Wednesday, January 23 Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones Review

I never noticed how horrible the cheapo in ear headphones I had were til I put on Sol Republics Tracks HD Head phones.  The sound quality blew me away.  Even just small clicks had this in-depth acoustic sound to them, easiest way for me to explain it was it sounded like I was in a closed hallway with high ceilings, that the sound was all around.  I can never go back to those other head phones now.

To really break these babies in, I broke out some P-Funk.  It was nice to block out the Kid show songs, and  whiney-ness for a few!

Depending on the On-Ear head phones you chose (All can be customized by color, which is great!) some have v8, or v10 built in sound engines,  along with deeper bass, higher clarity, and better vocals. I like that there is a volume control on the headphones cord themselves.  The foam on the head phones are extremely soft, and the headphones themselves are flexible as well.  Overall, I am enjoying these! They are also light weight.  

You can find out more about Sol Republic on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

I received these Headphones for free to review.  Opinion, and pictures are my own!  I was not paid, nor told what to say.


  1. I need ot get these for the would make life much easier and quieter for me!

  2. Those sound great! My hubs would definitely love to have a pair.

  3. The fiancé would love these! Thanks for letting me know about them! Gotta check em out now!