Wednesday, February 25

Do you suffer from Noseblindness? Febreze has the cure! #Spon

What is Nose Blindness? Nose Blindness has two levels.  There is Odor Habituation, and Odor Adaption.  As my Puppyface started to age, 12+years, he started to smell.  I could smell it when I came home, but soon it didn't bother me.  I loved him, I'd condition myself for any smell involving him.  That would be me Odor Adaption.  

While my friends, and family would come over, and I would be embarrassed by the scent, that is Odor Habituation.  I didn't want to be known as the person that's house smelled! As long as I didn't smell it, it wasn't true, right?? Nooooo. There really was a simple solution.. To get rid of the Smell! Febreze Car Vent Clips, Air Effects, and Fabric Refresher appear on the ASPCA’s Pet Friendly Living List!

Febreze, along with the ASPCA are having two different Giveaways. Don't forget to enter both! One is through Instagram for sharing your Stinkiest, Stinkface, Petface. While the other Giveaway is via Rafflecopter.

To enter the GRAND PRIZE $400 Febreze/DoubleDutyDivas/ASPCA Instagram Contest  follow these easy steps,

  • STEP 1: Follow @toastmeetsworld On Instagram
  • STEP 2: Share a photo of your smelliest pet stinkface
  • STEP 3: Be sure to tag @toastmeetsworld
  • AND use #Febreze, #Noseblind, & #Stinkface in your post!
Check out,, and full details on the Febreze Instagram contest here.

The Other giveaway is via Rafflecopter for a $100 PetCo GC, A CellPhone Camera Lens, and A Free Product Coupon for Febreeze. Enter Below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway (starts 2/25 at 12:00amCST and ends 3/18 at 11:59pmCST, Good luck.)

Easy ways to Follow fellow Noseblinders? Check out Febreze on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This post and giveaway were made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Sunday, February 1

Gluten Free GEFU Healthy-N-Lean Review & Tryazon Party! #WheatBelly #GEFU #TRYAZON #Spon #RiceNoodles #Veggies #SalmonMiniCake #Recipes

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post through Tryazon to throw a party using GEFU.  All opinions are my guests, and my own!

(Rice Noodles, Carrots, Celery, Lime Juice.)

Recently I had the opportunity to invite a handful of friends to try out GEFU cooking utensils (  I loved the Julienne Peelers, Spiral Slicer and Lemon Juicer.  My absolute Favorite Julienne Peeler was the smaller handheld one.

For the main course, I used the Gefu Julienne Peeler on Carrots, Celery, and made Rice Noodles.  Also squeezed Lime over top with the Juicer.  Everything was extremely easy to use.  

It was also fun for the guests to use the Juicer themselves on their plates.  They had never seen anything like it before.

(Cabbage, Cucumber, Red Onions, Mango Rice Vinegar, Salt & Pepper for a Side Slaw Salad to go with the Rice Noodles, and Mini Salmon Patties.)

Everything Used,

GEFU, Spiral Slicer, #13460 (Does 2 Julienne Sizes.)

GEFU, Lemon Juicer, #12485 (Can also do Limes, and Oranges.)

GEFU, Julienne Peeler, #13660 (This one was my Absolute Favorite.)

GEFU, Julienne Slicer, #50410 (Guests Favorite.)

Check out GEFU by going here,,

Also made Mini Salmon Patties in Cotton Seed Oil for the Guests.  The Salmon Patties are just Pink Salmon, Egg, Salt, Pepper, and Srircha Sauce fried in the Cotton Seed Oil.

Have fun with it! We all thought these GEFU utensils were amazingly fun, and easy to use. Thank you so much Tryazon, and GEFU for the Party Fun.

Wednesday, January 28

Enter to #WIN the $3,500 grand prize (plus pork rinds for a year!) #PorkRindDay


Enter to win the $3,500 grand prize (plus pork rinds for a year!) by going to the Pork Rind Day website:

Never know unless you enter! Plus Pork Rinds make the easiest Game day Snacks!

YouAreWhatYouLike Personality Test! #YouAreWhatYouLike #CubeYou #Free #Facebook #App #Personality #Test #Spon

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post through Sverve, I was compensated for my experience.

Ever wonder what your Facebook Likes tell about your Personality?

The Cambridge University has created a free, easy to use, scientific personalty app, for, YouAreWhatYouLike.

YouAreWhatYouLike also helps discover your Facebook twins, and opposites based upon likes. You can even share results on your wall, and their wall.

This is all about having fun, being curious and open to learning more about yourself! It’s amazing how Facebook likes can be informative of our behavior and even our personality, it could be a little scary, but nowadays it’s a very discussed topic on the web! You can leverage it to engage your audience.

Compared to my Friends Likes, I am 93% Conservative & Traditional, 54% Well Organized, 50% Shy & Reserved, 86% Assertive & Competitive, and 96% Emotional & Stressed.

Find out your Personalty according to to the YouAreWhatYouLike App, it's as easy as a few clicks,

Saturday, January 10

Gortons #RealisticResolution Challenge, SparkPeople Review & Giveaway @gortonsseafood

Disclaimer: I received Product to Facilitate a Review/Giveaway.

Recently I had the opportunity to review Gortons Simply Bake Salmon, and Shrimp Scampi for SparkPeople Realistic Resolution Challenge. Not only were both high in protein, but they were low calorie, and extremely easy to prepare.  The Simply Bake came in baking bags, and it was as easy as turning on the oven, and placing the packs inside on a sheet.  I pan steamed brocolli, and added the Shrimp Scampi in the pan as well.

I used my rice cooker and added dried hot peppers, garlic, and onion to saffron rice.  It was an easy meal, and a perfect balance of carbs, vegetables, and Gortons for protein.

Overall, I was quite impressed with how tender & juicy the Salmon came out with little effort on my behalf (It was already seasoned, and everything!) The Shrimp Scampi I didn't want to share either! They were both a delicious treat.  I also liked that the Simply Bake comes with 2 Salmon Packs, and the Shrimp Scampi was enough to feed 2 people as well. Being that I am a Marylander, and we love our Seafood, I enjoyed Gortons. Next I am going to try Gortons Grilled.

Gorton's Blogger Giveaway

Have you ever heard of Spark People? Spark People have a positive, realistic out look on what to eat, and how to lose weight.  Sign up for Spark People Realistic Resolution Challenge, There is a 30 - Day Challenge along with Recipes, and ways to motivate ones self on their site. They also have a cook book, and book, but the challenge is free! So sign up!

(Click the Image to Get Started on the Realistic Resolution Challenge.)

You can also enter Daily to win more from Gortons, and Spark People on The Gortons Eat Smarter Sweepstakes! Never know unless you Enter! So enter here daily, Don't forget to check out the Coupon Deals either!!

Check Gorton's Real. Smart. Seafood out on their Social Medias;

Enter to Win 2 Full Value Product Coupons for GORTONS, an Insulated Tote bag, The Spark People Cook Book, The Spark Book, and The Spark People 28 Day Boot Camp Workout DVD! I received the Same Swag, and let me tell youuuuuuuuu, the Insulated Bag is HUGE!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Gortons Swag Giveaway Starts 1/10/2015, and Ends, 1/16/15 11:59 PM EST. U.S. Residents Only. Good luck!

Thursday, January 8

Enter to #Win A #StepUp #GrowWithUs High Chair System PLUS $100.00 #UpWeeGo #Giveaway #Spon

I received compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


Looking for a high chair but not just any old high chair. I have been there trying to find one that was cleanable, useful, would it last 6 months or 6 years. There is a one out there. Not only could you practically take it outside and wash it down with a hose if it was that bad but it will last. Maybe you want 3 kids and this is your first. It will most likely be in good condition come that third kid. Take the chair outside, why not.


High chairs of my past have had food buildup on them and it was gross. The chairs seats would be covered in something I don't even know what you'd call it. Food gets stuck int he cracks on the chair and in the cloth seats. Theres eventually a point of no return ad you just have to toss it out. Up Wee Go Step Up High Chair is the perfect gift for that expecting mom too! Kids use high chairs for over a year. It's worth the investment if it makes the parents life easier.

They even have stairs you can use to climb up into bed or attach to the slide for some fun times. I don't know about you but my son is 1. He sits in a high chair everyday and gets so messy. We also have a plastic slide that he loves. I have never seen a toy used so much. If only the steps on my slide came off like the Up Wee Go High Chair that would make life easy and also possibly brushing teeth.


Are you into Eco things? They even have a recycling program. You can receive money toward a new high chair by recycling your old ones. Check it out HERE.
Back up this amazing high chair and all the fun extras the company offers. Check out their KICK STARTER. You get a major discount if you buy now.
Want to read up on more info about the chair and what they have to offer. READ HERE
Check out the fun color options too!! Customize it to your favorite colors choices!




PLUS A $100 Gift Card or Paypal Of Your Choice!

TERMS- This high chair is not in production yet but the company is raising funds to produce it early to mid 2015. This is not a guarantee on product thought I think they will do awesome at raising the funds. You will receive a coupon to redeem one free high chair when they do start to produce. Since we all like instant gratification. We are also including one $100 gift card or choice to the winner along with the coupon. So You still win something awesome and now! Plus something for later!!
You must reside in the continental US. Be 18+ years or older. This blog is not responsible for any mishaps with the prize or shipping. This giveaway ends January 24th at Midnight EST.

 Share your thoughts with us by including hashtag #UpWeeGo in your social shares.

Want to pre-purchase it for a great, incredible deal you won't see again? Sign up HERE

Best Buy Education @BestBuyEdu @FETC #FETC and #FETC2015 @BestBuyWOLF #Spon

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Best Buy isn't just for the home, and office. Think of Electronics that make learning fun.  Are you attending FETC in Orlando, Florida between January 20-23? If you are you should check out Booth #131. There will be daily demos and guest speakers from Google, MakerBot, EdTeach, Amplified IT and Ergotron, and anticipating questions about your class rooms educational needs.

We all know each individual learns differently, and each curve can be boosted! My son just started Early Special Ed for ASD, and I can't imagine a world without electronics, and all the positive sensory learning from just a touch screen.  Teachers, and volunteers are very important developmental learning!

Best Buy Education Technology makes it easier than ever to give students the tech tools they need to succeed.

Don't be overwhelmed, technology is always changing, and the fun thing about technology? It's the ease, and availability to learn new products. Account Managers will consult with you, offer knowledgeable, unbiased advice and guide you to the product and service solutions that best meet your needs and budget. Whether you are rolling out new devices in the classroom, launching a BYOD initiative, or upgrading the technology throughout your school, Best Buy can provide the products, support and protection you need.

Best Buy can build the right solution for your school

Knowledgeable Advice

A dedicated Education Account Manager will consult with you, provide unbiased advice and guide you to the right solutions for your school. You’ll have one point of contact and get the personal attention you need every step of the way.

The Latest Devices

Partner with Best Buy to outfit your classrooms and offices with the latest education technology from top manufacturers you trust. - Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, touch screen displays, printers, charging carts, advanced A/V

Expert Service

Best Buys team of professionals will assess your technology needs and provide all the services you require, including installation, asset tagging, device management and more.

Professional Support

From pre-sales engineering to post-sales support and training, Best Buy will help you manage your technology and protect your investment. - Geek Squad® Support, Geek Squad Protection, training and professional development

Best Buy can help you choose the right platform for your classroom.  From Chromebooks, and Chrome Management, Android Devices, Window-based Solutions, and BYOD Made Easy!