticed how horrible the cheapo in ear headphones I had were til I put on Sol Republics Tracks HD Head phones.  The sound quality blew me away.  Even just small clicks had this in-depth acoustic sound to them, easiest way for me to explain it was it sounded like I was in a closed hallway with high ceilings, that the sound was all around.  I can never go back to those other head phones now.

To really break these babies in, I broke out some P-Funk.  It was nice to block out the Kid show songs, and  whiney-ness for a few!

Depending on the On-Ear head phones you chose (All can be customized by color, which is great!) some have v8, or v10 built in sound engines,  along with deeper bass, higher clarity, and better vocals. I like that there is a volume control on the headphones cord themselves.  The foam on the head phones are extremely soft, and the headphones themselves are flexible as well.  Overall, I am enjoying these! They are also light weight.  

You can find out more about Sol Republic on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

I received these Headphones for free to review.  Opinion, and pictures are my own!  I was not paid, nor told what to say.

Tuesday, January 22

Build-A-Bear Workshop Heart Warming Love Hello Kitty Review & Giveaway

Well, Hello Kitty!  That dress looks beautiful on you! Where did you get it from?

Build-A-Bear Workshop always has such cute outfits, and animals to make.  This is the limited edition Heart Warming Love Hello Kitty. She is 18inches, and extremely soft. There is a lot of detail on the red layered dress, sequenced purse, to her glittery red shoes. Unclothed she retails for $23.00. Her accessories range from $3.00 to $12.99.

I think she's beautiful. There is honestly nothing I would change about her. It's also pretty cool to have a limited edition Love Hello Kitty too. That alone brightened my day. My son also loved to hug her. She's mine, but I will share with him.

Check out the other Valentine's Day Gifts from Build-A-Bear Workshop! I am in love with the smallfrys. The smallfrys retail for $10.00+. 

Another thing about Build-A-Bear is the community. Even after the excitement of making your own Bear, you can log online to register them, and have fun.

Don't forget to check Build-A-Bear out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Iphone App, Blog, and you can search for Build-A-Bear on Instagram!

I received this item for free for my honest review. I was not paid, or told what to write/do. The giveaway is just a nice gesture for one lucky follower to receive. Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway begins 1/23/2013 12:00AM, Ends 2/05/2013 !2:00AM. U.S. Residents Only. Winner is chosen at random via Rafflecopter. Winner has 48 hours to reply to winning email, or no reply is made, prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

Honey Bear has been our families Hello Kitty for  going on 15 years, She was full grown when my Mom adopted her from Animal Control.  We don't know her real age.  

Harvey Prince Eau de CREME Spray Review & 5 Winner Giveaway!

With Valentines approaching I just want to smell Sweet for my Sweety!  Age does not matter when it comes to this sweet playful Eau de CREME natural fragrance by Harvey Prince.  My favorite thing about Harvey Prince is the uniqueness of the scents, and the fact they are an eco-friendly company that was tired of those over powering chemical base expensive brands.  

I have Fling, Flirt, and now Creme! All which trigger the senses, but I am in love with the Eau de Creme Spray.  I was sent two bottles of the 8.8ml sprays, and I've already used one! I used it every day for the past month. The best way to explain it is, it's a sweet, chocolate-creme scent.  It's not overpowering, or a fake "sweet" smell.  It's genuine in it's sweetness. It makes me happy when I am wearing it.

Notes: Citrus, Passion Fruit, Rum Raisin, Vanilla, Patchouli, and.. CHOCOLATE! I find it wonderful to have the sweet scent of summer  in this arctic blast weather here in Ohio.  I will not let the grey skies, and bitter cold bring my spirits down! For me, all it takes is a smell to trigger my senses to a better time.

Promo Code: Sweetness  , will get you 15% off Eau de Creme on (excludes samples.)

Another thing I find great about Harvey Prince is the way the oils react to my skin.  Today for instance, I sprayed the perfume on my wrists this morning after I showered, and it's been 5 hours and I can still smell the sweetness.  My husband is always telling me how he just wants to eat me up when I am wearing this.

FIVE! Lucky followers will win a 8.8ml Spray of Eau de CREME too. These retail for $26.00 each.  They also fit perfectly in the car, purse, keep one at the gym!  I know some of you have already won Fling, and Flirt from previous reviews! Good luck, and enjoy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway begins 1/22/13 12:01AM, Ends 2/04/13 12:01AM.  Winners have 48 hours to reply to email, if no reply is made, prize if forfeited and another winner will be chosen at random.  Open to U.S, and Canada only.  Prizes retail for $26.00/each.  One winner per house hold (any one in the house hold can enter, no limit.) No purchase necessary to enter! Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

I received Eau de CREME for free to review.  Opinion are my own! I was not told what to write, or say! I really do love this perfume.

Monday, January 21

All Natural Rodo's Balm Review

All Natural Rodo's Balm Review by Life According To GreenVics,

Lip balm to me should always be natural!  Why in the world would any one put harsh chemicals on themselves? Let alone lips!  I recently reviewed Rodo's Balm., and I have nothing but positive things to say about this new brand.  It's also extremely affordable at just $3.50.  The balm goes on smooth, it did help protect my lips from this arctic blast wind here in Columbus, Ohio. Tonight it is 9 degrees.. with a windchill of -10.. I am plastering lip balm on! 

Vanilla Coffee - This balm was my absolute favorite (Maybe I am just biased because I have a huge love for coffee.)  There is a sweet taste that blends in with the coffee flavor.  This is one of those flavors that it becomes quite addictive reapplying the balm based on enjoying the smell/flavor itself.  The soft lips were just a bonus.

Bubble Gum - It's just one of those retro flavors that does trigger memories of being young, and retrogressing back to a time that I was growing up.  It smells/tastes just like Bazooka Joe gum to me.  My 2 year old kept giving me kisses when I wore this flavor.

Tropical Coconut - With this arctic blast weather, and windchill feeling as if it's -10 this week I enjoyed this flavor.  Tho, at my age, it makes me want pina coladas, haha.  

Natural Unscented Matte - The Natural Matte was my husbands favorite balm.  He isn't into flavored chapstick, but he will wear the unscented balm before going out into this weather as lip protectant.

All of these balms are natural, and cold pressed. The ingredients are easily read, and identified (almond oil, beeswax, etc.) I can't wait for what's next for Patrick Rodo.  The genius behind these natural balms  just graduated High School (yes, that makes him 18), and his passion shines through in the quality of these balms.  I'm hoping for Body Butters, or Oils next!  I received these balms for free, I was not told what to write, or say, opinions are my own!

Go say Hi to Rodo's Balm on Facebook! I just saw a promo on the facebook where a local store had the balms 50% off recently.  Maybe Rodo's balm will do that again some time soon. 

Friday, January 18 Review & Keepsake Box Giveaway! makes it easy to customize various things.  Mailpix's motto is to turn photos into memories.  I'm not the awesome, scrap book mama that prints, and gets photos taken throughout the year.  But, what I do is take the pictures myself, then I like to customize things all at once at the end of the year.  Instead of filling out a baby book for my son, I make my own custom photo book that I can edit the images, add text, change the background, and colors to my standards.  

In December I had a wooden keepsake box with my husband, and son's picture on the front of the box made.  I also had them print all the photos I have been saving on my flash drives.  I found some great promotional codes online for Mailpix that gave me 100 prints free!  

Some of my favorite items were the Snow Flake ornaments with my family on them.  We are states away but now I can have them on my Christmas Tree.  The photo that I love the most is the one that my dad is dressed up as Santa. 

I found the prices extremely affordable, and I really liked the products I was sent to review ( I received a credit for free, I then used that credit, and customized what I really wanted.) Just like any custom photo project make sure to use a high resolution image, also dark photos do not turn out good on any print.  

Use code VALENTINE for 50% off til 1/31/2013, no purchase neccessary to enter! 

They customize so many different, quality items that you should check them out for yourself.  They are also on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  Want to know Mailpix a little better.. you can always go to their Blog!

Enter below to win your own custom Keepsake Box!  Giveaway begins 1/19/2013 12:00AM, and Ends 1/30/2013 12:00AM.  Open to U.S. Residents Only.  Retail Value: $30.00.

Good luck! Winner has 48 hours to reply to winning email acknowledging their win.  If no acknowledgement is made, prize if forfeited, and another winner is chosen at random via rafflecopter.

HBL Volumizing System Giveaway!

I've read nothing but positive experiences with these HBL Hair Products. Check out Savvy K's Review, and enter to win the HBL Volumizing System. Giveaway begins 1/19/13,and ends 2/2/13. Retail Value $62.90. 

Review done by : Real Reviews by Savvy K

· HBL Volumizing Shampoo · HBL Volumizing Conditioner · HBL Hair Masque

Enter this great giveaway using the Rafflecopter below! Good Luck!

Disclaimer:  Real Reviews by Savvy K and other bloggers participating are not responsible for shipment of prize. Although, we will do anything in our power to make sure that your prize is shipped to you.

Wheat-Free Pizza Baguette is whats for dinner!

So my husband has gone wheat free.  To support his decision I have been playing around in the kitchen.  I'd like to thank Schars for the $2.50 off coupon! With that I bought the Gluten, and Wheat Free bread to make this.


Gluten/Wheat Free Bread
Organic Tomato Paste
Fresh Shredded Parmesan

Black Olives
Red Onions

I sauteed the onions, and mushrooms together first.  Then it's as simple as cutting the baguette down the middle.  I then put a thin layer of the tomato paste w/a little bit of italian herbs.  Sprinkled the first layer of cheese on.  Laid the Pepperoni's.  Added more cheese.  Then more toppings.

Baked til the cheese was melted (It only takes a few minutes on 400) The bread itself just needs to be baked for 3-4 minutes, so keep that into consideration.  I baked mine for about 5 minutes, and it was crispy on the outside, and still moist inside.  This was a success! The hubby loved it.

Wednesday, January 16

My Pretty Playhouse by Review for 100% Recycled Cardboard

My little helper and I had so much fun putting My Pretty Playhouse together.  Assembly was easy.  There is no glue, no tape, you just set up the two main walls.  Interlock the tabs, then put the roof on! It's that simple.  It can even be colored on or left blank!   Made from 100% Recycled Cardboard!  I also have respect for the company that they did not ship the item in a different box.  The playhouse comes mailed directly in the box itself.  I have this pet peeve that I cannot stand when boxes, are mailed inside of boxes.. especially if its something like.. Cardboard!  So, thank you Cascades for not wasting a tree!

There are other playhouse designs, and even card board furniture. The prices are affordable too. The My Pretty Playhouse retails for $38.00, some of the furniture like the table, and chair set retails for $15.00.  At least with items like this, artistic, personalized touches are welcomed.  

You can find out more about Cascades, and all that they do for Recycling on Facebook, and Twitter.

(Baby Sy has been a fan of cardboard for years, Lol )

So, what do you get the toddler that loves their cardboard boxes? Their own cardboard playhouse!

Items received were for review.  I was not paid, nor told what to write.  All images are my own!

Thursday, January 10

Yo Gabba Gabba Live! 2013 At The Aronoff Center in Cincinati Ohio was AWESOME!

We Rocked out with Dj Lance Rock, Muno, Toodee, Plex, Brobee, & Foofa!

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Get the Sillies Out! Was so much fun!  My family, and I went to see the show at the Aronoff Center, in Cincinati, Ohio on 1/10/2013. It was the first stop on the new tour!  Check your cities for tour dates! There are also some fun activities for the kids to play while waiting for the show to start, along with a free raffle for VIP family passes during the intermission.

Sy wanted to go to the Party in Munos Tummy.

Soon as we walked in, and up the steps at the Aronoff Center to the Proctor & Gamble Hall there were Games for the kids to play while waiting for the show to start.   One game was to teach kids to turn off lights in a Doll house that had the Yo Gabba Gabba Gang.  Another game was to create music with natural items.  My favorite game was the Bean Bag toss.  Each game they received a stamp of the characters, the stamps gave the kids a chance to sign up to win a VIP family pass to meet the Gang after the show.  By the way, it's free to play the games!

The time passed by quickly playing the games, that before we knew it, it was time to be seated. Our seats were in the First Orchestra section.  We were so close that when Dj Lance came out, and the Secret words, Yo Gabba Gabba! were spoken the confetti shot out, and covered us in it.  It was exciting!  My 2 year old's smile at that moment made me beyond happy that this was his first Live Show!

I will tell you there are Bugs,  Fruits, and Veggie Dancers.. even Bubbles!  With a lot more confetti! The light show, along with the Gabba Gang was very entertaining.  This was also my husbands first concert!  He danced when they said to stand, and dance too.  I must say Biz Markie rocked!!!!!  When Biz, and his Dj came out, they were rocking Michael Jackson and the theater went crazy.  It even made me dance!  This was the part of the show that Biz invited kids on stage to do the beat of the day.  It was super cute.  A little girl that was probably no older than 4 had the best beat.

Get The Sillies Out! We've got to jump, shake, shimmy them out!

Here are some video clips, and more photos of  Sy partying in Gabba Land.  

I received these tickets for free for being AWESOME, well for writing this review.  All opinions, and photos are my own.  I hope you enjoyed my review, and want to go get the sillies out with your family!

Wednesday, January 9

Valentine's Day Coachlicious Event

This is a Free Blogger Opp Share, for an upcoming Valentines Giveaway for a Coach Purse!! These are always fun, I meet so many different people!

Valentine's Day Coachlicious Event

Prize: Coach Madison Floral Handbag
Event dates: 1/31 - 2/14

Free Blog Event! Sign-up here, BLOGGERS WANTED

Monday, January 7

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live will be in Cincinati, Ohio this week!

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Get The Sillies Out! Tour for 2013! We are going to see Yo Gabba! Check the website for tour dates!! New Year, New Tour!

We are getting ready to Party with Dj Lance Rock! The Yo Gabba Gabba Land Crew, and Biz Markie!  Can you say it's going to be AWESOMEEE.

StarLooks December 2012 Monthly Subscription Happy Holidays! Box Review

Review by Life According To GreenVics

December was a generous, and beautiful month for, Starbox!  When I thought the boxes could not possibly get any better than the last.. they did! I am always surprised by the quantity, and quality received.

This 15 pallet has a mixture of matte, and shimmer colors.  Usually I stay away from shimmer, but since this monthly box to me is all about trying products outside my comfort zone I tried the shimmery pinks, and greens. monthly subscription boxes can be purchased for $15.00/month, and can even be gifted.  If there is a month you didn't purchase, and would like to try,  you still can!!  Oh.. and shipping is FREE.

What I really enjoy about StarLooks is that I'm just your average 30 year old American Mom.  Sometimes I don't feel "pretty", so it really is nice to have a monthly box that is worth the $15.00, every product they send are full sizes, and top quality.  Usually they send 3-4 items.  Decembers box was retailed at $99! The eye shadow set was huge! ( It did not cost $99.00, December it was only $15.00!)

Check out my Reviews for Starlooks SeptemberOctober & November Boxes! Even as I look through past reviews I can personally tell that I am getting better at doing my own make up.  This box is playful, and I can't express how much I love that without going.. YAY I love Starlooks Monthly Subscription Box! I'm a busy Mom, that I don't have time to go out, and find new make up to try.  Starlooks makes it easy to have products delivered right to my front door.

You can check Starlooks out at

Subscribe on Youtube

Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.

I received this makeup for free for my honest review.  

Mac Cosmetics Primped Out Eye Look Bag Giveaway!

Enter to win and get glamorous for the new year with this gorgeous Limited Edition Primped Out Eye Look Bag in Decadently Pink! This is already sold out on MAC’s site but no worries b/c you still have a chance to get it here! Retail Value $46.50!

Enter to win this Holiday 2012 exclusive from MAC Cosmetics! All products are guaranteed to by authentic and unused. We can provide a receipt to the winner straight from the MAC’s site upon request! Dramatize eyes with Eye Shadow X 2 in Radical Pink and Shadowy Lady, Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bordeaux, Bad, Bad Black Opulash and 275SE Medium Angled Shading Brush in a style-packed, leopard print bag.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway begins 1/7/2013 12AM, Ends 1/21/2013 12AM.  Retail Value $46.50.  Winner is chosen at random via Raffle Copter.  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Tuesday, January 1

Lazy Day? Try this Pizza Alternative Recipe (Tostadas)

I wanted pizza for dinner, but I wanted something easy to make, and a better alternative too, so I made Pizza Tostadas. All you really need is cheese, sauce, tostadas, and whatever other toppings you enjoy.

Just bake them long enough to melt the cheese, I like to use a sheet of parchment paper. Makes the Tostadas nice and extra crispy.

I am human, and have my weaknesses, but if I can find something that fufills a craving I have for pizza, that is an even healthier alternative. I try to make that first. You can also use refried beans instead of pasta sauce, or just do stewed tomato's, whatever you like.

I try to make my fridge have fruits, and vegetables portioned off in their own bags, that way I can just grab a bag when I am preparing a meal. I usually buy things in bulk, either from Sams Club, or Aldi's, Those two are the cheapest places here for fresh produce. I do grow my own cherry tomatoes, pablano peppers, and mints. I have what you call an "apartment garden." Ideally I'd love a real yard.