Thursday, February 13

What Art is on your Walls? Here are a few Framed Wall Posters I have on mine.

We aren't huge on Valentines Day Presents, but we do give each other gifts through out the year.  My favorite thing to gift would be wall art.  Mainly posters, and prints of favorite artists pieces I'm also am a huge fan of antique wall sconces, Bohemian crystal lusters, and pexter figures, along with healing stones.

Main reasons I enjoy Framed Wall Posters are; For one, its affordable, and two, it changes as you change as person.  What I mean by that is, I am totally a creature of impulse, and feeling.  Now because of that my mood, represents what I also hang on my walls.

The First year my Husband and I officially became a couple I gave him  a print of Gustav Klimt - Le Baiser (Meaning the Kiss.) It hangs in our bedroom to remind each other to continue to have the passion, and to kiss like it never grows old.  As we grew as a couple, it only made sense to get Gustav Klimt - Golden Phase later as well.

Then the Second Year we were together, and married, I received two Salvador Dali, framed printed pieces for the living room.  We live in apartments, and it is too much effort, and costly to paint, and repaint our walls when leases are up.  The alternative to that is finding Poster Art that calls out to us, and is framed with that way it doesn't cost a arm and a leg, and I can keep collecting, pieces for each room.

I also paint, and my Kitchen has artwork that I painted, It just takes a nice frame to really pull a piece together.

What do you have framed on your walls? And, how long have you had pieces?  I've had mine for years now. There's more prints I want to get framed, and add to my Son's wall.  I can't wait to move so I can redecorate, and rediscover.