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Sunday, February 1

Gluten Free GEFU Healthy-N-Lean Review & Tryazon Party! #WheatBelly #GEFU #TRYAZON #Spon #RiceNoodles #Veggies #SalmonMiniCake #Recipes

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post through Tryazon to throw a party using GEFU.  All opinions are my guests, and my own!

(Rice Noodles, Carrots, Celery, Lime Juice.)

Recently I had the opportunity to invite a handful of friends to try out GEFU cooking utensils (  I loved the Julienne Peelers, Spiral Slicer and Lemon Juicer.  My absolute Favorite Julienne Peeler was the smaller handheld one.

For the main course, I used the Gefu Julienne Peeler on Carrots, Celery, and made Rice Noodles.  Also squeezed Lime over top with the Juicer.  Everything was extremely easy to use.  

It was also fun for the guests to use the Juicer themselves on their plates.  They had never seen anything like it before.

(Cabbage, Cucumber, Red Onions, Mango Rice Vinegar, Salt & Pepper for a Side Slaw Salad to go with the Rice Noodles, and Mini Salmon Patties.)

Everything Used,

GEFU, Spiral Slicer, #13460 (Does 2 Julienne Sizes.)

GEFU, Lemon Juicer, #12485 (Can also do Limes, and Oranges.)

GEFU, Julienne Peeler, #13660 (This one was my Absolute Favorite.)

GEFU, Julienne Slicer, #50410 (Guests Favorite.)

Check out GEFU by going here,,

Also made Mini Salmon Patties in Cotton Seed Oil for the Guests.  The Salmon Patties are just Pink Salmon, Egg, Salt, Pepper, and Srircha Sauce fried in the Cotton Seed Oil.

Have fun with it! We all thought these GEFU utensils were amazingly fun, and easy to use. Thank you so much Tryazon, and GEFU for the Party Fun.

Friday, January 18

Wheat-Free Pizza Baguette is whats for dinner!

So my husband has gone wheat free.  To support his decision I have been playing around in the kitchen.  I'd like to thank Schars for the $2.50 off coupon! With that I bought the Gluten, and Wheat Free bread to make this.


Gluten/Wheat Free Bread
Organic Tomato Paste
Fresh Shredded Parmesan

Black Olives
Red Onions

I sauteed the onions, and mushrooms together first.  Then it's as simple as cutting the baguette down the middle.  I then put a thin layer of the tomato paste w/a little bit of italian herbs.  Sprinkled the first layer of cheese on.  Laid the Pepperoni's.  Added more cheese.  Then more toppings.

Baked til the cheese was melted (It only takes a few minutes on 400) The bread itself just needs to be baked for 3-4 minutes, so keep that into consideration.  I baked mine for about 5 minutes, and it was crispy on the outside, and still moist inside.  This was a success! The hubby loved it.