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Friday, December 19

Gluten Free Fruit Recipes! Win A Nesco Electric Dehydrator & Jerky Maker.

The Nesco/All American Dehydrator is probably one of the easiest appliances I have ever used. If you are a health food guru, or just a beginner, it's all the same. Any one can use this machine.

All I did was open the box, removed the dehydrator, and cleaned the four separate trays off. Next came the fun part, I started to prepare my fruits.

If you have younger kids, or even school aged kids, this dehydrator would make the perfect back to school snacks. Even on the run, and out the door for breakfast. Jerky for protein, and Fruits like apples that's full of fiber would be healthy & filling. Along with blueberries, and strawberries that are full of vitamins they can easily eat with no mess would be ideal too. Any fruit you like, you can dry!

It is also a Jerky Maker, and came with packs of seasoning for that as well. I plan on making chicken, and turkey beef sticks. Maybe even some turkey ones after Thanksgiving with leftovers. Be prepared to see more posts of me creating awesome things with this machine.

I'm using it to make dried snacks for my 19 month old, He refuses to eat "wet" foods, so I get his vitamins in by dried fruits. When dried properly fruits can have a great source of Vitamin A & C, along with the daily fiber for a healthy body.

This is my first time using a dehydrator, so I am just a beginner. I prepared Strawberries, Blueberries, & Fiji Apples. After washing them off. The Strawberries, and Apples(I soaked in water with Cinnamon) were sliced thin. They are not to overlap while on the dehydrator trays. The blueberries I just placed on whole, where ever, I did try to make it look pretty.

I also puree'd blueberries in the blender to make my own blueberry fruit leather. I buy fruit leather all the time, and have never made my own. This is more so for me, than the kids! You don't even have to use sugar in it, the fruit has it's own natural sugar. If the fruits you use are tart, consider using Honey. I love BeeFree Honey (apple honey.) This kit came with a make your own fruit roll up plastic tray with a special no spill over lip.

Over all it takes about 10-12 hours for the fruits I chose.

What is also great about this machine is that the top tells you what temperature to use to dry certain things. There is also a recipe book with easy to follow ideas, like, Orange Julius, Strawberry Cream Cheese, and Pina Colada Fruit Roll Ups.

This was a fun review, If you know how to slice fruit, YOU CAN make your own dried fruit. If you know how to push "puree" on your blender. YOU CAN make your own fruit leather. Don't be afraid to try something new.

My Blueberry Fruit Leather!!!! Turned out great!!!! I used just blueberry puree I made, added a drop of BeeFree Honey (Apple Honey) for extra sweetness. It would've been good without the honey too, but I love things sweet.

My Strawberry Chips!!!!! They dried faster than the rest, but I love them crunchy, so I left them in longer.

My Cinnamon Apple Chips!!!!! The aroma that came off of these while they dehydrated was just beautiful. I like my Apple Chips with the skin on. These are so delicious.

These are the Goodies I dehydrated over night, and woke up too.

The whole blueberries take a little longer, so I've puree'd some strawberries to make strawberry fruit leather with since I have extra trays available again.

I really love the fruit leather. I'm going to make my own Pumpkin Pie leather, Apple pie leather.. Peach cobbler leather.. I seriously, am addicted to the fruit leather.

Interesting Stats about the machine;

The machine itself is 500 watts, top mounted 2,100-rpm fan. That means it dries faster with more power, and you get results in hours, not days.

The patented Converga-Flow action provides even heat distribution, no need to rotate trays. No worries about flavors mixing.

Adjustable thermostat (95F-155F) used for Precision drying for the best quality for perfect fruit, vegetables, herbs, and jerky.
Opaque Vita-Save exterior for exclusive light-blocking in preserving vitamins, and minerals.

Expandable, even tho it comes with 4 trays, This model can operate with 12 trays, and automatically adjusts the pressure itself.

Here's your chance to Win A Dehydrator!!
Giveaway Begins 12:01 AM 7/30/2012 &  Ends 12:01AM  8/30/12,

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I want to thank Nesco/All American Harvest for such a wonderful, easy to use machine. And, also a bigger thanks for Sponsoring this Review, & Giveaway. Thank you Nesco!!!! I am in love with my dehydrator.

**Receiving the Dehydrator for free from Nesco did not sway my opinion on dried fruit. I have always loved dried fruit, and been curious on how to make my own. Honestly, If It wasn't good, I would have said so. I've had nothing but a positive experience using this machine. Links posted are up to the reader to click in reference to more information on the machine.**..More About My Blog Disclosure.

Wednesday, October 9

Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review, Easy Crab Cake Recipe with Steamed Veggies.

My Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review through Smiley360., and Super easy Crab Cakes with Steamed Veggies Recipe.

When I'm in the mood to cook, and have ingredients that I love to eat.. I totally cook with love.  I received a $10.00 Walmart Giftcard, and Bottle of Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil to try, and review through Smiley360 Blogger Circle.  I had to make up a recipe, and incorporate the Oil into it, while also using my $10.00 Giftcard for ingredients.

I already had the seasoning, eggs, and red onions.  So I splurged and bought the Broccoli heads $2/2, and the Baby Bella Mushrooms $1.50.  The rest of the money I used to buy Blue Crab meat in the Refrigerated section near the Fresh Seafood, and Cut Meat.

  •  (2 heads) Broccolli
  • 1 package of Baby Bella Mushrooms
  • (2 medium sized) Red Onions
  • Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • (2) Large Eggs
  • Italian Bread Crumbs
  • Old Bay
  • Pepper
  • True Lemon Powder
  • Garlic Powder
  • Soy Sauce
  • 2 Non-Stick Frying Pans
  1. First Wash, and prepare your Veggies.  Doesn't really matter, just cut them to your liking. Set aside til you are ready to steam. 
  2. You'll need to add 2 tsp of Italian Bread Crumbs ( I don't add a lot of breading.) 1/2 tsp of Old Bay, 1/2 tsp Garlic Powder, 1/2 tsp Pepper, 1/2 tsp Garlic Powder to the bowl you'll be adding the Crab Meat to.
  3. Open the Crab, and break the already picked pieces into the bowl with the dried herbs.  
  4. Crack the 2 eggs into the bowl with the Crabs, and dried herbs.  
  5. Work the Crab into patties.  (I make the patties, and sit mine onto parchment paper while the frying pan gets ready.) The best way I can explain on how to make the perfect crab cake is, you know how when you roll clay into a ball into your hands? Work the Crab meat like that. Once its a ball, press it between your hands just enough to give it a flat patty shape.  If it's too wet, add more bread crumbs, if it's too dry, add more egg.
  6. Coat your pan with Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It's pretty thick (Which is GREAT.) so I take a paper towel and coat the pan all the way around before it becomes too hot. Don't be scared to use a lot of Olive Oil.  It doesn't over power the food, and fries up nicely.  So coat it like you want something fried.
  7. Take your freshly made patties, and ONLY put them in the pan when the pan is Hot, if you put them in the pan while the oil is still cold.. what's the point in frying? It turns food soggy.  So let the pan heat up some. 
  8. Let the Patties fry for a few minutes(goto step 9. but come back here in a few minutes.) in a 2nd pan while this fries.) before checking with a spatula to see if anything is sticking, just slide the spatula under the patty, move the patty some ( My pans awesome, I usually just have to shake the pan.) While still on high, flip the patties over to the other side, and let that side fry on high for a few minutes too.  You can drop the heat down to Medium after that.
  9. While the patties are frying, start your veggies.  Coat the pan with Olive Oil, Pour the Fresh Veggies in, I also like to add just a little bit of water so the veggies steam some while in the pan.  Add 2 tsp of the True Lemon Powder, 1/2 Pepper, and As much Soy Sauce as your little heart desires.  I don't cook with salt because for one, The Old Bay has sodium in it that I used for the Patties, and the Soy Sauce I use is Low Sodium.  

I was very pleased with how the Oil fried, and the food tasted.  

Interested in trying Pompeian Olive Oil too? Check them out on the Smiley360 page, and print a $1.00 off coupon! Good food + Saving money = My Weakness.

I received product to facilitate a review for being a Smiley360 Blogger.

Sunday, September 8

Pulse Roasted Chickpea Review & 4 WINNER Giveaway!

What do you think of, when you think of Chickpeas?

Chickpeas aren't from Chickens, or even from peas.  A Chickpea is actually full of fiber, protein, and can even help regulate blood sugar.  Chickpea cultivation goes as far back as the Bronze Age, 3000BC. Click here to find out more on the history of Chickpeas, and what other nutritional value they process.  Promise you'll learn something! And, exactly what a Chickpea is!

Recently I tried the Pulse Roasted Chickpeas Variety 4 pack.
Since the Chickpeas are roasted, there is this earthy, full of taste crunch to them.  They aren't hard to bite like you normally get from overly dehydrated snacks.  I really enjoyed that they were roasted instead.  All of the flavors were great, but the Spicy Lemon Zest was my absolute favorite of the Variety Pack.  I usually like spicy, or sweet (Or combined.)

Cooking with Chickpeas.

I wanted to mention that these roasted Chickpeas are great to add to rice with dried onions & dried garlics in a Rice Maker.  The rice absorbs the Roasted Chickpea taste, and becomes soft.

We add Chickpeas to just about everything.  Even Mac & Cheese to trick the little ones. Pulse left the Mac & Cheese with a delicious Sea Salt & Garlic Taste.  The Chickpeas do soften up some, I don't add them til I am putting the butter, and cheddar slices in the noodles to melt after the noodles have already been drained.

Pulse makes it more convenient to add the extra fiber, and protein to snack time, and meals.

You can find out more about Pulse Roasted Chickpeas At, Pulse on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

There will be FOUR WINNERS For Pulse Roasted Chickpeas! Enter below!

2 Lucky Winners will Receive a Pulse Variety Pack, (Retail Value $19.96 per Variety Pack.)

1 Lucky Winner will Receive a  Pulse S.W.A.P Box. (Snack With A Purpose, Retail Value $20.00.)

1 Lucky Winner A Combo Of The Apple Raisin & Vegan Dark Chocolate,(Retail Value $7.59.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway is open to the U.S. Only. Giveaway begins, 9/9/13 12:00AM Est, Ends 9/23/13 12:00AM Est. Winners are choosen at Random on RaffleCopter. Prizes are mailed directly from the Sponsor.  Good Luck! Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a Review. Life According To GreenVics ( is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Winners have 48 hours to verifiy address in winning email. So please check your emails.

Sunday, May 5

Boxtera Monthly Subscription Snack Box! Lot's of healthier alternative snacks!

My Boxtera Monthly Subscription Box this month was cram packed with lots of health alternative snacks.  There were brands I already buy, along with brands I had not heard of, but are some of my new favorites.

Like these Sriracha Chips!

I had never tried this brand before, and for just 100 calories it was the perfect snack.  I'm also a very big fan of Sriracha sauce.  Usually companies mess up, and make the Sriracha taste like Spicy BBQ, when Sriracha Hot Sauce just has a nice heat to it, and doesn't overpower the flavor of the food itself.  

I really liked the Garlic & Vegan Cheese Kale Chips that came in my Boxtera Box.  They were crunchy, perfectly seasoned, and my husband and I fought over these.  I did not want to share.  

The Baked SeaWeed was also a hit.  This was my husbands favorite from out the box so far.  We are snacking here and there, and have not tried something we did not like yet.  

While my 2 year old favorite were the Dehydrated Apple Chips, and Caveman Cookies.  

There was honestly something in this box that we all enjoyed.  Boxtera one month non-gift is $35.00 plus $5.00 Shipping.  If you like natural snacks, and like to try products you may never have known about before this is worth the price, and them doing all the work delivering it to your front door.  

Disclaimer: I received these products for free to review.  All photos, and opinions are my own.  My family loves snacks like these.  We also like to try different things.  Life is too short to be stuck on just boring snacks.  Hope you enjoyed the photos, and reading the review!

Sunday, March 3

Betty Lou's Inc. Gluten Free Review. Yum!!

Yum! Yummm!! Yummmm!!! Can't type.. too busy chewing.. I am enjoying this Betty Lou's Inc. Gluten Free Review!  

As much as I'd like to sit here, and eat the whole box of samples Betty Lou's sent me, I have to refrain myself.  Since I've been living a healthier lifestyle, and learning portion control I've sworn to my self, and to my health that I will only eat a snack when a snack is needed.  The food plan I am on allows me to add two snacks a day of my choice, long as I am smart about it in moderation.  Betty Lou's snacks makes a great addition to the life style I am trying to achieve.  

All Products Contain Absolutely NO Wheat, Refined Sugars, Hydrogenated Oils (No Trans Fat), Genetically Modified Ingrediants (Non-GMO) 

I received the above products from Betty Lou's Gluten Free Snacks to sample.  The first item I tried was the 9 1/2 veggie/fruit serving Just Great Stuff Chocolate Green Dream Bar  The chocolate coating on the bar is sweet, and the green inside is moist, and earthy tasting.  I actually like that taste.   It is after all a vegetable bar.  I then tried the Cinnamon/Apple Fruit bar, as I was enjoying myself, little grabby toddler hands stole the other half of my bar.  Usually he does not eat "sticky" things but he tore the fruit bar up.  I still needed my midday snack too, so I opened the Cherry Fruit Bar, and gave him half of that as well.  The bar reminds me of a better alternative than a fig newton.  It is squared shape, and the fruit filling is extremely full of flavor. Totally helped my sweet tooth craving.

I am going to be posting weekly on my Weight Loss Journey with what exactly I eat.  You'll be sure to see more Betty Lou's there.  

The fact that my 2 year old  is eating, and enjoying the bars means a lot to me.  He is extremely picky, and I always have to get creative with his fruit, and vegetables.

Oh, and how cute are the Candy Bars.. Angell.. they were meant for me! This is the beginning of a beautiful foodie friendship.   I like to eat, and Betty Lou's Inc. makes delicious snacks to eat. By the way, the Angell White Chocolate Bars are heavenly. 

Don't forget to check Betty Lou's out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Never know, might find something you'd like to try too.

Plus, how great would these snacks be for an Easter Basket? Or anyday, just because I love you gift bag?

Saturday, September 1

Almondina Cookies Review & Giveaway

I don't know about you, but anything made by Grandma Dina sounds great to me.  What's created are Almondina, An  All natural, No Added Fat Or Salt, No Cholesterol, and No Preservatives. It's the award winning recipe the way Grandma Dina used to make in her kitchen.

The Almond Cookies are pretty tasty.  Almondinas are thin, crispy cookies.  They are full of flavor, and great natural ingredients.  Even my Toddler loved them, and kept stealing them from off my plate. Four cookies are about a serving size, my favorites were the Sesame Almondina, and they were 138 Calories for 4.

They were almost too beautiful to eat, and please, never, ever call them the B word.. They aren't, they are so much better, and a more healthier alternative.

I received the Sesame, Original, Chocolate Cherry, Choconut, and Ginger Spice for review.  The whole family enjoyed them all.  It's just wonderful to find a product that we all can eat, that isn't horrible for you.

Little back history of Almondina, Current Owner for the past two decades, Yuval Zaliouk was a world renown musical conductor.  Zaliouk's company is based in Ohio and his Almondina cookies are sold in all 50 States and several foreign countries. If you want to know where to buy them in your state, try Almondinas Store Locator.  Where I'm at in Columbus, Ohio, They are easy to find in Andersons.

Now, how exciting is it that one lucky follower will win the same items in the sampler pack I received??
U.S. Only! Giveaway begins 9/1/2012 AM EST, Ends 9/15/2012 AM EST.  Winner is chosen at random via Raffle Copter, If you can't use rafflecopter just leave me a comment saying so, and if you are a fan, I can add  you in for 50 Entries.  I believe every one should be able to enter. Use a valid Email Address, Winner has 7 days after being notified to reply back, or prize if forfeited and new winner will be announced.

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Disclaimer: I received these items for free,  Sponsorship of Giveaway did not sway my opinion, nor was I told what to write.  Everything is 100% my own thoughts.

Almondina on Facebook, Twitter, or Website.

Wednesday, July 18

Bumble Bar Organic Sesame Bars

Gluten Free Bumble Bars,

I'm a bit eccentric when it comes to my taste of health bars. I like a vast variety of things, tastes, and textures. The more different they are than the main stream full of sugar brands, the better.

Bumble Bars are Gluten Free, Organic, Natural Sesame Bars. I, personally LOVE sesame seeds. The bars I tried were Junior Size.

Organic Sesame Bar, Original Peanut
Organic Sesame Bar, Chocolate Crisp
Organic Sesame Bar, Amazing Almond

My son is 18 months, and I tell him Bumble Bars are his "candy bars." He also believes Graham crackers are "cookies." Shhh, Don't you dare tell him other wise. Both of our favorite, of course, were the Chocolate Crisp. I seriously did not want to share with him. It's like a sesame nut chocolate rice crispy treat. Thats my best way to explain the taste, and texture. Original Peanut, and Amazing Almond were both wonderful too, but Chocolate Crisp, hands down, the best I've tried. The new flavors I want to try are, Chocolate Mint, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. I really need to try the variety packs. There are even Sesame Seed Fruit Bars.

The bars are beautifully made, the ones I tried were almost all sesame with either peanuts, or almonds. The processing agents are Sunflowers & Safflower Oil. I post about Safflower oil all the time, I mostly use Safflower Oil in everything I make too. Other ingrediants you may know off hand that's in the product are Flax Seed Oil, and Vitamin E.

Check Out The Bumble Bar Mad Scientist; Part 1. It'll give you more details on Bumble Bar, and What other bars really put inside their bars.

I'm not saying this will help your health, but with a great diet, exercise, and organic healthy alternatives like this, It really is a start.

You can find Bumble Bars on Facebook, and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I received product in exchange to do a review. They didn't ask me, or tell me what to say. I'm 100% honest with my reviews, and I always test the product enough to give it a fair opinion.

Tuesday, July 17

EVOL Prize Pack Giveaway

EVOL Review, & Giveaway.

EVOL's Get Your Grill On Review! One lucky follower will win an EVOL Prize Pack below too!! EVOL will send you Free Product Coupons, And EVOL Swag (T-shirt, stickers, etc.)

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Rules: US Only.

Friday, July 6

WHOLLY Guacamole Review & Giveaway!

WHOLLY GAUCAMOLE! Let's say it again, WHOLLY GUACAMOLE!, the new line by Wholly Guac has me so excited! I was sent a cooler full of wonderful samples of the New Wholly All Natural Salsa, along with Wholly Americas #1 Guacamole, and Wholly Chunky Avocado.

And, for you most awesome of people, YOU! I get to do a giveaway for a follower! You get to win a cooler full of WHOLLY GUACAMOLE! products too! How Wholly awesome is that? It's Wholly Guacamole Awesome.

I'm one of those people that absolutely loves avocados. Sometimes it's impossible to find the perfect ripe ready to eat one. You have to check ripeness by firmness, if it yields when you gently press in then its ready, but if it doesn't you still have a few days to go. If the Avocado is "Soft" when you gently put pressure on it and it gives in too easy it will be too ripe and have an overly earthy musk taste to it. Also check by color, but sometimes color can be misleading. It's just a whole lot of unwanted effort looking for the perfect one. I was beyond thrilled that Wholly Guacamole has Already Ripped, ready to eat Chunky Avocados that you don't have to do anything to prepare! Just open, and eat.

I made something that I call Avocado Shrimp Slaw. It's just a Slaw Mix with Cabbage, and carrots, You add the Avocado, and some shrimp, I like a small amount of mayo in it too. Cut up a few sweet cherry tomatos, and you are done. It's fast, easy, and so perfect for these hot summer days that no one wants to cook.

I also tried just tortilla scoops with the Roasted Tomato salsa, and a little bit of the Red Pepper & Mango ontop. I loved the contrast between the sweet mango, and then the heat of the roasted tomato. Both were chunky, and that does make great salsa. I don't like my salsas watery, and trust me that these ones are not.

Something that is also really good to try is using the Avocado Verde ontop of Grilled Burritos. I tried this last week, and was blown away at how delicious the Avocado Verde is. Think of crisp green tomatoes, and avocado that melts in your mouth as you bite down into that grilled burrito. Mmm, yeah. There are lots of yummy recipes on the Wholly Guacamole Website.

Onto the Giveaway!
Sorry, but this is for US Residents only. :Sad face:

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