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Thursday, October 17

The Swiss Colony 82 All-Time Favorite Things Review, and Giveaway (Retail Value $129.95.)

Here are a few of my favorite things,
Life According To GreenVics 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

The Swiss Colony 82 All-Time Favorites Food Gift Box. First I'd like to point out how fast shipping was. Came the same week it was ordered.  It's an impressive 10 lb. box full of cheeses, sausages, cookies, nuts, candies and jams.  The great thing about The Swiss Colony is that you can request a free catalog to browse at home by going [here]. 

Opening the Swiss Colony package was so much fun.  It was delivered in a red, and white box with The Swiss Colony written all over it.  My husband answered the door, and started screaming The Swiss Colony package is here!! My little one helped me open the box, and remove (pop the bubble wrap.) I was excited, and curious to how exactly 10 pounds of snacks like this were mailed.  

It was a bit overwhelming seeing all the snacks in the box.  However my son had no problem jumping right in.  He went straight for the Swiss Creme Cookie, and Old World Cookies.  They had no chance to even be photographed.  He does this thing.. where he sniffs things before he puts it to his nose.. Always.. every piece of food.. I guess if it passes his sniff test, it's good enough to eat.  He's two.. I try not to over analyze the logic behind a toddler.  I just know he ate it all on the spot, and didn't run around crazy playing with it.  

I attempted to take everything out of the box, and try to organize it.  There is so much that I had a hard time taking a photo of it all in the same frame.   I just wanted to dump it out, and roll around in it while calling it my precious.

What I really liked about this box is the fact I can make separate gifts, or I can just prepare a tray for guests.

Everything in me wanted to go straight for the sweets, but I decided to try the Summer Sausage, Cheddar Cheese, and Swiss & Ham Spread.  *Crackers not Included.  There is an abundance of meat, and cheese in this package that it's smart to buy boxes of your favorite crackers.

Let me just tell you.. it filled my snack craving! Loved the combo between the sausage, and cheeses.  The meat was moist, and cheese was smooth.  Seriously, best meat, and cheese holiday box ever.

I believe there is something in this 82 All-Time Favorites Box for everyone.  

There is also mini loafs of breads, and petite fours.  Even a Chocolate Holiday Mouse.  Oh? And, can't forget the chocolate covered butter toffee.

I send my Mom & Dad packages for the Holidays.  I know they like the snack on things too.  I know kits like these are more than just a one time use gift.  The 82 All-Time Favorites Box retails for $129.95, plus shipping & handling.  Last time I mailed something out of state, it cost me over $20.00, and I'm over the hassle of going to the post office, and worrying if my package is actually going to make it there on time, or at all.  I'd rather just find a gift box, and have it mailed to them from the company now.  Saves me time, and stress. 

Check out The Swiss Colony online,

The Swiss Colony on Facebook,

The Swiss Colony on Twitter,

The Swiss Colony on Pinterest,

I received product to facilitate a review, all images, and opinion are of my own.  Guess what? One lucky follower has a chance to win the same exact box from The Swiss Colony!! Open to U.S. Residents only. Giveaway begins 10/3/13 12:00 AM Est, Ends 10/17/13 12:00 AM Est.  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Prize is mailed directly from the Sponsor.  Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecipter.  Winner has 48 hours to reply to winning email, if no reply is made, another winner will be chosen via rafflecopter. Prize Value $129.95! Enter below!

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Monday, September 16

Yum Earth Fruit Snacks! 100% Daily Vitamins.

Just when I thought YumEarth had the best Mango Tango lolly, I have to add YumEarth Banana Fruit Snack on my top, favorite, ever, sweets.  What sets Yum Earth apart from the others, would be the natural, no preservatives, and 100% Daily Vitamins. They are full of flavor! It took everything in my being, and big beautiful chocolate sad eyes for me to share the fruit snacks with my 2 year old.  They are that good.

The new Fruit Snacks come in Banana, Cherry, Peach & Strawberry in assorted packs.  These would even be great for Organic Back to School Snacks, Halloween, and Holiday Parties approaching.  Just another reason to love YumEarth-- They are FatFree.

To find out more about YumEarth Organics, check them out online at, and YumEarth On Facebook.

I received products to facilitate a review.

Yum Earth Organics Lollipops Review.

Trick Or Treat.. the only trick about these Lollipops are organic and full of mouth watering flavor! I am not even kidding, that YumEarth Organics Lollipops make my mouth water.  Not just mine, but my little one that is absolutely picky about everything else, will behave for a YumEarth Lollie (yes, I go there, lol.) My favorite is the Mango Tango, his is very very Cherry.  

Instead of giving out Chocolate for Halloween,  think about YumEarth Organics. Think about the 100% Daily Vitamin C, and the possibility of opening a childs, and parents eyes up to a better alternatives that are out there.  The sweet treat is still there, just organic!

You know it's good when they want one for each hand.

To find out more about YumEarth Organics, check them out online at, and YumEarth On Facebook.

I received products to facilitate a review.

Sunday, September 8

Pulse Roasted Chickpea Review & 4 WINNER Giveaway!

What do you think of, when you think of Chickpeas?

Chickpeas aren't from Chickens, or even from peas.  A Chickpea is actually full of fiber, protein, and can even help regulate blood sugar.  Chickpea cultivation goes as far back as the Bronze Age, 3000BC. Click here to find out more on the history of Chickpeas, and what other nutritional value they process.  Promise you'll learn something! And, exactly what a Chickpea is!

Recently I tried the Pulse Roasted Chickpeas Variety 4 pack.
Since the Chickpeas are roasted, there is this earthy, full of taste crunch to them.  They aren't hard to bite like you normally get from overly dehydrated snacks.  I really enjoyed that they were roasted instead.  All of the flavors were great, but the Spicy Lemon Zest was my absolute favorite of the Variety Pack.  I usually like spicy, or sweet (Or combined.)

Cooking with Chickpeas.

I wanted to mention that these roasted Chickpeas are great to add to rice with dried onions & dried garlics in a Rice Maker.  The rice absorbs the Roasted Chickpea taste, and becomes soft.

We add Chickpeas to just about everything.  Even Mac & Cheese to trick the little ones. Pulse left the Mac & Cheese with a delicious Sea Salt & Garlic Taste.  The Chickpeas do soften up some, I don't add them til I am putting the butter, and cheddar slices in the noodles to melt after the noodles have already been drained.

Pulse makes it more convenient to add the extra fiber, and protein to snack time, and meals.

You can find out more about Pulse Roasted Chickpeas At, Pulse on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

There will be FOUR WINNERS For Pulse Roasted Chickpeas! Enter below!

2 Lucky Winners will Receive a Pulse Variety Pack, (Retail Value $19.96 per Variety Pack.)

1 Lucky Winner will Receive a  Pulse S.W.A.P Box. (Snack With A Purpose, Retail Value $20.00.)

1 Lucky Winner A Combo Of The Apple Raisin & Vegan Dark Chocolate,(Retail Value $7.59.)

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Tuesday, July 23

Bottled Tea that is still Tea!! Honest Tea.

Love, love, love these teas from Honest Tea.  With flavors like, Honey Green Tea, Half & Half Sweet Tea, not too Sweet Tea, Peach White Tea, and even Honest ade, Pomegranate Blue, and Orange Mango you seriously have a flavor for every mood you're in.

I'm one of those people that can't drink the same things, over and over again.  I like to be able to have an option, on what I'm feeling for the day. I also have those lazy days that I don't feel like brewing my own tea either.

Maybe I'm in the mood for Rasberry Fields Tea, Peach Oo-La Long Tea, Just Black Tea, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, or just Green Tea.  Why should I feel guilty about not making my own tea when Honest Tea has Organic, USDA Grade Teas that you can actually taste the tea, and not the overly sweet, and fake flavors in some of the other Bottled Teas out there. Honest Tea also uses PET plastic bottles.  There are NO GMO's in Honest Tea either.  I will never understand why things like that have to be added to our drinks.  I went straight for the Moroccan Mint Green Tea.  It wasn't sweet, which I like, and I could taste the tea with just a hint of mint.  I can't stand flavors that overpower each other, and this is just blended perfectly. Honest Teas are all pretty low calorie,  the Moroccan Mint Green Tea is only 34 calories for the whole bottle.  That's not even all of their flavors, there are SO MANY different flavors, even zero calorie teas, and Honest Kids pouches.  You should check them out on their website, Honest Tea on Facebook, and Honest Tea on Twitter.  
Honestly, there is nothing to NOT love about these flavors of tea.  I find it admirable, and believe more companies should take que from Honest Tea for investing in Fair Trade and securing organic ingredients to promote organic agriculture. When did Tea stop being tea?? Not the case with Honest Tea. 

I received product to facilitate an Honest Review.

Sunday, March 31

Hoppy Easter!!

We made Bunny Cupcakes together instead of just a chocolate boxed bunny in his easter basket.  (Yellow Cake Mix, Icing, Sugar Bunnies, and Egg Sprinkles.)

Wishing you, and yours a very Hoppy Eastre! =)

Love Wastefully,
Life According To GreenVics

Tuesday, March 19

Arctic Zero, Whole Pint 150 Calorie Frozen Dessert Snack!

Seriously how can I feel guilty indulging in a 150 Calorie a PINT Coffee Frozen Dessert Snack?! I can't! It falls into the calories for the 2 snacks I'm allowed to have a day.  There is 2 g's of fiber, and 3.4g's of protein.  Calcium 2%.  It's also fat, and gluten free.

Taste .. FANTASTIC.  The Coffee is one of my favorite Arctic Zero Flavors.

You can find Arctic Zero on Facebook, Twitter, and even buy in Bulk off Amazon if the store locator has none in your area.  These are great snacks, and if you are like me, I love a variety of goodies,  I like that I can still have choices for better alternatives.

Instead of having something sweet as a dessert later tonight after dinner, I will have a bag of low cal Nutrisystem Chips instead.

Sunday, March 3

Betty Lou's Inc. Gluten Free Review. Yum!!

Yum! Yummm!! Yummmm!!! Can't type.. too busy chewing.. I am enjoying this Betty Lou's Inc. Gluten Free Review!  

As much as I'd like to sit here, and eat the whole box of samples Betty Lou's sent me, I have to refrain myself.  Since I've been living a healthier lifestyle, and learning portion control I've sworn to my self, and to my health that I will only eat a snack when a snack is needed.  The food plan I am on allows me to add two snacks a day of my choice, long as I am smart about it in moderation.  Betty Lou's snacks makes a great addition to the life style I am trying to achieve.  

All Products Contain Absolutely NO Wheat, Refined Sugars, Hydrogenated Oils (No Trans Fat), Genetically Modified Ingrediants (Non-GMO) 

I received the above products from Betty Lou's Gluten Free Snacks to sample.  The first item I tried was the 9 1/2 veggie/fruit serving Just Great Stuff Chocolate Green Dream Bar  The chocolate coating on the bar is sweet, and the green inside is moist, and earthy tasting.  I actually like that taste.   It is after all a vegetable bar.  I then tried the Cinnamon/Apple Fruit bar, as I was enjoying myself, little grabby toddler hands stole the other half of my bar.  Usually he does not eat "sticky" things but he tore the fruit bar up.  I still needed my midday snack too, so I opened the Cherry Fruit Bar, and gave him half of that as well.  The bar reminds me of a better alternative than a fig newton.  It is squared shape, and the fruit filling is extremely full of flavor. Totally helped my sweet tooth craving.

I am going to be posting weekly on my Weight Loss Journey with what exactly I eat.  You'll be sure to see more Betty Lou's there.  

The fact that my 2 year old  is eating, and enjoying the bars means a lot to me.  He is extremely picky, and I always have to get creative with his fruit, and vegetables.

Oh, and how cute are the Candy Bars.. Angell.. they were meant for me! This is the beginning of a beautiful foodie friendship.   I like to eat, and Betty Lou's Inc. makes delicious snacks to eat. By the way, the Angell White Chocolate Bars are heavenly. 

Don't forget to check Betty Lou's out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Never know, might find something you'd like to try too.

Plus, how great would these snacks be for an Easter Basket? Or anyday, just because I love you gift bag?

Tuesday, February 19

Glee Gum Do It Yourself Candy Kit Giveaway!

These kits are fun, and educational! You can see my reviews for the Do It Yourself Chocolate Kit, and the  Do It Yourself Sea Weed Gummies Kit.  I haven't tried the Do It Yourself Chewing Gum Kit yet, but I bet it's as equally great if not better than the other two. I do enjoy Glee Gum.  My favorite flavors they make are the Cinnamon, and Spearmint Not only are the kits made with natural ingredients, they also tell a history about the ingredients used.

One lucky follower will have the chance to win a kit of their choice.  These are great for upcoming holidays, birthdays, home schooling(there are Educators Guides), and just because you feel like a treat days.

This is the Chocolate Kit I used to make some delicious dark chocolate cups with blueberries, and walnuts. You can add whatever extras you enjoy, or just leave them chocolate. I bet even natural peanutbutter, with oatmeal, and coconut would be a sweet treat. Really the possibilities are endless.

The Sea Weed Gummies kit was really fun to use. You can take any item you deem cool enough to impress into the starch to get your mold for the Gummies. I used an old star teether of the babies. I also just poured the extra onto a plate to let set up, and used scissors to cut out shapes, and his name.

Giveaway is open to the U.S. Only.  Begins 2/20/13 12:01AM Est, Ends 3/05/13 12:01 Est. Winner is chosen at random Via RaffleCopter. If winner does not respond back within 72 hours another winner will be chosen at random via RaffleCopter. Prize Est Retail Value: $13.95. Prize is mailed directly from the sponsor. Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment. If you agree to these terms you may enter! Thanks, and good luck.

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Healthy Surprise Box Giveaway!

Healthy Surprise boxes are monthly subscription boxes that come with a variety of snacks. I loved mine, and the wonderful people over at Healthy Surprise would like to offer one lucky follower a chance to win their own Starter Box.  These boxes are packed full of natural full size items that would cost a lot more than what the price is for the monthly subscription.  Your box may be different from mine but believe me, you will not be disappointed.  The Starter box is $33.00/month on

Don't forget to check out my Healthy Surprise Box Review, and to give Healthy Surprise some love.

Giveaway begins 2/19/2013 12:01AM Est, Ends 3/05/2013 12:01AM Est.  Winner is chosen at random via rafflecopter.  Winner has 72 hours to respond to winning email, if no response is made, another winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter. Prize is mailed directly from sponsor.  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  U.S. Only! If you agree to these terms, please enter below!

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Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day! Hope its full of Glee!

Glee Gum is not just all natural gum, but they also have Do It Yourself Candy Kits.  I loved the Sea Weed Gummies (You can read my review here.) And, now I just tried the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

The Chocolate can either be doubled boiled, or microwaved.  I microwaved mine in a glass pyrex bowl.  I have a two year old, I  really don't have time, well mostly the patience to clean and use the double boiler.  Plus the only double boiler I have, I use for making soap.  

Making the chocolate in the microwave is as easy as melting down a pack of organic cocoa butter. I then added the cocoa powder, and sugar to the melted butter.  I also added a little bit of Vanilla to take away from the dark chocolates bitterness.  Once that was mixed, I checked the temp of the chocolate with the indicator stick before I added the starter crystals, stirred again before scooping into the candy wrappers.

I added blueberries in the middle of my dark chocolate treats, and put Walnuts on top too. Really you can add whatever you want. I think next time I want to add a little bit of oat meal, and some sugared coconut. The blueberries, and walnut are more for my husband. Tho Sy, and I loved the dark chocolate too!

See how easy the directions are? It really is an easy, delicious treat. There is even a side of the box that is educational about how Aztec Legend says Quetzalcoatl brought the cocoa tree from paradise to earth. ;

Glee added a few whole cocoa beans, I don't think I have ever had a whole cocoa bean.  So that was pretty cool! The texture reminded me of a coffee bean.

You can check Glee Gum out online, or give the Glee Guy some love on facebook, and twitter.  They really are a great company with all natural treats (If you've never tried their candy kits, or gum.. You really should! they make all flavors imaginable in the gum, even with sugar free.)

I received these items for free to review.  Opinions are my own and may defer from yours.

Thursday, January 24 Monthly Subscription Box Review

Healthy Surprise boxes are All Natural, Real Foods that are Vegan, Gluten Free, and Soy free.  This box had no chance in my house.  My whole family loves snacks like this.  This is a great way to break in the new year with eating better.  There is no excuse that you have no time, or the energy to buy healthy snacks.

I am hoping you all are a lot like I am when it comes to trying different snacks.  I enjoy a variety of things.  I can't eat the same thing day in, and day out so I like to switch things up.

This is a healthy monthly Subscription box called Healthy Surprise.  It really was a great surprise.  When the box came I opened it right away, and it was packaged in layers.  The first layer (Yes it was like receiving a gift!) had fruit bars, mango fruit leather squares, some bags of different kinds of dried fruit/nut/mixes.  There really was so many items I thought wow! but I wasn't done unpacking.  I then took out the 2nd layer and unwrapped to find huge bags of chocolate granola, more nuts/fruit, freeze dried fruit, chocolate macaroons. The Kale chips were really good too. There really is so much in these boxes that you have to try it.

Every box has full size items in them!! No sample sizes, or the same boring thing.  My family loved this box.  We are going wheat free.  My son enjoys the dried fruit (being he will not eat anything that is wet, so this is how I trick him into eating his vegetables, and fruits.) My husband has been wheat free for awhile now, and he loved the nuts/fruit mixes.  His favorite was one that had sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds in with the dried fruit.  We also fought over the macaroons to where I went out and found them at Whole Foods.. for $7.00!! You can get this whole box delivered to you for $33/month that has 16-20 servings, enough for 1-2 people.  I think it's a great deal considering we are human, and we need to eat! I'd much rather eat foods like this.  I also like that I can try different things, and they do all the work for me finding them. If I really like something, I know what to buy when I am out, and about.

Don't forget to send an abundance of love to Healthy Surprise on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  I honestly believe more companies should care like this.

I received this box for free for my honest review, I was not paid to like, or post this.  I just like to try new things! 

ENSTROM Almond Toffee Review & Giveaway

I had the pleasure of sampling World Famous ENSTROMS Almond Toffee.  The Toffee itself is sweet, and easy to eat ( as in when I bit into it, it broke into layers, and melted in my mouth.) There were almost whole California almonds inside the Toffee.  The outside has a delicious coating of milk chocolate, and crushed almonds.    

The Toffee was pretty thick!  The box I tried was a LB of Toffee.  I had planned to break some up, and bake with it, but it was so good that it only lasted a few days.  My hubby dubbed the day it came his "cheat" day from his diet, hahaha.  It really is a great treat. I have to agree that it has a gourmet taste!  

ENSTROMS makes other treats that I am in dire need of trying too.  There are assorted chocolates, truffles, peppermint bark, mint meltaways, even sugar free candies too!  Well worth the click to check them out.

Go give ENSTROMS some sweet, sweet love on Facebook! Also thank them for this giveaway! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received this item for free for my honest review. I was not paid, or told what to write/do. The giveaway is just a nice gesture for one lucky follower to receive. Prize Value $19.95. Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway begins 1/24/2013 12:00AM, Ends 1/30/2013 !2:00AM. U.S. Residents Only. Winner is chosen at random via Rafflecopter. Winner has 24 hours to reply to winning email, or no reply is made, prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

Tuesday, January 1

Lazy Day? Try this Pizza Alternative Recipe (Tostadas)

I wanted pizza for dinner, but I wanted something easy to make, and a better alternative too, so I made Pizza Tostadas. All you really need is cheese, sauce, tostadas, and whatever other toppings you enjoy.

Just bake them long enough to melt the cheese, I like to use a sheet of parchment paper. Makes the Tostadas nice and extra crispy.

I am human, and have my weaknesses, but if I can find something that fufills a craving I have for pizza, that is an even healthier alternative. I try to make that first. You can also use refried beans instead of pasta sauce, or just do stewed tomato's, whatever you like.

I try to make my fridge have fruits, and vegetables portioned off in their own bags, that way I can just grab a bag when I am preparing a meal. I usually buy things in bulk, either from Sams Club, or Aldi's, Those two are the cheapest places here for fresh produce. I do grow my own cherry tomatoes, pablano peppers, and mints. I have what you call an "apartment garden." Ideally I'd love a real yard.

Saturday, December 8

{ Giveaway } Go Max Food Candy Bars Review & Giveaway

Go Max Go Foods has some of the best All Natural candy bars I have ever experienced.  Not only are the names fun, but the chocolate, and ingredients were delicious.  I also liked the fact they are a cruelty free company.  Some of the bars are dairy-free & vegan, along with gluten-free.  

The Snap! bar was my favorite.  It's crispy, chocolatey, really I didn't even notice a difference.  I just know I enjoyed the bar.

Then comes Cleos Peanut Butter cups, oh, my, they are perfect.  The peanut butter itself is just smooth, and natural tasting.  I loved that the combination of the chocolate, and the peanut butter didn't overpower each other like another brand does from sweetness.   These I could taste each different layer the way good food should be.

Cleos & Snaps are both Gluten-Free.  You can find out more about the other bars by going here to Go Max Go Food.  There are alternatives to different candy bars, so maybe you can find your favorite, but a better quality of that favorite.  

I received these products for free to review.  I am always on the look out to better alternatives to share with you all.  These really are delicious, and a great treat to indulge in.

You can find Go Max Go Foods on Facebook & Twitter.

Enter Below to win an assortment of Go Max Go Candy Bars! U.S. Only.  

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Winner will be chosen at random via rafftlecopter.  Winner has 24 hrs to respond to winning email.  If winner does not respond, prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter.  Good luck to all.  Giveaway begins 12/7/2012, Ends 12/13/2012. Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment. 

Thursday, December 6

{ Review } The Swiss Colony Gluten Free Raspberry Linzer Cookies

Life According To GreenVics, Holiday Gift Guide! 

Buttery sugar cookie with Raspberry filling.  

Recently I received a LB of Gluten Free Raspberry Linzer Cookies to sample for review.  Let me just tell you that these cookies are perfection!!!!!!!! The cookie literally melted in my mouth.  Some people think just because things are "Gluten Free" that it means they are flavor free, when in all actuality that is so not the case.

A lot of people are gluten free.  Some just because they don't want the added preservatives, and others because their bodies can't process wheat like others.

Baby Sy approved, he was pointing to try!
Whatever the reason may be, these Gluten Free cookies would be a great Holiday Gift for those Gluten Free families!!!! 

I also reviewed the Sugar Free Holiday tower from Swiss Colony, and yes! There is a giveaway for that tower.  Go here to read my other review, and enter the giveaway. (Giveaway begins 12/06/12, Ends 12/13/12)

Just because ones diet restricts certain ingredients does not mean they still can't indulge in gourmet sweet treats! 

Friday, November 2

Cheribundi Review ( I made a Cheribundi Slushi ) & GIVEAWAY

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide

I am excited on my newest find.  I just reviewed Cheribundi! The choices range from Tru Cherry, Whey Cherry, and Skinny Cherry.  None of the juices are made from concentrate.  It's unreal how many vitamins, and just Cherry taste are packed into these 8 oz bottles. 

Javabites Review & 3 Winner Giveaway!

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide

It's pretty easy to acknowledge.. I have a pretty wicked sweet tooth.  Then a company like Javabites combines espresso with cookies! Seriously? Where have you been all my life! These cookies are perfect for dunking in morning coffee.  Or, just eating alone.  Either way.. They are so delicious!