Wednesday, January 30

Eco Store USA Ambassador GreenVics!

I am officially an Ambassador.  Meaning, I get to write reviews, try products, and share samples with my friends.

Little about Eco Store USA:  All of the products are ECO FRIENDLY! They are 100% plant based products (no nasty chemicals.) While also being super concentrated.  Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about these products.  I'm starting to get excited about cleaning!

It's free to sign up to be a Brand Ambassador,  costs nothing, you're selling nothing, you're just signing up to possibly review, and share your opinion to be part of this movement.  The movement for a chemical free home.

Love Wastefully,


  1. Can't wait to find out how great they are! Especially the toilet cleaner (sounds odd, I know.)

  2. HAHA We need the toilet cleaner to!! With two little boys I swear how hard is it to AIM! lol

  3. Lol I was super excited when I saw all the different products. I was going to review the hand soap this friday, but the toilet cleaner it will be instead!! and ugh, My husband has really bad eyes, either he cant see, or his aims that bad, LOL =( So I feel you.

  4. NICE! Thank you for the great reviews...