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Sunday, December 21

Easy turning your car into a #HotSpot with @ATT Unite for GoPhone by @NETGEAR #HolidayGiftGuide #Spon

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review.  All opinions are my own.

Need a few ideas for last minute Gifts? Maybe someone wants a cell phone, or you want to turn your car into a mobile hot spot? GoPhones are affordable, and NO Hidden FEE's!! The cards are easy to find, and most grocery stores, and Best Buy sells them.

What I like about ATT's Go Phone is that there are NO Contracts. It's Pay as you go Plan that still has the latest technology products.

Recently I received ATT's Unite GoPhone by NetGear Mobile Hot Spot. It can connect up to 10 Devices while on The AT&T 4G Network. The Hotspot has a Touch screen which is easy to use.  It's also easy to activate, and install.  I had mine activated within minutes.  

(Click to Enlarge Data Plan Info.)

The wifi network admin login, and passcode is right on the HotSpot Screen (Which only the owner can see.) There is also an option to have a Guest Log-in.  The NearGear hotspot tells you how many devices, and device name is connected to your Network.  To find out how much data usesage is being used, I just log into my account.  Right now I have the $25.00/Month Plan.  That's for 1.5GB of Data.  I think it's perfect for those Nights we are stuck on the ferry, and the Long drives to my parents house. Also not everywhere has Internet, let alone a secure Wifi Connection. This would be perfect for the ones that don't feel comfortable connecting to Open Wifi Networks.

We were stuck on the Ferry tonight, and the Hotspot was a Sanity Saver for my 4 year old, and his Innotab Max Tablet.  He uses his tablet for Youtube, and Nick Jr Games. It's an HOUR wait when you miss the Ferry for the next Ferry. There is no "Free Wifi" in the Country.  Some places don't have internet, but cell phones work!  I liked the convenience of the HotSpot in the car the most so far.

More Info for the AT&T Unite for GoPhone by NETGEAR (Prepaid)
Same features as the AT&T Unite in a prepaid version
• Connect up to 10 WiFi devices
• Secure Internet access via AT&T’s 4G LTE network
• Easy to use color touchscreen
• Up to 10 hours of battery life
Price: $99.99 with no annual contract, no credit check, and no monthly commitment.
Availability: Now, on Amazon and at Walmart or Best Buy stores.

Saturday, December 20

WowWee #Tipster My First #Robot #Review #HolidayGiftGuide @WowWeeWorld #Spon

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored Post, I was compensated for my Opinion.

My 4 year old loves Tipster. Tipster is WowWee's My first Robot for ages 4+. I love that he's fast, and the controller is easy enough for younger kids to use.

Also comes with a Capsule that lid unscrews, and the Game for the interactive ladders, and Robots are stored in. It's a fun twist to Barrel of Monkeys, but it's full of Robots, Which makes it more epic.

Check out my Tipsters Sweet Moves in the video.

Here is the fun part of the Review that no one likes to show.  Installing the batteries.  It takes 4 Double AA in the Tipster Robot, and 3 AAA in the Remote Control.  Installing the batteries was as easy as unscrewing one small screw on each item, placing the batteries, and putting the screw back in.  There is a On, Off switch on back of the Tipster, and he's ready to go.

Find more WowWee products by going here, and searching for WowWee.  Lots are on sale, and there are a ton of different Robots, Even Roborapters Best Buy has some WowWee's $10.00 off!

#HolidayGiftGuide @PeepsAndCompany #Review #GiftsForKids & Everyone! #Spon

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a Review!

Who doesn't love Peeps? I can't believe all the new flavors and characters Peeps And Company have out now.  My personal favorites are the Ginger Bread Peeps, The Peppermint Peeps.  The Hot Cocoa & Cream Peeps are really good too. Check them out by going to

Another thing I love about Peeps is the ability to place them on home made Cupcakes, and they turn into fun Minion Cakes!  My son just turned 4, and he is crazy about Peeps.  He isn't a fan of Chocolate, or Candy, but peeps? Peeps he loves to pieces.  

Peeps makes the perfect Holiday Treats.  Who needs to build a Snowman! Check out this huge  Peeps Snowman Marshmellow! 

Do you buy Peeps, or have a Peep Lover in your family too? Have ya seen the Giant Plush Peeps Pillow Characters, and Gifts?! They are beyond awesome!

Friday, December 19

#MrSketchHoliday Scented Markers #Review @Smiley360 #GotItFree #Spon #HolidayGiftGuide

Disclaimer: I received Product, and Compensation Through Smiley360, and Mr. Sketch Scented Markers to Facilitate a Review.

Majority of my family members are artistic one way or another.  We come from a family that has always used our hands, and our imaginations.  

Now since I have a son, I want him to have fun, and be able to draw, and express himself with art.  Mr. Sketch to me is the perfect Art Therapy.  Now only are you drawing, creating lines, and textures from overlapping the Marker Colors, it also has that sensory of scent.  

The Holiday scents are amazing, and make the Perfect Stocking Stuffers for the kids to add to their Wish List.

Check out Smiley360, and apply for future Missions by clicking here,  I have been a Smiley member for Years now, and I've done some great Missions. Not only did I receive the Mr. Sketch Markers, I also received a $5.00 Walmart Gift Card to go Shopping for more markers.

Thursday, December 18

Build-A-Bear Workshop #Review @BuildABear #HolidayGiftGuide #SantasWorkShop #Spon

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.

Build-A-Bear Workshop has my son's favorite Stuffed Animals.  Even as a newborn we had Pawlette.  It was Pawlette that created his love of Stuffed Animals. 

Our favorites tho are all the Limited Edition Friends. Right now there are Even Santa, and his Reindeer! Along with Frosty the Snow man. My little Ponies, Disneys Frozen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other kids favorites to dress, and befriend.

During the Summer we received Toothy Shark (He was also a PUPPET) to review.  My 3 year old Loves him to pieces.  

As you can see, Toothy is pretty unique, and fun.  I love Toys that are playful, along with details.  My son examined, and started to pretend to Chomp Toothy back.

Another fun idea is to Buy Build-A-Bear Bucks, and use them in store, Click here to find a location near you. Build-A-Bear Bucks would make ideal stocking stuffers!

Tuesday, December 16

Innotab Max #Review #ChosenByKids @Walmart Toyland Event Visit #HolidayGiftGuide @VTechToys #Spon

I received product, and compensation from AMP & Sverve for my opinion, and photos. Most importantly, My son's reaction to the Toy!

Walmart In-Store Toyland Event, and V-Tech Innotab Max (Mine was $84 on Rollback!!) Review. Some stores have these Tablets for $120.00+ ( Learning Tablet was on his Christmas List. So it was nice to be able to see how well he interacted with it in store at the event.)

There is nothing better in life than a happy, content Toddler using a Learning Tablet!

The Walmart In-Store Toyland Event was a blast! Not only was the Toy Testing area fun, it was also very interactive. From the voice activated animated Olaf, RC Tumbler Car, Nerf Guns, Light up FLYING! Flutterbye Fairy, and most importantly, my 4 year olds favorite, the V-Tech Innotab Max. What made this event different was the fact the Children were allowed to test the Toys, and actually play with them.  I only went in for the Innotab Max, but ended up buying the Vtech Innotab Max Tablet, and the RC Tumbler Car too.(The RC Car I only paid $9.97 for!! It does 360 Circles!!) He didn't want to put down the Tablet while in the store.  He was amazed at the Penguin Game. It will be fun to add going to the Toyland Event each year to Our Holiday Traditions.

Setting up the Innotab Max was as simple as plugging it in, allowing it to update (literally a few minutes, connecting my Wifi, and adding my son's favorite Sites to the Allowed Websites (Under Parental Controls) under Favorites in the Web Browser.  

It also comes with a year warranty (Covers Malfunctions/Product Error Not User) However, Walmart does offer a Warranty that covers everything else too that can be purchased. 

I thought it was pretty awesome that the Max came with a game cartridge, and 2 free Game Downloads once registered.  

  • HDMI Connection (Can connect to other devices like TV's, and Stream using the Innotab Max.
  • MicroUSB (Add more Storage!, or Images & Videos to the Tablet!)
  • Ability to Lock, Unlock, and Add Webpages to Surf.  There are already preloaded Kid Approved Sites, but it's nice to be able to add Any Site!
  • The Removable case can be folded to create a stand.  There is also a handle on it too.
  • The Camera can rotate 180 degrees.  
  • Fast Charging Lithium Battery.
  • Based on Android 4.2 Content. Includes 18 Apps.
  • Age-Appropriate Content.
  • The Stylus has a soft tip Nib on it unlike some of the harder Tip Stylus pens that most Kids Tablets have.
  • Easy to use 7" Touch Screen. 
  • Free V-Tech Kid Connect to be able to Message (Photos too) Back and forth from Android Phones, and Iphones once the App is downloaded on the device to the Innotab Max Tablet too.
  • The Learning Software Library has 650+ Educator-Supported VTech and Android learning Apps.
I am hoping that VTech soon allows you to Download apps from Google Play soon straight to the Tablet, since it is Android Based.  I have my fingers crossed for that.  

And, the thing I think that makes me love this Tablet the most, is it's ease of use for my Son.  He loves it.  He is autistic, and it's fast. It keeps up with him,  Right now we draw with it, make movies, and Watch his Shows.  He also loves the apps that have Music.  I feel hopeful that he will grow with this, and able to use other apps on it himself.  If he didn't like the tablet, he wouldn't even touch it at all. He's pretty ritualistic, and he's taken by this. I am pleased, when he's pleased.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive Childrens Tablet for ages 3 - 9 Years old I definitely recommend the Innotab MAX.  It's the newest series from V-Tech. Right now they come in Blue, or Pink.

The Walmart #ChosenByKids In-Store Holiday Events are over now, but remember to check them out next year!  

Friday, December 12

35% off Sale @whitemtshoes Hayward Black Flats #Review #HolidayGiftGuide #Spon

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. Who doesn't love shoes!?

I am absolutely in love with my new Hayward Black Flats by Cliffs Mountain Shoes.  Not only does the cross over crochet Vamp like texture work on the tip cries out unique to me, but the bottoms also get a bit of traction to them.

The reason why I like flats, and slip on's is because I am a tall person already.  I don't really need any more height.  I'm also a fan of slip on, and out the door.  Plus to me, these go with everything.  There are even silver studs at the overlapping of the straps.  I wish I had a pair in every color imaginable. 

I also like the fact that Cliffs Shoes are available in half sizes as well. 

Right now for the Holidays there is a Spend Over $35.00, use promo code HOLIDAY35 to get 35% Off.on the website,

Lot's of great flats, and Boots on Sale!! Looking for Cute Winter boots to chase away those Cold Bitter Days!? Lots under $50.00 PLUS Use the Promo Code HOLIDAY35.

Thursday, December 11

#PerplexusWarp #Review @PatchProducts #HolidayGiftGuide #Spon

Disclaimer: I received Product through Sverve & Patch Products to facilitate a review. All opinions, images, and video are my own.

I am impressed with how fun and competitive Perplexus Warp is. My son loves IT! Its for ages 6+ but I want to emphasis on the plus part.  It really did keep every ones attention.  Following the loops, the upside down drops, and the plastic hooks you use to help guide on the spots that have no sides to the Zones.  There are even steps to go down, and bump into Warp Drive over a steep like hill on the zone's course.

If the ball falls off, you have to begin all over again. It's not just "Oh lets barely shake it to get it back on track" Nope, even to get it at the start point you have to use a little Brain Power.  Soon as it starts, it's a turn sideways, back and forth down the middle of the white track zone.  Patchwork Products really has creatured a fun, problem solving puzzle.

I really do recommend this puzzle.  It's nice to unplug, no batteries needed, and just problem solve while thinking fast.

Don't forget to check out more from Patch Products,