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Friday, June 24

Biotin Bursts Brazilian Acai Berry #TastesLikeCandy but Full of Vitamin B! #Review @NeoCellHealth #Spon

My favorite thing about these Neocell Biotin Bursts with Brazilian acai berry is the taste.  It reminds me of a better for me taffy.  It's a soft, sweet (Only 3 g of Sugar a Chew, and Serving Size is 1 Chew.) treat that's full of 10,000 mcg of Biotin. 5 G Carbs, and 20 Calories so it's low Enough for my Keto Diet.  I try to stay between 30-50 Carbs A Day, and Under 10 g of Sugar for the Day so it fits my Lifestyle great.  

Some facts about Biotin,  is a water soluable vitamin B.  It's used for Hair Growth, Nails, Skin, and Vitamin B is great for Energy.  I stopped drinking coffee through out the day, and instead I upped my Vitamin B, and my other supplements.  

I really like how taking NeoCells Biotin Bursts Chews is more of a reward for myself since I don't eat Candy anymore except for Fat Bombs that I make myself with Coconut Oil, and 100% Cocoa.  I do feel like I am eating a piece of Taffy, and I absolutely love it.  

If Brazilian Acai Berry isn't your thing (Believe me it's delicious.) Neocell has a line of other Flavors, check Neocell out here on their website,

Disclaimer: I received Product for Review, All opinions, and images are my own.  

Friday, December 19

Daiya Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Casein Free, Soy Free, Preservatives Free Cheese Review!

Super easy pizza! Using Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds, and Gluten Free Pizza Crust.  

The cheese is Dairy, Lactose, Casein, Gluten, Soy, and Cholesterol Free.  It doe's melt, and stretch like regular cheese.  It tastes like fresh grated, mozz cheese that was just melted.  I also like the fact that Daiya is 100% preservative free.  

My favorite pizza toppings are: Turkey Bacon, Black Olives, and Red Onions.   

Verdict on Daiya Cheese:  Total Success, equals a happy family.  Everyone enjoyed their slices of Pizza, and I still have enough in the bag to make this meal again.

I had the chance to ask Ashleen from Daiya Foods what her favorites were; She is a fan of the Cream Cheese, and Jalapeno Garlic Harvarti Style Wedge.

The No Bake Cheesecake, using Daiya Cream Cheese, What I like about this recipe is, most of the ingrediants are things we already have in our kitchen.  You can find the receipe for Dairy Free Cheesecake by going to Daiya Foods online.

Another Favorite of her's was the jalapeno garlic Havarti style wedge.  We absolutely love spicy foods, and I am looking forward to trying the Wedges.  I have some tips! Straight from insiders source about the Cheese "is that less is more. You don’t really need as much as you would use dairy cheese so start out with small amounts if using Daiya on a pizza or quesadilla."  

unfortunately my Local Grocer did not have a vast line up of products so I had to request them at Customer Service. Keep in mind, if your store doesn't carry something.. always Request the Product!  Most major chains will want the product, because they want your buisness.

Disclaimer: I received coupons to facilitate a review.  

Sunday, November 2

New Instant Way to #StopPain #Hangovers #UpsetStomachs First Aid Shot Therapy #Review @firstaidshot #Spon

Disclaimer: I received product for Review, all opinions & photos are my own.

There are plenty of days that I don't feel as if I have any time to even take care of my own ailments, kid or no kid there just doesn't feel like there's enough time to do everything.  Sometimes I feel like I have no energy left to even eat right, or get a glass of water to take something for my headache, and stomach ache. It just needs to be fast, and easy so I can move onto the next thing.

It's not laziness when you are ran thin all day, and just have no time for yourself, when you are doing everything else.  That is why I found the convenience of having these First Aid Shot Therapy single shot liquid bottles to use.  I used two, and threw the other two in my purse for another time.  These are great for anyone on the go.

I had the opportunity to review the Pain Relief, and Upset Stomach Shots.

First Aid Shot Therapy Pain Relief, Berry Flavored.

My son doesn't hold on when you hold him, and lets himself drop down, he's 50 lbs, and it's taking a toll on my Right side where I have to carry him (My left side is the leg I have the ORIF hardware at.) I liked how my arm felt after drinking the shot, instantly I didn't feel the sharp burn in my shoulder that I've been having on and off all week. The taste itself,  to my surprise wasn't horrible.  I was expecting something medicated, and thick.  It wasn't that syrupy which made it more tolerable in a single shot to take.  I also experienced no after taste. Huge bonus.  These are something I would take.  I rarely take anything for pain, but the cold, my son, trick or treating, took it's toll on my body this week. My headache went completely away, and the pain in my shoulder was dull, no longer sharp, or burning.  I stretched it while it felt better too.

First Aid Shot Therapy Upset Stomach Relief, Natural Peppermint & Ginger Flavored.

Yeaaah, I am a huge fan of sweets during the Holidays,  the sweets however do not like me.  I would like to believe I have will power, but naaah I don't.  I will eat the sweets first, then skip dinner ( I know that's not healthy, but hey it's the Holidays!) It really starts before Halloween.  Pumpkin everything.  I have to have it.  Even if it gives me heartburn.  Usually I take 2-3 calcium pills, but a single shot of First Aid Therapy kept my stomach acids down, and I didn't feel bloated.  My favorite was the Upset Stomach shot.  It goes down milky, the taste I would probably actually like in my Ginger Tea, mainly because I do like Peppermint, and Ginger together anyways.

All opinions are my own.  This was my experience taking First Aid Shot Therapy. I truly believe anything that helps to feel better, and is convenient in size, while the taste isn't unbearable is worth having around for the Just in case. They are also FDA-Compliant. My over all impression: I liked both of them.  I would take them again, and see myself buying them in the future.

Don't forget to check out First Aid Therapy Shots online at,

Wednesday, March 5

1,000 mg Vitamin C Raspberry @EmergenC #Review Smiley360

I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join Smiley360 here!

Just wanted to show you all how easy it is to Open, and pour an Emergen-C serving into a bottle of water. It can be done one handed, and while holding a 3 year old. It's also delicious, and full of so many nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins.

The flavor I'm currently digging is the 1,000 MG Vitamin C Raspberry Emergen-C.  It's also really good added to my juice in the morning, so I get kind've like a tropical fizz drink.

You can also request a free sample directly from Emergen-C on their website by going here, I love the stuff.

Thursday, December 12

Ozeri CardioTech Pro Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor #Review.

The Ozeri Pro Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor was extremely easy to set up, and use.  The price is also reasonable.  If you know some one that should be monitoring their heart rate, and blood pressure this is the Gift that has purpose, to monitor health.

It comes with a hard plastic case for storage.

The monitor itself is voice guided,  it tells you how high to hold your arm.  It has to be aligned with your heart. If you are off, it tells you to move your arm.  It will not read unless it is where it has to be for a proper reading.  Which makes it more accurate.

My husbands reading was 131/77,

Mine was 129/57.

Check out Ozeri CardioTech Pro Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor on Amazon.  There are always great deals for Ozeri products on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review.

Wednesday, September 25

Ozeri Precision II Digital Bath Scale (440 LB Edition) Review.

My website gives me the opportunity to try healthier alternatives out there.  Since I have been eating better, and walking at the park that is almost a 2 mile trail around a lake I have lost more weight. I have the best scale, ever, for tracking my weight loss with.

I have been using the Ozeri Precision II Digital Bath Scale (440LB Edition) with Widescreen Blue Xbright LCD and Step-on Activation for almost a year now to check my weight loss progress.  It has passed the test of us heavier users, and then some.

The scale turns on, only when you step down on it.  Any other kind of movement does not turn it on, which helps a lot with prolonging battery life.  The Step-on Activation makes it convenient to also store.  I store mine right up against the bathroom wall in a little cubby area, and bring it out when it's needed.  It has the same batteries in it, that came with it.

It has been with me through a lot of weight loss.  I've lost 75 lbs since March, my husband has lost over 100 (he exercises a lot more than I do, and eats better.) I just love how accurate the Ozeri Precision Bath Scale is.  Would I recommend this scale to a friend? Yes! I would, right now the scale is on sale for $20.00 on Amazon.  You can't get a scale this advanced in store for that low of a price.

If you are looking for a precision bathroom scale that lasts, and can be used for bigger numbers check out Ozeri on Amazon.  Lot's of great affordable products.

I received this product to facilitate a review, all opinions, and photos are my own.

Saturday, September 21

Style your wrists, and track your health with Best Buy Jawbone UP.

Had the opportunity to review Jawbone UP from Best Buy, and I am impressed with it's ease of use. Really, all I had to do was wear, plug & play, and track myself using the app.  What is unique about this wrist sensor is that it's personalized, depending on my lifestyle, and sleep habits, it will make suggestions based upon my day to day actions on what I can do for a healthier lifestyle. I live a very busy lifestyle, and forget to write down things, and this makes it a lot easier to remember to add in things.

Live Better. Start Now. Jawbone UP. Track your sleep activity, steps, calorie intake and more with the Jawbone UP wrist sensor and free mobile app. UP gives you meaningful, personalized insights so you can make lasting improvements to your everyday life.

UP is a system that takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

The wristband tracks your movement and sleep in the background.

The app displays your data, lets you add things like meals and mood, and delivers insights that keep you moving forward.

Disclaimer: All posts must include the following disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Friday, June 21

Does Rheumatoid Arthritis run in your family? It does in mine.

I found out what bone pain felt like when I separated my tibia plateau from my tibia, and fractured down. Since Rheumatoid Arthritis runs in my family (My father suffers from it.) I was told by my Orthopedic doctor that either Arthritis, or Rheumatoid Arthritis is in my future. There are days I feel like my body is attacking itself, and every joint hurts. But, also because my knee has an Open Reduction Fixature in it, along with Cadavers that bend to 90 degrees so I can still walk without assistance, I feel the bone on bone, and swelling. I'm only 31, the average female with Rheumatoid Arthritis has a history of it in their family, the age ranges also from 25 - 45 for developing the condition. My heart goes out to any one with bone pain. For me, I start to favor the side of my body that doesn't hurt as much, and balancing my weight like that every time I stand up is taking a toll on my spine, and other joints. I do believe a diet, and exercise is a must. I refuse to give up, there are way too many things to try to make life still livable. Every body is different, and because of that every possible way to make things more tolerable should be tried. Right now I am on a Fat Free diet, no caffeine, and no tea because I was just hospitalized for pancreatitis. I "flex" my knee's daily, and stretch when I wake up every morning or I get what I call "marsh mellow foot." Even if you are young, and you are experiencing bone pain, you should bring this up to your doctors. I also believe in taking vitamins. You may think you are eating enough nutrients, but if your body is attacking itself, those nutrients may not even make it where they are supposed to. Please take the time to read what has to say about RA. It may help you, or someone you know that is suffering, and too hard headed to tell a doctor.

Want to find more posts relating to rheumatoid arthritis? Then be sure you do not miss these articles:

  • provides medical information, tips and advice that are all written by professional health writers, experts and physicians.
  • Visit for useful information on Rheumatoid Arthritis and other prevalent medical conditions related to women’s health.

Lifescript’s Rheumatoid Arthritis Health Center features tips, quizzes, recipes and articles – all by professional health writers, experts and physicians – covering common RA symptoms, foods that compose an anti-inflammatory diet, new RA therapies and more. Please visit the Lifescript Health Center on Rheumatoid Arthritis for more information.

And to check out this free website, click here!

This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of

Sunday, May 5

NeoCell Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews Review

I am a huge fan of these NeoCell Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews.  Not only do they taste great.  They are sweet like Fruit Punch.  Some chews that are packed full of vitamins are gritty, and leave a weird after taste.  These do not have that problem.  Like a regular chew it disolves quickly while chewing, and the taste really is a nice treat when you are counting calories, and exercising.  Not only do I get extra vitamins, collagen (skin rebuilders.) and, Skin Hydration, I also get a sweet treat.  My hair, nails, and skin have all benefited from using this the past month.  My nails I notice the most.  I am a nail biter, and they are growing pretty fast before I even have a chance to bite them.

There are 2,000 milligrams of Collagen in each Chew.  If you'd like to learn more about Neo Cells Beauty Bursts, you can read it by going clicking here.

Disclaimer: I received these items for free.  All opinions are my own. My overall impression of these chews were a positive one.  I turn 31 soon, and I am willing to try any supplements that will help my skin, nails, and hair as I lose this weight.  I have lost over 30 lbs since last July, and I am doing it the slow, but surely way.  Nothing is over night!! Just have to stick to a routine.  And, these chews have been in my routine for the last month.

Saturday, March 9

Artisan Salad is full of Vitamins!

Since I've been eating healthier, and trying to eat more vitamin rich, low calorie meals I discovered that I actually do enjoy Artisan Salad.  

Artisan Lettuces consist of Petite Gem (crunchy sweet mild flavor.) Petite Tango (sharp intense spice flavor.) Petite Oak (lots of texture, and flavor.) 

3oz's of lettuce is only 10 calories. It has the same calorie # as Iceburg but an actual percentage of Vitamins that makes the other lettuces look like sissies.  I also like to add baby spinach in with the salads, along with my favorite veggies.  Just because? It's delicious.  

Artisan Salad has Vitamin A 100%, Vitamin C 10%, Calcium 2%, Iron 4%. 170 MG of Potassium, 2g Carbs, Less than 1 g Fiber, Less than 1g Sugar, 1g Protein, ,

Between my husband, and myself we eat 2 trays of the Artisan Lettuce a week now. I really love it's crisp, fresh taste. It has FLAVOR, and doesn't just taste like water!! If you're a salad person, and you've never tried Artisan Salad you really should. You need those vitamins. Plus I dig it's peppery sweet taste.  You should try it.  

I'm also on Nutrisystem, and part of the Guidelines is to add grocery store add-ins, like vegetables, fruits, nuts, extra protein (Smart Carbs, and Power Fuels.)

Tuesday, December 11

{ Giveaway } Pomegranate Capsules & Pomegranate Liquid Review

Pomegranates are known to have 3x the antioxidants to GreenTea & Red wine.  It's also known to work as an anti-inflammatory agent.  I wanted to see what I liked better, the capsules, or the liquid.  NeoCell sent me both to review.

The 1,000 mg Pomegranate Capsules, Serving size are 2 capsules.  They have no after taste, and I had no problem swallowing.

However, even though the capsules were easy to consume,  I did like the Collagen+C 6,600 mg liquid better.  It does need to be refrigerated after opening, but I found an old ML medicine cap to use to measure out the 15ml needed for serving size.  The taste is a little tangy, tho I don't mind.  I like sour/bitter/tangy things.

The liquid also combines more than just pomegranate, there is cranberry, elderberry, greentea, and collagen+C.  Usually I would've just chose the capsule form, and passed the liquid up in store, but because of NeoCell allowing me to sample both I can honestly say I like the liquid better.  Anything that can help my hair, bones, and ligaments I will give it a try. I received these products for free for my honest opinion.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
U.S. Only. Giveaway begins 12/11/12, Ends 12/19/12.  Must be 18+ Winner will be chosen random via RaffleCopter.  Winners chose of either capsule, or liquid.  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for Prize Fulfillment. 

Monday, November 19

{ Giveaway } Feosol Bifera HIP & PIC Iron Supplement Review

I've been taking Feosol Complete for the past month.  I know some of my family members say they take their vitamins, and that their daily vitamin has Iron in it, but how many actually take their vitamins? Every. Single. Day.  My personal experience is I felt a little more "myself," and I believe taking vitamins can be a better alternative than other solutions.  I also felt better during my menstrual cycle after taking the Iron pill.  Usually I just wanted to sleep that week away.  You should always ask your doctor, research anything before you put it in your system.  When it comes to supplements you shouldn't be afraid of them. 

NEW! Feosol® Complete with Bifera (30ct Heme/Non heme iron supplement) 

Did you know?

Iron is vital for maintaining energy levels and good health — but did you know that over 7.8 million women in the United States are iron deficient? Once a doctor diagnoses iron deficiency they often recommend an iron supplement, but up to half of the individuals who take iron supplements experience uncomfortable side effects such as nausea and constipation, causing many to abandon the treatment altogether. Feosol® Complete with Bifera® is the only iron supplement that combines heme iron (the type of iron you get in red meat) and non-heme iron (similar to the iron found in dark leafy greens). Best of all, it is specially designed with sensitive stomachs in mind. These two forms of iron provide for maximum absorption while minimizing the common uncomfortable side effects such as constipation and nausea.

To enter to win a Bottle of Feosol Complete you can enter below, U.S. Only, Must be 18+ , Giveaway begins 11/25/2012 Ends 12/10/2012.

1. Like Life According To GreenVics on Facebook

2. Follow GreenVics on Twitter

3. Leave a comment with a valid Email, and winner will be picked at random via! 

I received these Iron Supplements to review,  I was not told what to say, or write.  And, it was my option if I wanted to do the giveaway! So Good luck to all, and dont forget to comment! 

Sunday, November 11

Pine Bros Review & Holiday Giveaway

With Flu Season, and just nasty weather draining our bodies down I am a big time believer in Throat Drops for irritated throats. Maybe you're just a singer, or you screamed too loudly at last nights game(or your kids, LOL).. throat drops are needed. Well mostly a combination of throat drops, and hot green tea with honey & milk inbetween is my go to comfort. 

I also have respect for the man that created these drops in 1870.  J. Herman Pine wanted to make people happy, and didn't care about the money! He just wanted people to have natural relief to the sore throat.  

The Pine Bros Drops I received to review were Wild Cherry, and Natural Honey.

Tuesday, October 23

Get 75% more from your Fiber Supplement with Konsyl Original Review & Giveaway

by,  Life According To GreenVics

Konsyl Original Psyllium Fiber

Get 75% more from your Fiber Supplement with Konsyl Original,
enter for a chance to win Konsyl Orignal PLUS 
& A $75.00 American Express Giftcard!

I don't care who you are,  or how old you are.. things like psyllium fiber are needed.  Even if you think your diet is high in fiber from the foods you eat.. most of the time it is not enough.  The fact that Konsyl is Heart Healthy, and Helps lower cholestrol should be enough to make us.  As humans,  as living organisms want to regulate our bodies to work to their fullest potentials. 

Konsyl has 75% more psyllium fiber than competiters to ensure that users will receive the full benefits of psyllium fiber. It is also Sugar & Gluten free.  100% Natural.

To review Konsyl I was sent the packet powder pysllium fibers, and an easy to use shaker cup.  The packet pouches are perfect for having a few in the car for when you just don't feel good for the day,  maybe you're sluggish, and your body just doesn't feel like itself.  My husband always has a few extra packs in the car also in case he forgets to drink his in the morning.

For each packet, you need 8 oz of water.  You shake for a few seconds, and drink quickly.  It's important to drink quickly so the fiber doesn't thicken too much,  that can be a choking hazard ONLY if you dont use the proper amount of water, shake & drink fast enough.  

If you don't have a shaker cup, just use your water bottle.  Once the water bottle if half way full, thats about 8 oz.  Add to that.  It's really good in flavored water too.

I always feel more like myself when I take fiber.  I'm not as sluggish.  Everyones body is different, but in reality, everyones body needs fiber.  

In Celebration of offering 75% More fiber, Konsyl is also offering one lucky follower to win Konsyl Original & A $75.00 Amex Gift Card.

Enter below on RaffleCopter. If for some reason you can't enter on raffle copter, just leave a comment bellow with a valid email, your name,  join the Konsyl Community On Facebook to learn more about the #1 doctor recommended fiber supplement.  And, like, Life According To GreenVics On Facebook, and you will be entered.  

U.S. Residents Only.  No purchase Neccesary.  Only mandatory entries are to Like Konsyl On Facebook, and Life According To GreenVics on Facebook.  Giveaway begins 10/17/2012, & Ends 11/17/2012. Winner receives Konsyl Original, & A $75.00 American Express GiftCard.  Prizes are shipped directly from Konsyl, Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for shipment of prize.  Winner will be chosen at random via Raffle Copter.  Winner has 7days to reply to winners email, if not, prize is forfeited, and another winner will be chosen at random. So please use a valid email!

Konsyl Original Formula 450g size is available in retail stores; other Konsyl products are conveniently available for purchase on and on various e-tailers, such as,,

Tuesday, August 21

Balmers Monkey Balm Review Not Just For Babies

Balmers Monkey Balm Review and Giveaway!!! by Angel *GreenVics* & Baby Sy;

This balm is a triple threat, It's an organic supersized vitamin bar for the whole body, It also works great, and for more than just one thing at a low price.  I have been using it on the eczema the baby gets on his cheeks.  He doesn't like when I use the tube straight on him, so I rub it on my hands first, and then gently on his face.  

Only a little bit of the stick is gone, but I've been using it over a month now. I didn't just use it on the baby,
I also used some when my feet had sunburn, and it helped w/the flaking.  A little bit goes a long way.
Then my 20month old had his first heat rash around his chubby little legs, I used the Monkey balm again, and it went away the next day.  This was when Ohio had those freakishly 100+ humid days, He's my winter baby, and he's not used to heat.  

Balmers, "This formula includes all-natural ingredients and features the amazing healing power of the sea buckthorn berry. Sea Buckthorn (seed and fruit) oil is time-tested and clinically proven to soothe irritation and heal dry, cracked, even abrasive skin resulting from eczema, rosacea, dry climates, seasonal changes, sunburn, rashes, and even minor burns and wounds. Sea buckthorn has been used for centuries in Asia and Europe to heal skin problems and is considered a "Holy Fruit" by ancient and modern Tibetans. "  

Verdict:  I absolutely love this stuff. It's safe for the whole family.  I am someone that wont use chapstick, but I do carry a tube of Vitamin E in my purse.  This has been my goto tube for the baby, easy to throw in the diaper bag too.

(His little face is perfect!!!)

I would recommend Balmers Monkey Balm to every new parent, well, and to any parent for that matter.  From skin type, to even elements in the weather,  a tube of this would be a great investment in skin care. 

Another great thing about, is the 100% money back guarantee.  Not alot of companies offer that anymore.  Or, buy 2, get free shipping,  2 tubes would probably last us years,  seriously, just a little bit, is so thick, and condensed I had to smooth it out in my hands first, then I rubbed onto the babies face.   I received this stick for free, I was not asked how to use it, or told what to write.  It worked great on Sy's sensitive skin. I used it on myself, and on the baby,  It being all natural, and no harsh chemicals like some baby lotion/balms out there made me feel better about using it, and giving it a review.  

24 HOUR FLASH GIVEAWAY: I am trying something new,  To enter the giveaway you just have to leave a comment saying You want to be entered! It's a 24Hr Flash Giveaway!!! Starts 8/22/2012, 4PM, Ends 8/23/2012, 4PM EST. 

Leave a comment below, or on my Life According To GreenVics facebook page.

Sunday, August 19

Omax3 Ultra-Pure Review

I've been reviewing,The Ultra Omega-3 supplement Omax3 softgels the last past month, what I like about the omax3 is that there is no weird after taste, and I'm not burping up fish oil. They are extremely easy to swallow. That's what happens to me when I take fish oil. I'm fine, til a few hours later then the taste comes back up. I know.. I know, that's nasty, but that's just what happens to me. With the Omax3's I still got my the right ratio of EPA/DHA, and it is 10x more than Fish/Krill Oil alone.

My body needs the extra fatty acids, to help with inflammation.  I fractured, and separated my leg years ago, but there is still metal hardware that makes it possible for my knee to bend.  I have what is called an Open Reduction Internal Fixation.  Just a fancy way of saying there is a leg brace under the skin drilled to bone, and cadavers that looks like a keenex set.   I don't believe in taking a chemical induced cocktail of drugs that's supposed to help nerve damage, and bone pain.  I just wont do it.  The side affects of those drugs out weigh the benefits of just a healthier diet, trying to keep weight off myself, and taking pills like Omega-3 supplements to help blood flow, and cholesterol.  I'm not a doctor, and I'm not saying this would be your cure all drug,  what I am saying is I already took pills like this before, and I will continue taking Omega-3 supplements.  

Everyone should ask themselves,
  • Am I getting enough omega-3 fatty acids in my diet?
  • What are Omega-3's good for?
  • Why does my body need supplements like this?

These are all questions you need to research, and ask your doctor about before taking a supplement.  In past experience, a good doctor will seek out dietitian help, homeopathic alternatives, and not just throw their patients on some type of chemical altering pill.  I understand sometimes those pills are needed, but there are cases where they aren't.  

This really is something I feel strongly about.  Bad things happen mostly not from the direct cause, but from a side affect caused from something else completely.'s website states,

"Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have a role in regulating natural inflammatory responses.

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation response within the body and omega-6 fatty acids promote inflammation.

Early human diets were high in omega-3-rich content, leading toward a balanced (1:1) ratio in omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, the modern Western diet has tilted the scale to a lopsided (1:15) omega-3 to omega-6 ratio.4

Science strongly suggests that restoring the balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can restore proper inflammatory responses within the body ."

One Lucky Follower, Must be 18+yrs of Older, Can Win One Month Supply Of Omax3's. U.S. Residents Only. Giveaway begins 8/20/12, ends 8/31/12. Rafflecopter chooses at random the winner. Winner has 7 buisness days to reply, if no reply prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen. Omax3 is responsible for prize fullfillment.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good Luck, And thanks for reading my review!! I received these Omax3s for free, It did not sway my opinion.

Monday, June 4

My Morning Breakfast Routine.

These are the ingredients to my breakfast, Sometimes the fruit choice changes, but usually it's always the same ingredients.


1/2 cup of Milk (I usually use Soy, or Almond)

1/2 cup of Frozen fruit (today it was Blueberries)

1 serving of 60g Mocha Protein. It's just a scoop.

3 tsp of Instant coffee (I love coffee)

1 tsp chia seeds (gives it a nutty flavor, also great source of fiber)

If you are worried about calories in your breakfast you really shouldn't be, The milk, and fruit have about 100 calories a piece, and the protein powder has 170. So to be FULL, and have your source of vitamins for the morning on just 370 calories is a GREAT breakfast.

You should really give this a try for a week. It really is healthy, and keeps your body fueled.

Tuesday, December 27

Lipogen PS Plus BzzReport

I'm BzzAgent Greenvics~ For Bzzreport Lipogen PS Plus,

I just started taking these about 2 weeks ago, I usually take a multivitamin, and fish oil in the morning, I've been taking the Lipogen PS Plus, as well. I've experienced no side effects, I do seem to be remembering more, especially tasks I need to have done, ASAP. Which is not a bad thing. I started taking the pills because my son just turned a year old, and with him already mastering walking I need to multitask things alot more.
Lipogen PS Plus, contains PS (phosphatidylserine) and a supporting phospholipid called PA (phosphatidic acid)? This combination of nutrients can help energize your mood and memory. I don't take prescription drugs, and I think there are always other ways to feel better than becoming a zombie from a cocktail of chemically made pills.

I will continue to take the Lipogen for the next two months, and blog about it again. See if theres any changes. I will hand the coupons out once I feel its safe.

I received Lipogen PS Plus for free, for being a BzzAgent.