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Friday, December 19

#MrSketchHoliday Scented Markers #Review @Smiley360 #GotItFree #Spon #HolidayGiftGuide

Disclaimer: I received Product, and Compensation Through Smiley360, and Mr. Sketch Scented Markers to Facilitate a Review.

Majority of my family members are artistic one way or another.  We come from a family that has always used our hands, and our imaginations.  

Now since I have a son, I want him to have fun, and be able to draw, and express himself with art.  Mr. Sketch to me is the perfect Art Therapy.  Now only are you drawing, creating lines, and textures from overlapping the Marker Colors, it also has that sensory of scent.  

The Holiday scents are amazing, and make the Perfect Stocking Stuffers for the kids to add to their Wish List.

Check out Smiley360, and apply for future Missions by clicking here,  I have been a Smiley member for Years now, and I've done some great Missions. Not only did I receive the Mr. Sketch Markers, I also received a $5.00 Walmart Gift Card to go Shopping for more markers.

Saturday, August 2

My Self Portrait. #Art #DigitalArt #Selfie #Creative #Therapy

I've been working on my Self Portrait for almost a month now.  I work on it here, and there.  Add a little, Delete a lot. I don't feel like I am done yet, I'm pretty hard on myself tho, but drawing calms me.  I'm not sure what made me want to draw myself to begin with.  I just haven't felt like myself lately I suppose, and needed to get back to things I enjoy. Art really is one of those passions that calms this beast.  I don't get to draw, or paint with oils anymore.  My excuse would be since finding out Sy has Autism Spectrum Disorder, with Ritualistic Behaviors I just try to keep the safest environment for him, and my oils, along with the paint thinner isn't it right now.  This tablet, and creating the digital art I can do while still in the same room with him. We also do drawing sessions together on it.  I don't talk about this really, but I wont hide the fact I needed an outlet to be creative before I lost my mind.  I really believe Art, even if its digital is perfect therapy. I tried finger painting, and he hates the texture of anything "wet" on his hands. I tried sand art, and he wants to eat it.  The same thing with Clay. Digital art tho, he sits on my lap, and tries to hold the characters hands, to where my heart smiles, and I know my sweet man is there. Sy does not talk, and I don't need to hear his words to feel his emotions from creating things together. 

Wednesday, July 23

How I love my Wacom INTUOS Tablet, let me count thee ways.

1. It's pretty b@dass.
2. The detail I can draw while zoomed in 200%+ is unbelievable. 
3. Affordable!
4. The Pressure Point on the Creative Pen, and while adjusting Tool Thickness/Shade is fun to play with!
5. Even if you are like me, and drawing is just a hobby.. this tablet is Easy to use!

I received the most awesome Birthday present ever this month.  It's something I've been wanting forever.  I received a lot of great things, I felt very spoiled, from my Wacom Intuos Tablet, Starbucks Giftcards, and an abundance of my favorite Green Teas.  The way to my heart is through Art, Coffee, and Tea. I am also doing another Harvey Prince post for Hello soon too! So, yay, Hope you read my posts!

So this is my newest precious.  The moment I set it up (as simple as plugging in a usb, and popping in a disc.) I was doodling.  I find myself drawing things here, and there in the Autodesk Sketchbook Express Program just because.. I want to see if I can remember how to draw things I did over 20 years ago.

This is Leo, from TMNT that I drew from memory for my little brother.  I don't know why, but it calms me to be able to shut my eyes, and remember lines, and certain strokes to create an image. 

Little Weirdo Eye Sketch using the Pen Tablet.  

Here is one of the very first things I drew with the Tablet.  I had been watching Puppet Master all Week (Dollar General had whole box set series of Full Moon DVDs on sale for $4.95, so I dorked out to some old School Horror.)

When the Kids saw what I was doing, the requests started pouring in for Pirate Skulls, and Horses.

I really hope this helps my blog become more personal, and fun for myself to do.

I forgot how much I loved to draw.  The last thing I drew, and put any effort in were DIY Dr. Seuss Themed Letters for my son's bedroom wall.. that was a while ago. I'm going to practice, and become a paint, smudge, pencil, blur, penciling machine. I'm hooked, and already want to learn more.

Wednesday, February 19

How-To-Paint Letter Wall Art by GreenVics

This is just an idea on how to decorate Letters for a babies wall on a budget.  If it's for your little one, or to give as a gift. Here is how I painted mine. 

Go find whatever letters you need.  Sometimes they are on clearance.  Don't forget to check your Sunday papers for those 40% off craft store coupons that you can use on an item.  Ask people you know if you can have theirs too.  

Royal Talens AMSTERDAM Standard Series Acrylic 2.5 oz.

5/0 Princeton Round
Also, don't go crazy with buying every color of paint you see.  All you need are a nice set of Standard Series Paints.  Something with Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & White paint. With those colors, You can make so many different shades.  You'll also need good brushes, don't be afraid to buy single brushes, the smaller, the better.  Especially for those small detailed lines.

The brush to the right is one of my favorite brushes.  It's a 5/0 round Princeton Preferred.  Love your art brushes, and take care of them!! Always clean them off after use.  A good brush will last a long time.

Just stick to the basics.  What is great about these Acrylic tubes are you will have so much left over for other projects that come along.  The brushes are a great investment as well.  The white brushes with the gold ends are by Trenton.

Trenton All-purpose synthetic brushes 1/4" Angle, #0 Round, #5 round, #6 Shader

You don't have to be an artist to create something.  Just have fun with it.  GO for it.  Worse case scenario, if you don't like it? Start over.   But, don't be hard on yourself.  

Here's how I created mine.  Use a pencil to sketch what it is you want to draw (my favorite art pencils are by Faber-Castell.) Pencil first, with light lines in case you do want to erase something.   

After you've sketched out your design , it's time to paint.  You don't need to use a special paint palette.  Grab a dollar store plate.  

It's all about relaxing, and filling in the color.  Take your time,  This really does relax me.

After awhile it will start to come together.  For fun I made stripes on the sides of the letters that matched colors I had used for the characters.  

The very last thing I do is add the black outline.  To do this just use the small brush, ,and when you are applying paint to it, roll the brush into the black side to side.  Test it to see how thin your line will be.

Really hope this motivates you into painting something special, and one of a kind for your little ones.  I've seen Dr. Seuss art, but I wanted a Dr. Seuss themed  letter wall art.  Maybe your theme is flowers, fairies, monsters, or other well known characters that it would be cheaper to paint your own.

Now, go create something! Don't have that mentality you aren't good at it.  First think of an idea that you want to try, or atleast a few colors you really want to add.  Start from there.  All art is, are lines, dots, colors, that create the overall picture.  It isn't going to look like what you want at first.  Tweak it, and make it yours.

Thursday, February 13

What Art is on your Walls? Here are a few Framed Wall Posters I have on mine.

We aren't huge on Valentines Day Presents, but we do give each other gifts through out the year.  My favorite thing to gift would be wall art.  Mainly posters, and prints of favorite artists pieces I'm also am a huge fan of antique wall sconces, Bohemian crystal lusters, and pexter figures, along with healing stones.

Main reasons I enjoy Framed Wall Posters are; For one, its affordable, and two, it changes as you change as person.  What I mean by that is, I am totally a creature of impulse, and feeling.  Now because of that my mood, represents what I also hang on my walls.

The First year my Husband and I officially became a couple I gave him  a print of Gustav Klimt - Le Baiser (Meaning the Kiss.) It hangs in our bedroom to remind each other to continue to have the passion, and to kiss like it never grows old.  As we grew as a couple, it only made sense to get Gustav Klimt - Golden Phase later as well.

Then the Second Year we were together, and married, I received two Salvador Dali, framed printed pieces for the living room.  We live in apartments, and it is too much effort, and costly to paint, and repaint our walls when leases are up.  The alternative to that is finding Poster Art that calls out to us, and is framed with that way it doesn't cost a arm and a leg, and I can keep collecting, pieces for each room.

I also paint, and my Kitchen has artwork that I painted, It just takes a nice frame to really pull a piece together.

What do you have framed on your walls? And, how long have you had pieces?  I've had mine for years now. There's more prints I want to get framed, and add to my Son's wall.  I can't wait to move so I can redecorate, and rediscover.

Wednesday, May 29

Color Collection #BICMarkIt @Smiley360 Mission

Having fun with my Bic Mark It Smiley360 Mission.

I am in complete love with this 36 Bic Mark It Permanent  Marker set.  The colors are vivid, beautiful, easy to use.  The fine tips make it easy to do detailed lines.  The little man, and I had a lot of fun picking out colors for our potted plants. This is a great DIY project.  Instead of buying expensive decorated pots for your plants, I had the opportunity to design my own.

First, I wanted to show how the case looks spread out on my desk.  The storage case unfolded so every color was easily accessible at all times.  I really dig that.  They also popped out, and back in with no effort.  

The rubber grips were comfortable, and did not hurt my fingers.  Which is nice.  From years of drawing, my fingers have taking a beaten so the rubber grips were a nice touch.

The seeds that Smiley360 sent, I germinated easily by just putting the seeds into a moist paper towel, and in direct sunlight.

This mission was so much fun.  Even bigger bonus that it involved art, and plants! Both which are on my top 10 favorites. For the stencils do a Google Search for Free Stencils, print, cut, and color in.  I used a stencil for the pink flowers, then free handed the mermaid, and swirls. You can really do whatever, and just have fun with it.

There is also a fun 36 Days Of Spring Colors Sweepstakes on Bic Mark It's Facebook.

I received these items for free, for being a Smiley360 Member!

Sunday, November 25

{ Giveaway } Soy Based Rock Crayons Review

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide, Review & Giveaway

Before you judge the crayons for being shaped like rocks, they are shaped this way so kids develop fine motor skills by encouraging them to use their thumbs, first & second fingers in a tripod grip.  

These are natural soy crayon rocks! They are just super easy to use, waxy, as in I really enjoyed them.  They reminded me a lot of Oil Pastels.  We love art, and I am always coloring with my Toddler for fun. In my opinion art is very important.  It's about creativity, and expressing ones self.

Crayon Rocks Holiday Gift Set comes with 20 different Crayon Rocks, in a cute holiday festive gift bag, along with a Wooden Snowflake and card to color in.

The silver crayon rock was my favorite to use.  I may take this one for my art supplies!  I just loved how smoothly it glided on the paper.  

These to me are the perfect Stocking Stuffers!!! Something different, something creative, and an excuse to get the family involved into drawing something together.  

I received my crayon rocks for free to do a review.. so we drew a Christmas Tree, with some lights, and a big red bulb!  

Crayon Rocks! Enter Below to Win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
U.S. Residents Only. Giveaway begins 11/26/2012, and Ends 12/03/2012. Winner receives a bag of Crayon Rocks, and wooden snowflake. Winner is chosen at random via Rafflecopter, and has 4 days to reply to winning email. If no reply is made, prize is forfeited, and another winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter. Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Prize is mailed directly from sponsor.