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Tuesday, July 5

Fisher-Price - Think & Learn Code-a-pillar™ #Review We LOVE it! @BestBuy @fisherprice #TechToys #Ad

My favorite feature about Fisher Prices new Code-A-Pillar Think & Learn Tech Toy is that it interlocks as easily as connecting USB ports together.  It also had a lot of fun sounds, and lights for each code that it programs to do by the different segments.

My 5 year old is autistic and is delayed in certain cognitive skills, and has trouble with his hands sometimes but the moment he picked the interlocking segment pieces up to the Code-A-Pillar he knew how to connect them.  They are a much more fun, and interactive way to problem solve and develop critical thinking than the typical lacing beads that can be boring for children that crave sensory needs.

I really believe this will keep any childs attention while learning to code, and learn cause & effect by having fun.  Some of the sounds it makes even made me giggle, I thought what a sassy Code-A-Pillar! When it does run into something, it stops completely and it's eyes light up, and makes a noise so that they know to change direction or rearrange the combination of the segments so that it can keep going.

Do you want to have first-hand experience and influence how your child will learn, build, and grow? Do you want to make it a fun and educational experience that you can both enjoy? With these new Kids Tech products/gadgets and learning apps, keeping your kids engaged couldn’t be easier. Find out more about The Code-A-Pillar by Fisher Price over at BestBuy,

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Saturday, July 18

Mama Gloves Heat Resistant Cooking/BBQing Oven Mits, Gloves #Review #spon

I love to cook, but sometimes, I don't love trying to get hot things out of the oven, or off of burners. Usually I have to use 2-3 Oven Mitts folder folded over each other.  I then started researching Heat Resistance Gloves, and searching Amazon for them.  I came across MamaGloves Heat Resistance Gloves, and had to try them.  This is a sponsored post, I bought a pair at a discounted price. Check MamaGloves out on Amazon by clicking here.

Here is my video with the gloves on while folding my fingers, and taking a Tenderloin that had been cooking in the oven for hours out (Using one hand) I felt no heat at all while taking the glass baking dish out of the oven on to the top of the burners.  Also you can see in the video how hot the Tenderloin and Veggies still at.  

I give these MamaGloves 2 UNBURNT Thumbs up!  

Wednesday, March 5

1,000 mg Vitamin C Raspberry @EmergenC #Review Smiley360

I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join Smiley360 here!

Just wanted to show you all how easy it is to Open, and pour an Emergen-C serving into a bottle of water. It can be done one handed, and while holding a 3 year old. It's also delicious, and full of so many nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins.

The flavor I'm currently digging is the 1,000 MG Vitamin C Raspberry Emergen-C.  It's also really good added to my juice in the morning, so I get kind've like a tropical fizz drink.

You can also request a free sample directly from Emergen-C on their website by going here, I love the stuff.

Thursday, January 10

Yo Gabba Gabba Live! 2013 At The Aronoff Center in Cincinati Ohio was AWESOME!

We Rocked out with Dj Lance Rock, Muno, Toodee, Plex, Brobee, & Foofa!

Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Get the Sillies Out! Was so much fun!  My family, and I went to see the show at the Aronoff Center, in Cincinati, Ohio on 1/10/2013. It was the first stop on the new tour!  Check your cities for tour dates! There are also some fun activities for the kids to play while waiting for the show to start, along with a free raffle for VIP family passes during the intermission.

Sy wanted to go to the Party in Munos Tummy.

Soon as we walked in, and up the steps at the Aronoff Center to the Proctor & Gamble Hall there were Games for the kids to play while waiting for the show to start.   One game was to teach kids to turn off lights in a Doll house that had the Yo Gabba Gabba Gang.  Another game was to create music with natural items.  My favorite game was the Bean Bag toss.  Each game they received a stamp of the characters, the stamps gave the kids a chance to sign up to win a VIP family pass to meet the Gang after the show.  By the way, it's free to play the games!

The time passed by quickly playing the games, that before we knew it, it was time to be seated. Our seats were in the First Orchestra section.  We were so close that when Dj Lance came out, and the Secret words, Yo Gabba Gabba! were spoken the confetti shot out, and covered us in it.  It was exciting!  My 2 year old's smile at that moment made me beyond happy that this was his first Live Show!

I will tell you there are Bugs,  Fruits, and Veggie Dancers.. even Bubbles!  With a lot more confetti! The light show, along with the Gabba Gang was very entertaining.  This was also my husbands first concert!  He danced when they said to stand, and dance too.  I must say Biz Markie rocked!!!!!  When Biz, and his Dj came out, they were rocking Michael Jackson and the theater went crazy.  It even made me dance!  This was the part of the show that Biz invited kids on stage to do the beat of the day.  It was super cute.  A little girl that was probably no older than 4 had the best beat.

Get The Sillies Out! We've got to jump, shake, shimmy them out!

Here are some video clips, and more photos of  Sy partying in Gabba Land.  

I received these tickets for free for being AWESOME, well for writing this review.  All opinions, and photos are my own.  I hope you enjoyed my review, and want to go get the sillies out with your family!

Friday, October 12

StarLooks September 2012 Monthly Subscription Box Review

StarLooks September 2012 Gift Box

Review by Life According To GreenVics is a $15.00/month Subscription box. This is the 2012 September Box. Included in the box are 6 Full Size products.  There are various signature sets that can be purchased separate if you like what was in your sample box.  The Makeup included in this months box were a 5 palette eye shadow, clear primer, little jewels for your eyes/brows/wherever you want.  And, a Quartz crystal.  

StarLooks ranges from 3+ Full size products that are worth double the price of the box.  I was impressed with the products I received to review.  I also had fun trying the products out on myself.  

Below is a Video I made showing that I received in the box, and how it is mailed.   Starlooks comes Gift Boxed, and really did make me feel like a star.  

The fact that this box came with 5 monochromic eye shadows and a clear primer.  Along with the diamond jewels were a fun touch.  Septembers box was playful to me, and made me want to shine.

There is a Starlooks:Looksbook How-To on ideas to use what's being sent for the month.  Or, you can just create your own.  I just had fun with mine.  The Looksbook has some wicked ideas, and images.  I saw some past boxes that I wish I had known about before.

My Impression of Septembers Monthly box:  Playful! Fun! The diamonds made me feel classy, and like I was a Hollywood pinup.  I think this monthly subscription box is well worth the $15.00/Month.

Usually monthly boxes are just sample sizes, but StarLooks guarantee's full size products in each box.

Starlooks on Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube.

Friday, June 1

Few Social Word Of Mouth Sites

These are the Social word of mouth sites I am part of, and enjoy reviewing free products either by coupons, rebates, or actual samples, and sometimes even full size through the mail for my opinion.

There are many different sites, and each site has its own rules, and what is expected of you to do for accepting a mission/campaign/whatever it may be called.

I upload videos of myself showing & talking about products on some sites like,

These are just a few of my top favorites to participate in.

Sometimes just a picture is needed, and for you to write a review/report. Other times actual videos, and surveys too. I enjoy doing things like this. It's great to be taken outside of our comfort zones, and pushed into trying things we normally may never have tried.