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Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide!

Before/After Using MANGROOMER Scruff Sculptor, and Back Shaver.

My Hubby hasn't shaved his own head in a long time.  We recently received  grooming tools from ManGroomer.  Not only did he say they were very sufficient, but also, extremely lightweight.  It did not feel like holding hair clippers.  That's really one of my biggest reasons why I don't like to shave his head myself.  Clippers are usually way too heavy, too big in my hands, and they vibrate way too much.  ManGroomers design makes it easy to hold, and use.

ManGroomer Professional tools used:

The Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver extended out, and made it easy for the ManBeef to use it on himself.  There were many quotes of Shows I watch that ran through my head as he shaved himself.. like "Purr like a Walrus.".. 

Scruff Sculptor was his favorite.  It's light weight, and gives a very close, safe shave.  He has to shave his face everyday for work, and this will take so much time off his prep time in the morning.

Detail Groomer I am guilty of even using on myself.  One head is for nose/ear hair.  The others are for eye brows, and detail around side burns, and beard/goatee ( Whatever tickles his pickle.)  It was so easy to use, and change out the different heads.  

The End result of using the ManGroomer = Happy Husband!!

MANGROOMER is an easy, time saving, high quality product!! If you are looking for something like this for your significant other this Holiday Season I think you should check out

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  1. omg he shaved it all off lol that thing looks and sounds really nice. Any man would want that.