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Wednesday, December 25

Life According To GreenVics 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

Here are a few of our favorite things from the past year that we have worked with, and enjoyed at Life According To GreenVics. I will be adding a lot more through out the month.  Some have Giveaways, so always check out my Side Banner for Current Giveaways!

The Swiss Colony 82 - Favorite Things Box has made it to the Gift Guide, not only because it's delicious, but the quality of the 82 items inside, and the fact it's a 10 Lb box filled with snacks, and treats that everyone in my family enjoyed made this the epitome of Meat/Cheese/Chocolate/Nuts/Jams/Mini Tortes/Breads Gift. Retails for $129.95, Check out my The Swiss Colony Review here, or go directly to The Swiss Colony, to drool over more treats ( I go for the Mint Chocolate Cheesecake Eye Candy.) 

Lugz  Laurel Shoes have become my go to house shoes, and my lazy slip on's for outside.  What made these Holiday Gift Guide worthy were the Warmth, Softness, and just overall ease of wear.  It also doesn't hurt that these shoes only retail for $29.99.  Great price, and lot's of unique colors to chose from.  Check out the my Full Review for Lugz Laurel in Turquoise, and for more Colors, and Shoes!

Barts Cookies was a delightful treat.  Honestly, the best way to describe these cookies is to compare a cookie, with 5 cookies on top with the trickery appearance of a cookie dough ball.  It really is a sinful treat. They were thick, moist, and full of  chocolate chips.  I tried the Chocolate Chips, and the Gluten Free White Chocolate.  They've earned there spot on the Gift Guide by just being how Chocolate Chip cookies should be.  Sweet! You can read my full Review for Barts Cookies here, and Go drool over some Barts World Famous Cookies on

Awesome Deck of Awesome make the perfect gift.  I say this because wouldn't it be nice to just give someone a card that says they are awesome.  Even if it's for no reason. Just because.. they ARE awesome.  The concept behind these cards are Lto share positive reinforcement by handing out Awesome Deck of Awesome Playing Cards. Each card is a different way to express how awesome your child is. Give a card just because, or reward for a chore. Once every card is collected it finishes a puzzle on the back. Your Awesome is Legendary is one of my favorites. You can find Awesome Deck of Awesome on Amazon

Stache Tats are the OG of Temporary Mustache Tattoos.  What makes these Holiday Gift Guide worthy are how unique, and playful Stache Tats are.  They were easy to apply, and to take off. They also do favorite sports teams, different holidays, and just funny designs too.  Check them out! You can find my full review for Stache Tats, and hubby wearing a Pumpkin stache by going here.  

California Delicious Gourmet Gift Sets made our rained in day a lot better. It may have been a gloomy, rainy day outside, but we still had  an al fresco California Delicious picnic inside. We love Cheese, and Meat Sets in this household.  What really impressed us were the layers of goodies, the freshness, and taste of everything in the set. Check out my review for the California Delicious Gourmet Cutting Board Gift Deluxe.

Guylian Chocolates are artisan chocolates that are beyond Holiday Gift Guide worthy! I was blown away at the smoothness of the chocolate. Even the no added chocolate bars were sweet, and smooth.  Biting into the hazelnut truffle filling melted instantly into my mouth.  Please check out Guylian Chocolates to find out what else they have! Also read my full review for Guylian Chocolates.

ISeeMe! has the perfect Personlized Holiday Gifts for all of our little scally wags to swash buckle to. Like this custom Adventure Book by Name, made for my son He is into Pirates BIG time right now. We play Pirates, every, single, day, he has every pirate ship imaginable for his age. Yes! I encourage his imagination. Check out my Full Review here for ISeeMe! for this Hard back, Custom, My Very Own Pirate Tale Book.

From War To Peace recycles old Midwest underground cables that used to be used for launching nuclear weapons into beautiful gift designs, they won the 2012 Gandhi Award for their Peace Bronze jewelry.  Check all their different jewelry, and gifts out online.  You can also read my full review for The Tree Of Life From War To Peace Jewelry.

PlanToys Wooden Toys are made from recycled rubber trees for over 30 years.  Not only are these toys playful, but they are also educational.  You can read my review for PlanToys Stacking Bear, and The Mood Memo's here. 

Wednesday, October 30

Awesome Deck of Awesome Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! 2 Winners!

These are some awesome positive reinforcement cards! The ones I reviewed are for Boys, but they do come in a deck for girls, even a mixed deck for both! Check out my Review for Awesome Deck of Awesome here. Enter below to win your own deck too.

U.S. Only. Giveaway begins 11/01/13 12:00AM Est, Ends 11/15/13 12:00 Est Time. Winners are chosen at Random Via Raffle Copter, Prize Est Value, $11.45-$17.45, Winners choice of either Boy Cards, Girl Cards, or a Mix Set of Both,, and affiliates are not responsible for prize fulfilment. Prize is mailed directly from the sponsor! Winner has 48 hours to verify email once winning email has been received. I received product to facilitate a review.

Friday, March 22

Stonz Wear Rain Boots Review 100% Natural Rubber

Silas is quite the little man of the forest in his Kids Stonz Wear Rain Bootz!  I can't believe how big my baby boy is getting.  These are his first rain boots.  What makes these boots awesome is, they are 100% Natural Rubber Rain Boots.  Another great thing about these Boots that I noticed is that they could bend easily with his natural gait, and he did not trip over them.  He could even climb  a tree trunk in them.  They were also ideal as he ran through leaves and moist soil.  I am so happy that the snow finally melted.

This is the first year that he's big enough to go out, and enjoy nature without falling all over himself.  He knows he's looking so cool, and fresh in his new Stonz Rain Bootz in Blue/Black.  Look at him checking himself out!  

Shipping Wise, they were delivered fast, and in a cute litttle re-usable bag.  It was the perfect little gift bag.  I wouldn't even wrap this if I were giving it as a gift to someone.  Instead of them wasting money on shipping materials, the Rain boots were mailed directly in the tote bag with tissue paper, and just a plastic bag.  I thought that was ingenious, and completely not a waste of packing material! Two thumbs up, and an abundance of kudos!  

Overall Impression of Rain Boots:  They are durable, bright beautiful blue, and true to fit for the size I needed for my Toddler.  Well worth the $35.99.  

Below are a list of Top 12 Reasons why you should check out Stonz Wear Rain Bootz:
  1. 100% Natural Rubber 
  2. Durable
  3. Tear resistant
  4. Flexible
  5. Comfortable 
  6. Quick dry 
  7. 100% cotton liner 
  8. PVC-free 
  9. Phthalate-free 
  10. Lead-free 
  11. Formaldehyde-free
  12. Because they are Cute

Curious about what other natural products Stonz has to offer? Go check them out on their Social Media networks below, and give them some Love!

Sy received these Rain Boots to sample, so Mommy can review them and give our honest opinions.  If he did not like the rain boots, believe me he would not have had them on.  All opinions, and photos are our own.

Monday, December 17

{ Giveaway } Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two Review & Giveaway

Holiday Gift Guide 2012, Disneys Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two.

I received Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two for Xbox 360 for free to review.  I absolutely love video games,  I like that I can play games like this by Disney, and still have fun while my Toddler watches the TV like it's a show.  The graphics, and story line for Epic Mickey makes it fun for all ages. The Co-Op action makes it even better, it's so much fun playing with some one else! This is also the first time in Epic Mickey History that Mickey and Oswald join forces to save the Wasteland.  Scroll below to enter via RaffleCopter to win your own Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

  • Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two immerses players in Wasteland, a world filled with 80 years of Disney’s forgotten characters and attractions lovingly crafted by industry luminary Warren Spector.
  • For the first time, Mickey and Oswald join forces as true partners. Players can play solo as Mickey Mouse, using his magical brush to paint in or erase the game world, or with a friend as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, commanding electricity with his powerful remote control.
  • The exciting drop-in, drop-out 2-player co-op mode makes Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two not only a great gift for teens and kids but also a family affair.
  • The video game is available on all major gaming systems including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS. PC/MAC will be available January 2013.
  • Disney fans, gamers and parents can buy Disney Epic Mickey 2 at $59.99 for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, $49.99 for Wii and PC/MAC and $39.99 for Nintendo 3DS.

Giveaway: Winner chooses Epic Mickey 2: Power Of Two Video Game.  Game is only available for PS3, Xbox360, WiiU, Wii, PC/Mac, 3DS.  Retail Value Ranges $39.99-$59.99. What game console do you have? Enter below via RaffleCopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Collectible Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Hat! 

Epic Mickey Online, Facebook, and Twitter.

Disclaimer:  Giveaway begins 12/17/2012, Ends 12/31/2012,  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Prize is mailed directly from Sponsor.  Prize may take 2-4weeks for Delivery. Sometimes faster! Winner is chosen at random Via Rafflecopter.  Winner has 4 buisness days to confirm, if no confirmation is made, prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen at random via RaffleCopter.  Prize Value ranges depending on Console needed for Play.  I was not paid, nor told what to write.  All my thoughts, are my own.

Thursday, November 29 Personalized Items Review has the most cutest personalized  items ever.  I was giving an opportunity to chose whatever I wanted from the site for free to review.  My son's name isn't common.  It's just "Vic Silas," it's not Victor, Just Vic.  His middle name is Silas which you never see anything in store for either. So I eat personalized items like this up.. like they are marzipan..  The quality of the transfers on the items were some of the best I've seen. Even better than things you buy in store.  Great customer service! I really dig this company a lot. 

I received an insulated lunchbox, stainless steel BPA free water bottle, growth chart, stickers & pencils.  

The growth chart is personalized with my little mans name, and his birthday December 9, 2010.  Yes! His birthday is coming up, and he will be.. the dreaded ever-so-terrible two year old.. that my mom wished upon me when I was a not so nice older teen "Just wait til you have kids, I hope they act just like you." The growth chart also comes with stickers, and events to place on it in case you don't want to write all over it.  I am going to be painting on mine that way I'll have it forever.  It's made of really durable canvas! 

There are so many extra personalized stickers that come with the pencils.  Look at the aliens! I LOVE IT! 

If you are looking for something unique, and personalized this holiday season you should check out what has to offer.  Check them out on Facebook & Twitter.

Enter to win a personalized Growth Chart!! Winners choice of theme! Open to U.S. Only.  Giveaway begins 11/1/2012, Ends 11/29/2012.  Thank you all for entering!! Click [here] to enter! 

{ Review & Giveaway } Umi Shoes Review & Giveaway!! $60.00 Gift Certificate.

2012 Holiday Gift Guide, Review & Giveaway!! 

Recently I was sent Umi Shoes Bodi in Navy for free to review!  Look at how beautiful these Ultra Soft Suede kids shoes are.  Every time I get shoes for my 1 year old I make sure they are flexible, and breathable for his feet.  When I received these shoes I did the "bend" test.  To see how flexible they were.  I was pleased with the flexibility, and the color of the shoes.  Also, these are velcro straps, and super easy to put on.

We decided to take the shoes to the park to test them in an all out, chase around, climb on, swing, run, kick the leaves Review.

As you can see, these Umi Shoes were even flexible enough for Sy to climb up the steps at the playground. 

These Umi Bodi Shoes passed all Kid Tests we ran at the Playground.  

Umi's motto is, a little love for little feet

These shoes retail for $60.00, and if you don't like this pair, there are so many options on the website.  Even some fantastic shoes in clearance.  The little girls shoes are so adorable.  They make me wish I had a little girl too.  Tho, I must say, these boy shoes for Bodi are very handsome.  I like the fact that he can play in them, and I'm going to dress him up in his Birthday/Christmas outfit and have photos done.  These are the shoes I'm using! So, really they are very versatile.  I'm not one to buy shoes based upon "name," I like to buy shoes that are a better alternative than the shoes with hard soles, and no flexibility.  What's the point in teaching your children to walk correctly if the shoe doesn't even have ANY give.  These are differently one of my favorite shoes. 

Run Umi Shoes, Run! [Click this Image to Enter]

Don't forget to check Umi out on facebook, and twitter.  Enter above, or below!! To win a $60.00 Gift Certificate to Umi Shoes!! Just don't forget to enter. =) That can get you almost 2 shoes in clearance!! Or you can buy 1 pair!! But,  keep in mind, the clearence shoes are very, very nice too!!! Giveaway open to U.S. & Canada.  Winner has 48 hours to respond to winning email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner is chosen at random via raffle copter.  Winner has 48 hours to respond to my email verifying you received Winning Confirmation!  Giveaway begins 11/1/2012, and end 11/29/2012 at Midnight. Gift Certificate is mailed directly to the winner from Sponsor.  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for Prize Fulfillment. 

Sunday, November 25

{ Giveaway } Zoobie Pets Draco The Dragon Review & Giveaway

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide & GIVEAWAY! 

aw @ Silas petting his new found friend, Draco the Dragon

Zoobie Pets are too cute! They are soft, and easy to take the blanket out of the pets.  The blanket is the perfect size for my Toddler right now.  Below are some photos of my little man and Draco. Zoobie Pets motto is to Play. Sleep. Love.  
Really, that sounds magical to me! 

Dracos going for a ride! It isn't bed time yet, it's time to play!

One lucky follower will win a Zoobie Pet Draco of their own!! Enter below via Raffle Copter.  

Giveaway begins 11/25/2012, Ends 12/07/2012, U.S. Residents Only, Winner is chosen at random via RaffleCopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all!! There are many other cuties from the land of Zoobia from Zoobie Pets. I received Draco for free to review.  Nothing is better than a review that my son participats in too.

Monday, November 19

2012 Holiday Gift Guide PLUS GIVEAWAYS

Welcome to Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide!  What you will find below are some fantastic companies we have personally worked with, and enjoyed that we dub great enough to be given as a gift.

With the holidays approaching, and that search to find the epic gift for all the loved ones in your life here is a quick, and easy gift guide to follow.

Don't miss out on your chance to win some of these items! Enter via RaffleCopter! All winners are chosen at random! Our passion here at Life According To GreenVics is to review products we personally enjoyed.  Being able to offer Giveaways make the time we put in our reviews worth it.  Hope you enjoy our reviews, and have fun entering the Giveaways!

The Swiss Colony Sugar Free Holiday Tower
The Swiss Colony - Sugar Free Candies, Taffy, Cherry Cordials, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Petit Fours - My Review

An Assortment of Whey Protein Sweet Treats Blondies Minis, Cookies, & Brownies - My Review
Sterling Silver Personalized Etched Heart Locket with Chain
Zoobie Pet (Pillow/Blanket Pet) For Kids! Or Us Adults that are Kids @Heart. - Draco The Dragon - My Review 

Teton Sports Celius XL Sleeping Bag - My Review

Paradise Grove Avocados - Offers Gift Baskets at just $39.95!! Try them yourself! Win 6 Avocados delivered to your door! - My Review

Stuck On You - Height Chart - Retail Value $49.95
Crayon Rocks Holiday Gift Bag (20 Crayons, Wooden Snowflake) Soy Crayons - My Review 

Umi Shoes - $60.00 Gift Certificate - My Review

Goat Milk Stuff - $20.00 Gift Certificate - My Review

Assorted Case Of Sneaky Pets Oatastic Beverages! Assorted Low Calorie Drinks - My Review

8 Pints + 2 Boxes Of Bars Value $50.00
Arctic Zero - Assorted Ice Cream (8 pints and 2 boxes of bars) - My Review

Winter WonderBox $15.99
Boylan Bottlng Co. - Winter WonderBox - My Review

Cherbundi - Assorted 12pk - My Review

Java Bites - Assorted Java Bites - My Review

Almond Butter Crunch Toffee $14.99
Ashers Chocolate - Almond ButterCrunch Toffee - My Review

Harvey Prince Giveaway $243.00
Harvey Prince - Eau Fling - My Review
(3) 50ML & (3) 8.8ML 

Natural Skin Shop Earth Naturals Giveaway $114.00
Natural Skin Shop - Purify Mask - My Review 

Mia Mariu $38.00
Mia Mariu Luminous LipGloss & Perfecting Finish Mineral Foundation - My Review

Jamaica Me Crazy Suprise Candle $19.99

Suprise Candles - Jamaica Me Crazy - My Review

Smoobee Hair Brush  $23.99

Smoobee Hair Brush - My Review

Lugz Allerton Black/Black Mens Shoes Worth $75.00
Lugz Allerton - My Review

Ozeri Green Earth Pan $79.99, or
Precision II Digital Scale $49.99

Ozeri Green Earth Pan - My Review

Snack Time Container $5.99
CoolGearInc - Snack Time Container - My Review
(Twist off container, 1 side is a Sippycup, the other side a snack container)

Apple Baker $14.00
Emerson Creek Pottery -  Go Green Apple Baker - My Review

DormCo - RoomMates Peel and Stick Wall Decals - My Review

True Lemon - Assorted Box - My Review


Build-A-Bear Workshop Rudolph, and Clarice! Read My Review - Sugar Free Raspberry Linzer Cookies - My Review

Hammacher Schlemmer Specialty Gifts - Grinder/Roaster/Brewer Coffee Maker - My BreVille Review.

ManGroomer - Professional Back Shaver, Scruff Sculptor, and  Detail Groomer. My Review

Back To The Roots - Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit

Squardey Cats Plush Animal - Not Squared To Be Wild! - My TigerLily Review

Divine Planet StarLanterns Paper Lantern.  My Review.

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook