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Saturday, March 9

Teen Works Binder ( From the 1980s) Photos of myself, growing up from Tom Boy to now.

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today.  Growing up my cousin Terri Jean gave me a Teen Works binder.  I was a huge Tom Boy.  Instead of Barbies, I wanted GI Joes. Instead of going to Girl Scouts, I would cry, and want to go swimming in the creek with my male cousins, and swing from vines over the ravines.  Beauty just wasn't anything to me.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't an ugly kid.  I was actually quite adorable.  I just didn't feel "Girly."

My mom also allowed me to be myself.  When I didn't want that Cricket Doll, she took it back, and got me the Storm Shadow I had to have.

That's me!  I even cut my hair short.. 
& Yes, I rocked the Heman's too.  I still wear a pair of Masters of The Universe Pj's to this day.

I could also be extremely cute!

When my older cousin gave me the book (she was into hair, and make-up.) I read it.  I didn't think I was ugly, but I liked the artistic aspect of the pages.  The eyebrow section especially was to teach you to set them up to arch with your face shape.  Through the awkward teenage years it helped me a lot.

I am 19 years old here.. that was 11 years ago. 

I really think that binder helped me grow into my looks.  I didn't do anything drastic to my eyebrows, and I knew how important skin care was because of it.  I didn't do anything to damage my skin, and I mostly used natural, greentea lotions, and oatmeal baths. My mom had bad allergies so we didn't use perfum-y chemical based products.  Even at almost 31 today I still get told I don't look my age.

This photo is when I was pregnant with my Son, right before my 30th birthday.  

I just did a search for the Teen Works Binder, and Kostia on Flickr has uploaded some of the images,

Hilarious! Some of the styles back then, but still loving the tips. I wanted to do a huge, Thank you to my cousins, both of them,  Terri, and Liz (They are sisters.) For them not telling me what to do as for looks, but for Terri giving me that binder.  And Liz always giving me Make-up she didn't like anymore, Lol! I Love hand me downs.  Especially when she'd use it like once, and didn't like it.  Hehehe. Now I have so much make-up.  Loving the natural, earth friendly products out too.  Things have really changed.

Any one else a total Tom Boy that changed as they grew older?  I still like certain things that aren't deemed "Girly." but overall, I really think books like Teen Works are needed, and are great role model material for young women.

Did any of you have the binder too?

Friday, February 22

Violent Lips Review.

Violent lips makes temporary lip tattoos.  I had so much fun trying to cut down the temp tattoo lips to fit my size.  I messed up the first one (my bad.) But I knew exactly where, and how to place the second one.  Luckily each pack comes with three. What I am wearing in the picture is called Honey Dew.  It's part of the Glitteratti Collection.  Can you tell I like the color green? 

Applying the lips are as easy as cutting it down to fit,  you then peel off the plastic film, and line up on your lips.  The glitter side down.  Then you wet the outside where the white paper is (Yep, just like temporary tattoos.) But these have a special vitamin formula.  

I think Violent lips pretty awesome.   The dual toned look makes it unique.  I'm saving my last one for Saint Patties Day.  

I received these samples for free for my honest opinion.  As you can see! I did wear them, and I think they are unique.

Wednesday, February 13

StarLooks January 2013 Monthly Subscription Box Review

Review by Life According To GreenVics

"Wake up, Grab a brush and put on a little make up."

January's Starbox is one of my favorites.  What a better way to start the new year with a beautiful metallic green "fancy" diamond line pencil, brown liner, Abby Rose bracelet, and "cuty peach" blush.  I've been vying to try a Starlooks brush, and this month had a 858 - Soft Small Dome Fluff Brush. Green is my favorite color so I am loving the metallic like fancy eye pencil, and the bracelet.  

If you don't know what Starlooks is, it's a monthly subscription box that retails for $15.00, but has over 3-4 full size items that are worth x4 what the monthly cost is for subscribing.  

I'm always on the prowl for great make up.  I'm not one to follow trends, or what's the best high-end product out there.  I just like to try different things, and monthly boxes like Starlooks makes it easy for people like myself, that would never try certain colors, and products.   I just recently started wearing make up in my 30's, and I'm starting to enjoy it more.  I always tell people being a mommy blog is not a dirty word,  we like make-up too, and want to feel beautiful.   I really believe if you are in a slump, and just don't feel like even going out, sometimes just sitting at home and trying different make-up helps to feel better.   It made me feel better today.

You can also check out my past Starlooks Starbox reviews to see how far I've come.  

You can check Starlooks out at

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I received this makeup for free for my honest review.  

Friday, November 30

StarLooks November 2012 Monthly Subscription Box Review

Life According To GreenVics Review

I felt as if Starlooks November Monthly Subscription Box was created specifically for me. This months theme was "Nasty Girl," these are shades I would've picked out too.  I like earthy tones, browns, greens, even silvers, and bronze.  

As you can see I have fair skin, and dark hair.  The tendergloss lipstick I received compliments my dark features perfectly.  The lipstick made my lips soft from being a moisturizing gloss.  I like that I still look "natural," and not too glam.  

The browshader came with four different colors.  I really do like the pigments.  They went on easily, blended no problem.  Mostly, I liked that this Nasty Girl look, looked good on me. Lol

If you don't know what is, it's a Monthly subscription box that costs $15.00.  Usually the boxes come with 3-4 items.  I really enjoy these monthly boxes because it's something fun to do, and use.  Especially since sometimes I'm just not feeling like I'm "pretty," and the kids sucking my essence dry.  It reminds me I can still doll myself up, and get out side my comfort zone.  This box is helping me try things I would have never thought of trying before.

You can check out my Reviews for September, and Octobers Starlooks past monthly boxes too.  They've all been so much fun.  I'm looking forward to Decembers box!! 

Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe this extreme pleasure of this surprising visit? 

Not sure if I was using the tool right, but when placed like this, I then applied mascara, and my eyelashes are already long, but I did make them look even longer after applying and useing the other side of the brush to brush them apart. 

StarLooks Nasty Girl Monthly Make Up Box

Each box also comes with a quartz crystal.  The idea is to collect enough crystals to create a brush holder with them.  I can't wait til I have enough.  

I received this makeup for free for my honest review.  You can check Starlooks out at, Subscribe on Youtube, Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.

Also if there is a beauty lover in your family this would be a fantastic monthly gift!!  I just adore this monthly box.  It's always so playful.

These are fun monthly boxes.  Maybe you are a person that likes to mix things up, and try an abundance of new things.  Plus, the products are always top notch.  

The clear quartz smaller crystals in the front are the crytals Starlooks sends in their monthly boxes. I collect a lot of things! These are completely perfect for my personality. I'm all for positive energy that helps me focus! 

I don't have enough crystals to hold my brushes yet but I am getting there.

Saturday, November 10

StarLooks October 2012 Monthly Subscription Box Review

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide! Decembers StarBox is going to be BIG! So, if you have a makeup lover on your shopping list, or for yourself ;) You should really check them out!! The Stars told me Decembers box has a $99.00 Gift in it.  PreOrder now on!! October Masquerade StarBox

Saturday, September 8

Mia Mariu Mi Dulzura Lip Gloss & Mineral Foundation Review

I have been embracing make-up.  I used to think all make up would clog my pores, and make ones face seem oily til I discovered Mineral Foundation.  I don't think of make up like that at all now.  Ideal make up for me would be age-defying, hydrating, and full of minerals.  Something that will not make me look older, or oily. 

Wearing Mia Mariu Mineral Foundation & Lip Gloss

Mia Mariu  Perfecting Finish Mineral Foundation did not clog my pores, my skin looks even toned even without any powder, and I don't feel oily.  Honestly I forget it's even on.  There is no weird make up scent.  No uneven skin tones,  for someone that doesn't do her makeup I even had an easy time applying it.  What makes Mia Mariu stand out to me than the rest are the natural minerals, green tea, lecithin, and vitamins A&E.   I'm someone that believes in skin hydration, not to just cover up the problem areas.

Now lip gloss I am not afraid of at all.  I was excited that Mia Mariu sent me Dulzura (Sweet) Luminous Lip Gloss.  The gloss really is sweet,  after I applied it, I just wanted to smack my lips together because it tastes like cake.  I usually don't wear pinks, but it grew on me.  It doesn't look bad on me at all.  It's not too shiny, and not too dull.  It's also full of vitamins.  This is a color I can see myself wearing to any event, day or night.  Plus, with the cooler weather approaching, it's nice to have lip gloss on to protect my lips from the elements. 

Mia Mariu Dulzura CLG02

I'm loving this line on me.  I've received so many compliments on my skin, and lips today that I will continue to wear Mia Mariu.  I know once my sister see's this shade of pink, and smells it she's going to be begging me for it, but no way! It's mine!  I received these products to sample for free for my honest, open opinion, but my Sis doesn't need to know that.