Wednesday, January 16

My Pretty Playhouse by Review for 100% Recycled Cardboard

My little helper and I had so much fun putting My Pretty Playhouse together.  Assembly was easy.  There is no glue, no tape, you just set up the two main walls.  Interlock the tabs, then put the roof on! It's that simple.  It can even be colored on or left blank!   Made from 100% Recycled Cardboard!  I also have respect for the company that they did not ship the item in a different box.  The playhouse comes mailed directly in the box itself.  I have this pet peeve that I cannot stand when boxes, are mailed inside of boxes.. especially if its something like.. Cardboard!  So, thank you Cascades for not wasting a tree!

There are other playhouse designs, and even card board furniture. The prices are affordable too. The My Pretty Playhouse retails for $38.00, some of the furniture like the table, and chair set retails for $15.00.  At least with items like this, artistic, personalized touches are welcomed.  

You can find out more about Cascades, and all that they do for Recycling on Facebook, and Twitter.

(Baby Sy has been a fan of cardboard for years, Lol )

So, what do you get the toddler that loves their cardboard boxes? Their own cardboard playhouse!

Items received were for review.  I was not paid, nor told what to write.  All images are my own!


  1. That's an adorable toy! I love that they are conscientious enough to not mail it in an additional box too.

  2. That's really something I think my toddler would enjoy too!

  3. Cute item, like the fact that the child could "decorate" house to his/her liking. Prices seem reasonable enough too. I will have to let others I know who have children aqbout this.

  4. I want to color the house!

  5. That is absolutely adorable! I wonder if it can withstand my brood. How sturdy is it?

    1. He has Godzilla'd it a few times, and I just put it back up. It's been up a week now, and he hasnt destroyed it completely. lol. It comes folded up, so even if they push it in, and stand on it, it doesnt damage it too much.

  6. Oh it looks like they had so much fun!!

  7. LOL, I love your pictures! My girls would love to play with the playhouse!

  8. Awe this is adorable! My step daughter would lovvveee this! Perfect for indoor or outdoor play!

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