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Thursday, December 12

Ozeri Frother #Review, Great for Coffee, Teas, and Mixing things! #HolidayGiftGuide Worthy.

You know when you are using a product that makes what you already enjoy, ten times better.. you stop to think, Why wasn't I using this product all along, it makes my life so much better moment?

When it comes to a product you may never have purchased for yourself.

Recently I received Ozeri's Frother. The Frothers handle fits perfectly into the palm of my hand as if it was made just for me. Every day I have tea, sometimes coffee, and a latte. I own a coffee machine that grinds, and brews fresh coffee beans all in one. I never thought hey! I need a frother. But when given the opportunity to review one, I figured why not. Let me just start off saying, this is more than just a Frother. It comes with 4 attachments. 2 are Frothers, 1 a drink mixer, and the other an egg beater. I honestly use the frother attachment the most. I love it to froth milk, for my coffees, and even my teas. It's my teas that I use it more often for, almost 4x a day. I have an electric kettle, that I use to make different types of tea depending on my mood. Sometimes Green, sometimes Chai, then at night I do Night time Tea with Chamomile, and peppermint.  I add honey to the hot water after the tea has steeped, and then add stevia powder sugar too. I use the frother to mix the honey, sugar, and milk with the tea.

The Ozeri Frother blends the tea perfectly together, no spoon can do what this does in just seconds.

Where has it been all my life? Why did I not own one before. The tea just tastes better!! Everything is just perfectly blended together. The best part.. I didn't have to do anything really, just hold the frother up right, and let it mix. When I hold it exactly in the middle of the cup, it makes it's own whirlpool in the center.

I truly believe this is one of the perfect gifts to give someone that likes tea, lattes, and mixed drinks.  You can find my review for the Ozeri Frother on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review.  All opinions, and photos are my own.

Tuesday, July 23

Bottled Tea that is still Tea!! Honest Tea.

Love, love, love these teas from Honest Tea.  With flavors like, Honey Green Tea, Half & Half Sweet Tea, not too Sweet Tea, Peach White Tea, and even Honest ade, Pomegranate Blue, and Orange Mango you seriously have a flavor for every mood you're in.

I'm one of those people that can't drink the same things, over and over again.  I like to be able to have an option, on what I'm feeling for the day. I also have those lazy days that I don't feel like brewing my own tea either.

Maybe I'm in the mood for Rasberry Fields Tea, Peach Oo-La Long Tea, Just Black Tea, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, or just Green Tea.  Why should I feel guilty about not making my own tea when Honest Tea has Organic, USDA Grade Teas that you can actually taste the tea, and not the overly sweet, and fake flavors in some of the other Bottled Teas out there. Honest Tea also uses PET plastic bottles.  There are NO GMO's in Honest Tea either.  I will never understand why things like that have to be added to our drinks.  I went straight for the Moroccan Mint Green Tea.  It wasn't sweet, which I like, and I could taste the tea with just a hint of mint.  I can't stand flavors that overpower each other, and this is just blended perfectly. Honest Teas are all pretty low calorie,  the Moroccan Mint Green Tea is only 34 calories for the whole bottle.  That's not even all of their flavors, there are SO MANY different flavors, even zero calorie teas, and Honest Kids pouches.  You should check them out on their website, Honest Tea on Facebook, and Honest Tea on Twitter.  
Honestly, there is nothing to NOT love about these flavors of tea.  I find it admirable, and believe more companies should take que from Honest Tea for investing in Fair Trade and securing organic ingredients to promote organic agriculture. When did Tea stop being tea?? Not the case with Honest Tea. 

I received product to facilitate an Honest Review.

Sunday, July 14

Free Honest Tea At Wendys for Milwaukee, Mobile, Pensacola, and Albuquerque Customers! July 15th Only!

Freshly brewed, certified organic tea is coming to Wendy’s customers throughout Milwaukee, Mobile, Pensacola, and Albuquerque.

Wendys and Honest Tea are celebrating by giving away a free cup of freshly-brewed Honest Tea all day on July 15th!

For one day only they'll offer each and every person ( in those participating cities) a free Honest Tea to stay cool, try Honest Teas brand new varieties, and refresh the HONEST way—no purchase necessary!

Flavors are Tropical Green Tea, unsweetened Just Iced Tea, and Raspberry Black Tea.

Saturday, July 13

Dragon & Phoenix Filtering Tea Mug, and Cherry Almond Black Tea Review.

I have always been a huge fan of tea.  A good cup of tea helps me de-stress myself.  Even at a young age, I would drink Tea with some of my Aunts.  It was our thing to do.  Over the years, I would much rather drink Tea, than Sodas too.  It's just what I love.  A lot don't know this, but the Green in my blog name is for Green Tea.  Vics is for my Son's name.  Two things that I love more than anything.

I discovered, and just had to try some of their loose leaf teas.  Since it was my husbands, and I's anniversary I thought a matching set of the Dragon & Phoenix Filtering Tea Mugs would be ideal. They are! The pictures online do not do the cups justice.  They are beautiful.  I actually have a dragon tattoo, so I'm a little biased when it comes to them.  I think we all need a little power, good fortune, and luck.  The Phoenix is just as iconic, and full of meaning.  As for life, we are all knocked down, and want to rise from our own ashes.  That is what life is,  things happen, you do everything you can to overcome it, and move on.  

The above video I took to show just how easy it is to brew your own cup of tea.  Nothing special to do. Just add the tea, pour hot water over the tea, put the lid on, and let it steep.  The lids themself help steep the tea faster, and keeps it hot for longer.  Not all mugs have that, or the removeable filter.  In the video I show how beautiful the tea turns out once the filter is lifted up.  You can also see how none of the loose leaf tea even gets into the brewed tea itself.  These Dragon & Phoenix mugs retail for under $10.00.  Each Mug is sold seperately, one side is a dragon, and the other side is a pheonix that wraps around the mugs.  If mythical beings aren't your thing, there are other designs for the filtering tea mugs.

I really enjoyed the Cherry Almond Black loose leaf tea.  There are pieces of sliced almonds, and dried cherries through out the tea itself.  I was impressed with the quality, and the smell of the tea as soon as I even opened the tin lid's, and even more so once the tea started to steep.  I am also going to try the Liche Green Tea, and Japanese Green Tea.  I drink green tea mostly, so I wanted to try the Cherry Almond Black Tea first.  Both myself, and my husband thought the tea was strong (just the way we like it, you should be able to taste the tea.) and went down smoothely.  I could taste the almond, and cherry, gave it a nice extra sweetness that the stevia sugar I used in it amplified.  I also like a little fat free milk in my tea.  I'm ready for another cup.

There will also be a giveaway for a Smart Tea Maker, and 4 ounces of the winners choice of tea! So make sure you come back to check that out.  I promise you, you will not be dissapointed! 

You can also check out below on their social media sites,

Disclaimer: I received these products to facilitate a review.  All opinions, photos, and videos are my own.

Tuesday, July 9

Smart Tea Maker & Tea Giveaway!!

Enter to win A Smart Tea Maker (Value $19.98), and a  4 oz's Of Tea (Value $5.99, Winners Choice) from! Easy entries below.  Also check out my review for the Cherry Almond Black Tea, and Dragon & Phoenix Filtering Tea Mugs.

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