Friday, August 24

Arctic Zero Ice Cream, 150 Calorie Pints, Best Find EVER

Arctic Zero Review & Giveaway,

All I can really say about this ice cream is.. I LOVE THIS ICE CREAM.  I'm not sorry about the CAPS. Seriously, I absolutely love this ice cream, and it's really low calorie.

The brand is called Arctic Zero, I received a shipping cooler full for free ( 8 pints, and 2 boxes of bars.)  I was in ice cream heaven.  First off, I want to let you know when it says Arctic Zero... It really is arctic, as in It is so cold! I didn't know what to expect when I opened the cooler it was delivered in.  You know when its really hot out, and you open the freezer to get something? And, the coldness pours out, and hits you in the face.  That's what it was like.  I imagined I was in the arctic, ice pick in hand.. finding the most greatest discovery ever.

(My husband had fun playing with the dry ice thats at the bottom of the cooler)

As far as calories, each pint was only 150 calories.  Honest to Bob! Just 150 calories.  I am still in shock about that.  I loved all 8 flavors of the pints.

Here are my favorites in order:  Vanilla Maple,  Coffee,  Pumpkin Spice,  Mint Choco Cookie, Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut butter, and Cookies & Cream.

You can make Floats!! (Imagine Cream Soda, W/Vanilla Maple) or even just eat it straight from the pint.  I always have graham crackers around, so I made little ice cream sandwiches too.  Shakes,  Smoothies, Whatever tickles your sweet tooth pickle.

As for the boxes of bars, Those are only 85 calories.  I really enjoyed them.  They are chocolate coated, and my favorite was the orange icecream w/the chocolate.  For bars, theres orange, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

What I love most about this product was I did not feel guilty for enjoying a snack.  It made me realize I can eat something others might consider a "reward."

This product, I actually went back out, and bought more of the Vanilla Maple, Coffee, and Pumpkin Spice.  My local Krogers carries the Pints, but not the bars. It's about $4-5.00 for the pints, which it is well worth being able to eat desert without feeling like a total fatty.  I loved it.  Every night I would portion my dinner, and add in the extra 150 calories so I can have ice cream.  Beats, wasting 500 calories on a bowl of something else.

If you are an avid Amazon shopper,  You can get free super saving shipping on Arctic Ice products, I'm always saving up Amazon Gift cards I've earned from various things I'm part of.  There is a store locator on Arctics Website too if you're interest in finding some in your area.

Overall Experience:   Greatest find, ever. My new favorite Ice cream go to snack.  I highly recommend the Vanilla Maple, Coffee & Pumpkin Spice.

Now it's giveaway time!! I am so happy to have been able to review Arctic Zero, and one lucky follower gets a shipping cooler full delivered to them from Arctic Zero too!! I'm also celebrating my Facebook 2,000 Likes!! What's better than a cooler full of ice cream!?!

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  1. No I don't like ice cream.. I LOVE ICE CREAM!!!!!!

  2. Oh Yummy! These sound wonderfully good!

  3. luv it all icecream

  4. yummiest i ever had

  5. Heck yes~!!!! I love ice cream!!

  6. I LOVE alll ice cream!!!

  7. I do like ice cream, but my stomach doesn't. This does not stop me from eating it though. I love the flavors that they have to offer.

  8. Who wouldn't love to open that mail?!

  9. MmmMmm I want to try this. It looks so yummy.

  10. I do like Ice Cream, but only on days that end in "y"! ;)

  11. MMMM ICE CREAM... (homer-esque drool)
    the pumpkin spice sounds AWESOME!

  12. Now I want ice cream!! lol
    All of the flavors sounds of each, please!

  13. I LOVE ice cream !! All flavors. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Now who doesn't like ice cream - I LOVE ice cream but not so much for the high calorie and fat content so I'd LOVE to try Artic Zero!

  15. I love ice cream! Arctic Zero is especially awesome!

  16. I love this stuff!

  17. I love ice-cream from places such as baskin robbins and dairy queen

  18. I love icecream

  19. i want this lol yummy

  20. I like ice cream, my 3 year old is obsessed with ice cream!

  21. omg...I only have ONE weakness on this earth and that is ICE CREAM!!!!!

  22. I cant live without it! Orange Creamsicle is my favorite :)

  23. I've got to win this ice cream! I need a yummy dessert that's low in calories!

  24. I love Ice Cream. I really want to try Arctic Zero.

  25. I want to try this so badly! Since we don't use regular dairy our options are limited and don't always taste so great, I really, really want to try this!

  26. I love ice cream and I would love to try this healthier option!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as "crave to save"

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com


  27. BEWARE!!!

    I bought a pint of th cookies and cream and it was great and the label stated 150 calories a pint..

    Well I knew ir was too good to be true because either ABC or NBC took this product and other low calories ice cream and had it tested.

    It was a blind test so no one knew what ice cream or product was from who..

    The bottom line was that ARTIC 150 was the worst when it came to calories and the food and drug allows company to state calories and areon the honer system.. What a crock of crap.

    Artic never came back with a blind test of their own and that speaks volumes.

    What a shame, it tasted pretty good and I gained weight using it..

    It all on the web so dont take my word.

    You think into world they could reall make an ice cream that is truly low calorie..

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