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Tuesday, July 23

Bottled Tea that is still Tea!! Honest Tea.

Love, love, love these teas from Honest Tea.  With flavors like, Honey Green Tea, Half & Half Sweet Tea, not too Sweet Tea, Peach White Tea, and even Honest ade, Pomegranate Blue, and Orange Mango you seriously have a flavor for every mood you're in.

I'm one of those people that can't drink the same things, over and over again.  I like to be able to have an option, on what I'm feeling for the day. I also have those lazy days that I don't feel like brewing my own tea either.

Maybe I'm in the mood for Rasberry Fields Tea, Peach Oo-La Long Tea, Just Black Tea, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, or just Green Tea.  Why should I feel guilty about not making my own tea when Honest Tea has Organic, USDA Grade Teas that you can actually taste the tea, and not the overly sweet, and fake flavors in some of the other Bottled Teas out there. Honest Tea also uses PET plastic bottles.  There are NO GMO's in Honest Tea either.  I will never understand why things like that have to be added to our drinks.  I went straight for the Moroccan Mint Green Tea.  It wasn't sweet, which I like, and I could taste the tea with just a hint of mint.  I can't stand flavors that overpower each other, and this is just blended perfectly. Honest Teas are all pretty low calorie,  the Moroccan Mint Green Tea is only 34 calories for the whole bottle.  That's not even all of their flavors, there are SO MANY different flavors, even zero calorie teas, and Honest Kids pouches.  You should check them out on their website, Honest Tea on Facebook, and Honest Tea on Twitter.  
Honestly, there is nothing to NOT love about these flavors of tea.  I find it admirable, and believe more companies should take que from Honest Tea for investing in Fair Trade and securing organic ingredients to promote organic agriculture. When did Tea stop being tea?? Not the case with Honest Tea. 

I received product to facilitate an Honest Review.

Sunday, July 14

Free Honest Tea At Wendys for Milwaukee, Mobile, Pensacola, and Albuquerque Customers! July 15th Only!

Freshly brewed, certified organic tea is coming to Wendy’s customers throughout Milwaukee, Mobile, Pensacola, and Albuquerque.

Wendys and Honest Tea are celebrating by giving away a free cup of freshly-brewed Honest Tea all day on July 15th!

For one day only they'll offer each and every person ( in those participating cities) a free Honest Tea to stay cool, try Honest Teas brand new varieties, and refresh the HONEST way—no purchase necessary!

Flavors are Tropical Green Tea, unsweetened Just Iced Tea, and Raspberry Black Tea.

Saturday, August 25

YumEarth Organics Lollipops, Review & Giveaway

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops are my new favorites.  I am completely amazed at how much flavor these have for being made with real fruit extracts, and no artificial colors.  There is also 100% Vitamin C daily value in each serving.  The concept of Yum Earth is just fantastic,  Created for Lollipop Candy fans, and by Dads.  Everything YumEarth makes is certified organic, or all natural, gluten-free, peanut-free, tree-nut free, and has no chemical colors, no artificial flavors, or no high fructose corn syrup.  Really, all of that is a bonus, because the Lollipops flavors are just so great they literally make your mouth water.  My taste buds were in over drive.  

My all time favorite flavor out of the Family Size Assorted Bag (40+ Lollies) were the Mango Tangos.  I may, or may not have shared a lot of those.. M I N E.. My 2nd favorite were the Very Very Cherry.  I've always loved sweet things, like jolly ranchers,  charms lollipops, nerds, etc,  and, in all honesty,  YumEarths Lollies has them all beat.  

Wednesday, July 18

Bumble Bar Organic Sesame Bars

Gluten Free Bumble Bars,

I'm a bit eccentric when it comes to my taste of health bars. I like a vast variety of things, tastes, and textures. The more different they are than the main stream full of sugar brands, the better.

Bumble Bars are Gluten Free, Organic, Natural Sesame Bars. I, personally LOVE sesame seeds. The bars I tried were Junior Size.

Organic Sesame Bar, Original Peanut
Organic Sesame Bar, Chocolate Crisp
Organic Sesame Bar, Amazing Almond

My son is 18 months, and I tell him Bumble Bars are his "candy bars." He also believes Graham crackers are "cookies." Shhh, Don't you dare tell him other wise. Both of our favorite, of course, were the Chocolate Crisp. I seriously did not want to share with him. It's like a sesame nut chocolate rice crispy treat. Thats my best way to explain the taste, and texture. Original Peanut, and Amazing Almond were both wonderful too, but Chocolate Crisp, hands down, the best I've tried. The new flavors I want to try are, Chocolate Mint, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. I really need to try the variety packs. There are even Sesame Seed Fruit Bars.

The bars are beautifully made, the ones I tried were almost all sesame with either peanuts, or almonds. The processing agents are Sunflowers & Safflower Oil. I post about Safflower oil all the time, I mostly use Safflower Oil in everything I make too. Other ingrediants you may know off hand that's in the product are Flax Seed Oil, and Vitamin E.

Check Out The Bumble Bar Mad Scientist; Part 1. It'll give you more details on Bumble Bar, and What other bars really put inside their bars.

I'm not saying this will help your health, but with a great diet, exercise, and organic healthy alternatives like this, It really is a start.

You can find Bumble Bars on Facebook, and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I received product in exchange to do a review. They didn't ask me, or tell me what to say. I'm 100% honest with my reviews, and I always test the product enough to give it a fair opinion.

Wednesday, June 13

Bare Fruit Apple Cinnamon Chips Review.

You can read my full review for Bare Fruit Apple Cinnamon Chips here. They were DELICIOUS. Go read more! And tell me what chips, or fruit you'd like to try. Also enter to win a case of Bare Fruit snacks from Bare Fruits themselves, Good luck!

Fun fact for Bare Fruit Snacks: The 14oz Bag of Cinnamon Apple Chips have 30 whole apples in them.