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Wednesday, February 19

How-To-Paint Letter Wall Art by GreenVics

This is just an idea on how to decorate Letters for a babies wall on a budget.  If it's for your little one, or to give as a gift. Here is how I painted mine. 

Go find whatever letters you need.  Sometimes they are on clearance.  Don't forget to check your Sunday papers for those 40% off craft store coupons that you can use on an item.  Ask people you know if you can have theirs too.  

Royal Talens AMSTERDAM Standard Series Acrylic 2.5 oz.

5/0 Princeton Round
Also, don't go crazy with buying every color of paint you see.  All you need are a nice set of Standard Series Paints.  Something with Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & White paint. With those colors, You can make so many different shades.  You'll also need good brushes, don't be afraid to buy single brushes, the smaller, the better.  Especially for those small detailed lines.

The brush to the right is one of my favorite brushes.  It's a 5/0 round Princeton Preferred.  Love your art brushes, and take care of them!! Always clean them off after use.  A good brush will last a long time.

Just stick to the basics.  What is great about these Acrylic tubes are you will have so much left over for other projects that come along.  The brushes are a great investment as well.  The white brushes with the gold ends are by Trenton.

Trenton All-purpose synthetic brushes 1/4" Angle, #0 Round, #5 round, #6 Shader

You don't have to be an artist to create something.  Just have fun with it.  GO for it.  Worse case scenario, if you don't like it? Start over.   But, don't be hard on yourself.  

Here's how I created mine.  Use a pencil to sketch what it is you want to draw (my favorite art pencils are by Faber-Castell.) Pencil first, with light lines in case you do want to erase something.   

After you've sketched out your design , it's time to paint.  You don't need to use a special paint palette.  Grab a dollar store plate.  

It's all about relaxing, and filling in the color.  Take your time,  This really does relax me.

After awhile it will start to come together.  For fun I made stripes on the sides of the letters that matched colors I had used for the characters.  

The very last thing I do is add the black outline.  To do this just use the small brush, ,and when you are applying paint to it, roll the brush into the black side to side.  Test it to see how thin your line will be.

Really hope this motivates you into painting something special, and one of a kind for your little ones.  I've seen Dr. Seuss art, but I wanted a Dr. Seuss themed  letter wall art.  Maybe your theme is flowers, fairies, monsters, or other well known characters that it would be cheaper to paint your own.

Now, go create something! Don't have that mentality you aren't good at it.  First think of an idea that you want to try, or atleast a few colors you really want to add.  Start from there.  All art is, are lines, dots, colors, that create the overall picture.  It isn't going to look like what you want at first.  Tweak it, and make it yours.

Sunday, March 31

Hoppy Easter!!

We made Bunny Cupcakes together instead of just a chocolate boxed bunny in his easter basket.  (Yellow Cake Mix, Icing, Sugar Bunnies, and Egg Sprinkles.)

Wishing you, and yours a very Hoppy Eastre! =)

Love Wastefully,
Life According To GreenVics

Sunday, July 1

My Easy Sidewalk Garden.

My easy sidewalk garden. To do this you just need a small area between the sidewalk, and wherever, I planted just cherry tomatoes, pablano peppers, mint, and strawberries. It was really easy, and fun.

For the soil, I used a combination of veggie dirt mix, and sand I bought, and mixed into the dirt there. Sometimes just a little soil TLC is needed for the roots, and healthy plants.

The rest is easy, Let mother nature take over, grow, and water.

Wednesday, May 30

Mambo Combo Play Tent; Something Cute for Ya'll

I bought Mambo Combo play tent for the baby to crawl in from Meijers, and he loves them.

I didn't realize how big the tent, and tunnels were until I put them together, they were simple to put together, just a few plastic pieces that snapped together w/strings int he middle.

The tunnels themselves can be put into little bags to store, then unvelcro and they spring back into full tunnel size.

Overall experience for the Mambo Combo playset: Complete fun for the whole family. He loves the tunnel, and we love getting on the floor to play with him.

Storage: When not in use the combo set comes with its own bags to put away, takes up no room once put back in the bags, and don't have to worry about lack of space anywhere.

Price: I paid for this out of pocket myself, it was on clearance for $19.99

Monday, November 28

Meijer 11x14 Canvas Print BzzAgent GreenVics POV.

I'd like to first thank Mr. Meijer, for what a wonderful store he created, and that will be around for a very long time. There was a picture of him, and a book to write in soon as you walked in today at the store. I think they should have made the biggest canvas picture ever for him.
(Blog picture link from Bzzagent isn't loading)

Back to my Bzzcampaign for Meijers Gallery Wrapped Canvas 11x14 print. I was really scared to use the printed coupon that made it free. I printed it, talked myself up, You know, that I'm BzzAgent Greenvics, I can do this. This is just a little step, the hard part is writing the reviews in your own words. Anyways, I get to meijers, I show the coupon to the cashier at the photo counter, she just goes yep, we take coupons, and goes about her work. It went by fast- I transferred alot of pictures I wanted to go through to my SD card, I had no problem using the HP Kiosk. I finished picking what I wanted, and printed out my order slip. I go back to the counter, and ask if I can prepay so I can just pick the canvas up tomorrow, and she goes yes. So she rings us up, but when the part goes for her to scan the coupon, she reads it, turns it over, ( I use coupons so I know it was being questioned), she goes "this will make your order free", I go, yes
I'm a bzzagent, I even printed my Meijers Bzzcampaign page w/the smiley face, and my agent sign on name in case it was questioned. She just scans it and goes "Its free." I was happy she didn't make me stand there with a crying 11 month old that wanted to go eat, and wait for a manager. Seriously , I was so scared using it. Just being accused of something fake makes me nervous. I wish we got Bzzagent cards, or something. *hint hint*, A picture of ourselves on a card, and we can flash it with the Bzzkits booklet. I'd rock it. The blues in the aquarium water behind the baby in the picture I picked is really beautiful. I love the quality, and how the photo wraps around the canvas. I took a picture of the back because I think it's put together nicely. Its sturdy, not sloppy. They were on sale for 29.99, but I can't afford that, maybe if they were 9.99 for the 11x14s, but regular priced 39.99, I just can't afford that. If it were cheaper, I'd get one for my parents as a gift, of all their grandbabies together. They don't have alot of pictures, or artwork on their walls, but I know they'd enjoy this. They don't have one because custom things like these are just too expensive normally.

Wednesday, November 16

About Me

Contact: (my old email was I now have my big girl blog panties on by upgrading to my own domain name.)

I'd like to share that I am a 30 yr old first time mama. I enjoy product reviews, sharing my opinion, and possibly helping others find better alternatives. Theres this world experiencing new things, and sharing with friends & family out there..   Now I've been exploring, I have a facebook too that I post alot of deals I find along the way. Even recipes and cheap healthy alternatives for snacks & meals. I don't mind being called a Mommy Blog, It's not a dirty word, it's my life right now.

I've been thinking about creating a blog for awhile now. Just to write it out more in detail what exactly I mean, and why it means so much to me. I do this on facebook too.

I can be extremely silly, I have a twisted sense of humor. I joke/play/pick at people that are playful back. Really I learn fast, and learn more. I love animals, art, and music. I used to play alot of video games( I still play, but not as nearly as much as I would like to, LOL), and had that boring job. I miss the pay, bonuses, and 401k, but the path I am on now, is where I was meant to venture down.

I am part of many mom, blogger, help groups. It's a way for each of us to help one another out. Sometimes one of us will know an easier solution to something, or another mom is looking for an item one of us already owns/doesn't need anymore. It's a great group for when Adults need friends, and so does your little one.

I am always looking for new things to review, you can contact me at, if your PR thinks I'm a great fit for your product, or service. I love doing reviews in exchange for products. Really? You want to know what my opinion is? What I think? How it worked for me, my friends, my family? You had me at MY opinion. Aww, You care! You really, really care. I may link, or quote something from another site, but everything I post, I 100% wholeheartedly mean and agree with. I would never have posted it to begin with, if I didn't agree. I am a very visual person, and I have fun doing my reviews. If you want some one that loves what she does, and will give you an honest REAL time consumer out look, I'm your gal.

This is my Silly Sy, He's nothing but personality.  He keeps us busy!

My beautiful little niece baby Beck,

Super Cute Video Of Sy in the Mambo Tunnel that was part of the Tent picture above. I did a review for that too ( I bought it myself, but I loved it. )

Gaga, and her Grand babies,