Friday, November 1

California Delicious Gourmet Cutting Board Gift Deluxe Review

It may be a gloomy, rainy day outside, but we still had an an al fresco California Delicious picnic inside.

We love Cheese, and Meat Sets in this household.  So it was natural that when giving the opportunity to try California Delicious we would try the California Delicious Gourmet Cutting Board Gift Deluxe.  This Gift set comes with a lot of great Napa Valley goodies.  

What I really found impressive about this Gift Set is no space was wasted,  The moment I moved something ontop of the pile, there was another just as impressive snack underneath.

This set came with 1 Salami, 1 Sausage, Cheese Spread, Cookies, Chocolate Squares, Sweet Hot Mustard, Olives, 2 Packs of Almonds, Sour Dough Bites, Crackers, A huge Twin-Baked Biscotti, Dried Apricots, A Wooden Cutting Board, and a Cheese Knife. 

Hubby didn't waste any time with the Monterey jack cheese. He smeared it all over the  Columbus Salami.. Who needs Crackers! My 2 year however, enjoyed the Crackers, and Olives the most.  Which was bad for me, since the Olives were one of my favorites, along with the Dried Apricots, and Almonds too.  The almonds were possibly some of the best Smoked Almonds I've ever had.  And, we eat A LOT of almonds. California Delicious is Definitely Holiday Gift Guide material. It's a great gift set for everyone in the family.  

There are even.. Cookies!

There are a lot of different gift sets available for all ages, and occasions.  Even wine, and beer lovers, mmm I am a sucker for Dark Ales. Search California Delicious here

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Disclaimer:  I received product to Facilitate a Review. Opinions are my own.


  1. I love cheese and meat platters, especially when entertaining guests. Even better though are fruit and nut trays with olives and pickles too!

  2. this gift basket w/cutting board that you review looks really good because it is a nice combination. i also like the California Artisanal Cheese Gift Basket.... but they all look really really good!!!!

  3. These look absolutely delicious! They'd make great gifts for family and friends. I love the variety of baskets they have to offer! Something for everyone.

  4. Looks super yummy! We love gift baskets like this, little something for everyone.

  5. After reading your giveaway I am planning to buy couple of gift basket to give to my friends on Christmas. Great blog. Always love reading it!

  6. this looks sooo good! it reminds me of hickory farms and i love their stuff so i am sure i would love this! you cant go wrong with salami and cheese!

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  9. Looks delicious and nice looking cutting board you have.