Wednesday, December 5

{ Review } Build-A-Bear Workshop® Make Your Own Beary Limited® Edition Rudolph & Clarice.

I can't get over how adorable these Beary Limited® Build-A-Bear® Rudolph & Clarice are! You can find these lovable festive friends at the Build-A-Bear Workshop®. I love the fact that you can make, and personalize these!

The 19inch Rudolph® nose lights up, I love that anyone can make whatever character they want. He can be decked out in Holiday gear, or even with a tuxedo. Anything you want really! The assortment of accessories at Build-A-Bear® are plenty!

The Slippers on his little paws made me go Awwwww!!!! Too cute! All I can do is want to sing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer® while pushing the button to make his nose glow.

The 18 in. Clarice® has the most holiday-cheery- bloomers & dress that are just as equally adorable! There are even shoes to match the dress. Clarice also has a heart on her that lights up when pushed.

I've always been a Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer® fan so when I saw Build-A-Bear® had Rudolphs, and Clarices to make I just had to have them! They will be the center piece for my Holiday decorations. I've already had family members want them. They both are pretty big, and can stand up on their own without falling over. They retail for $23.00 before accessories.

Also there are always the option of a Gift Card so your little one can go into the store, and make their own Build-A-Bear®.

Don't forget to check out the Limited Edition Smallfrys, their sizes range from 7inches. I'm in love with the Long Earred Bunny, and Hedgehog.

I received these products to sample for review. My opinions are my own! Wishing you all an abundance of happiness on this upcoming Holiday!

Happy Holidays! Love Wastefully, always!


  1. I just love build a bear, such a cute idea and for the holidays its a win win for kids and parents.. Great review, love the product well supported :)

  2. Aw I love Rudolph too! And, Ive never seen a Clarice stuffed animal. This is beyond cool! I want them tooooo.

  3. Oh my, those are just too cute! I wish we had a Build-a-Bear here, I'd bring my daughters for sure!

  4. awwww their soooo adorable

  5. Those are the first stuffed animals of them I've ever seen. They are so cute, and the idea of making it your way is fun and creative. I love it, great review as always.

  6. I love Build a Bear too! Those are really cute and just in time for the holidays!

  7. Love Build a Bear! My son has the Rudolph :)

  8. Awww! I love Build A Bear, and this Rudolph is just too cute!