Sunday, November 11

Star Lanterns Review

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Star Lantern Review (easy, beautiful, and affordable!)
If you are looking for a unique gift, that won't break your budget you should definitely check out these lanterns


I am beyond impressed with the detail in the Star Lanterns from Divine Planet.  These are paper lanterns.  Price wise they are extremely cheap, but as you can see not cheap in QUALITY! They range from $5.00-$9.00. What I like about the Paper Lanterns.. are the choices for different styles/colors.  

My Toddler loves winding down to the glow of the Paper Lantern before Bed time.

I received the 5-Point Paper Lanterns to review with the Light Kit.  Setting the lanterns up were extremely easy.  As in, follow the directions on the back of the packaging.  There are only four steps.

You basically create a protective cage around the energy bulb.  This goes into the paper lantern.  It is very important to use the right kind of light bulb.  

The Paper Lanterns come folded up (If you are buying in bulk for a party, this makes for extremely easy storage, also, you can give them away as party favors!!) Unfolding them to create the Star shape wasn't hard to do.  Even if you aren't a crafty person, don't be concerned.  Once you gently slide your hands into the star points, they pop out.  Setting them up reminded me of those fortune paper hand games when I was a child.  

My goal is to have a Star Lantern in each room! I really love warm ambiance from these paper lanterns. 

Can't forget the babies room.  I made this by just buying a wooden stick from the craft store, and some ribbon.  These are Paper Lanterns with LED Lights inside.  I like things that are simple, yet still unique.  As you can see, I didn't care to do a "theme" to my son's room, but I still wanted something beautiful for him to look at.

If you don't want to use the Hanging Electric cord kit($4.95), there are LED Battery Light Kits ($4.75)

Divine Planet has all sorts of different lanterns (Paper, silk, and Nylon.) Check them out on Facebook!! Go give them some Facebook Love for such unique gifts.


  1. Very pretty, Glad to see one with some color instead of those boring all white ones!

  2. Love them, Very nice Tyvm xo I must check them out

  3. These are so fabulous! And I love how you made something similar to a mobile for the baby's room - very creative :)

    Also love that these are super affordable and they have more than just stars!

  4. These are lovely, I want one, or to make some like them!