Friday, June 24

My First Telescope #Review #GeoSafariJr #Spon @ed_insights

GeoSafari has made such a cute, and durable My First Telescope.  The first thing I noticed about it was how simple it was to put together.  It comes in two pieces, and the Telescope has a vertical lock knob to attach to the Tripod.  

What makes it nice is the Center of the tripod has supports so that the legs stay up on their own and only when you want it to collapse it does for storage.  Both my 5 year old son, and my 6 year old nephew had fun looking for animals in the trees that were about 100 feet away.  The extra large eye pieces and google shape made it easy for them to use the telescope, and it moved around easily from the horizontal knob feature. 

Find out more about GeoSafari Jr and other fun learning toys at

Disclaimer: I received product for free for my opinion, all images are my own. Check them out, it's a really fun telescope for the littles.  

Biotin Bursts Brazilian Acai Berry #TastesLikeCandy but Full of Vitamin B! #Review @NeoCellHealth #Spon

My favorite thing about these Neocell Biotin Bursts with Brazilian acai berry is the taste.  It reminds me of a better for me taffy.  It's a soft, sweet (Only 3 g of Sugar a Chew, and Serving Size is 1 Chew.) treat that's full of 10,000 mcg of Biotin. 5 G Carbs, and 20 Calories so it's low Enough for my Keto Diet.  I try to stay between 30-50 Carbs A Day, and Under 10 g of Sugar for the Day so it fits my Lifestyle great.  

Some facts about Biotin,  is a water soluable vitamin B.  It's used for Hair Growth, Nails, Skin, and Vitamin B is great for Energy.  I stopped drinking coffee through out the day, and instead I upped my Vitamin B, and my other supplements.  

I really like how taking NeoCells Biotin Bursts Chews is more of a reward for myself since I don't eat Candy anymore except for Fat Bombs that I make myself with Coconut Oil, and 100% Cocoa.  I do feel like I am eating a piece of Taffy, and I absolutely love it.  

If Brazilian Acai Berry isn't your thing (Believe me it's delicious.) Neocell has a line of other Flavors, check Neocell out here on their website,

Disclaimer: I received Product for Review, All opinions, and images are my own.  

Thursday, June 23

Downy Wrinkle Release Plus #Giveaway Imagine No Ironing, and Wrinkle Free Clothes! Now Check out #MyNewIron #WrinkleFreeHappy @downywrinklereleaser


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I am a huge fan of not having to Iron anything. Also the Downy Wrinkle Release spray has a refreshing Clean scent.  It's extremely easy to spray on fabrics. if you can't wait to try to win a kit, you can print a coupon for a $1.00 off Downy Wrinkle Release Sprays here at,,

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored Post, all Images, and Opinions are my own.  Prize is fulfilled by Sponsor.  Good luck!

Tuesday, June 21

#KandooPottyHacks Let your super kid discover it's potty time! #Spon

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This is a Sponsored Post, all Opinions are my own. My little man is a Kandoo Kid.  He really enjoys the stickers, and being rewarded to sit on the potty. We are still potty training, and it's great to see how excited he is over being rewarded with the Stickers that are included in the Kandoo Tubs,  

The foam nozzle is easy to use, and the Purple Foam Soap is just fun for him.  The tub pops open, and snaps close with a touch which is nice,  no fighting with it.

Get all of your potty training tools in this Kandoo potty time pack! Great kit, and super cute Cape. The following items are included for $20.00: 150 count Kandoo wipes (3 refills!) Kandoo tub with 50 wipes and stickers to decorate your child’s tub, Foaming Hand Soap 42 count flushable wipes, It’s Potty Time – A Potty Training Story for kids booklet, Super Power Cape, Kandoo Growth Chart, 3 Free Music Downloads, and Kandoo Coupons.

Don't forget to sign up for Kandoo's newsletter for more products, promotions like coupons, and giveaways. Every week a potty training hack will be emailed to you when you sign up for the Newsletter.  Also there are Potty Training Resources here for other suggestions that may help, Just make it fun!

Wednesday, May 18

Sharing the food I make, helps me stay on this Journey #GlutenFree #LowCarb #Keto #Lifestyle

Ive changed how I view, and consume the foods that enter my body. It's been a little over 3 weeks since I've been completely gluten free, and only carbs I mainly consume are in certain vegetables, and the occasional rice, green banana flour, and rice flour. I am down 20 Lbs, and I eat all the time. I don't count calories, I just make sure I get a healthy serving of fat, protein, and vegetables for healthier net carbs. What's helping me continue on this diet is sharing my food on Instagram, and on here. It's a motivational tool for myself. I also take B Complex, Womens Multi-Vitamins, and Cod Liver Oil, along with checking my ketones with Ketone Sticks.

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I also like Salads with Feta, Olives, and Everythinggggggggg.  I do mix it up, sometimes I do Guac Salad, or Vingerette for a dressing.  Meat wise, I'd rather have shrimp, but I was craving some Bratwurst too. Since my breakfast was pretty light, I had the bratwurst to go with my Shrimp and Greens Salad.

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Gluten Free Mozzarella Sticks using Green Banana Flour #GlutenFree #Recipe #Spon

I wanted to try Let's Do.. Organics Green Banana Flour since I started on this journey to eat healthier foods.  What connected me with this flour was it's naturally gluten free, extremely low carb, and has a fluffier consistency than regular flour.  I decided to make Gluten Free, Low Carb Mozzerella Sticks. Ingredients Needed,

Vans Food $25.00 in Coupons $100 VISA GIFT CARD, and Lunch Set Giveaway! #Win #Giveaway #VantasticSnacks #Spon

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Van’s, a leader in wholesome new snacks sure to satisfy the kid in everyone, kicks off summer with two new snack bars (Banana Bread and Gramwich- a chocolate stuffed graham cracker sandwich) and Soft-Baked Whole Grain Granola Clusters in Double Chocolate and Banana Nut.

Recipe & Photo Credit: Nutritious Eats on Behalf of Van’s Foods

Van’s decadent, bite-sized gluten-free granola – perfect for family road trips, an easy addition to breakfast or anytime on the go – are a soft and chewy portable snack perfect with frozen or Greek yogurt or by the handful when a craving hits.