Sunday, November 2

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Disclaimer: I received product for Review, all opinions & photos are my own.

There are plenty of days that I don't feel as if I have any time to even take care of my own ailments, kid or no kid there just doesn't feel like there's enough time to do everything.  Sometimes I feel like I have no energy left to even eat right, or get a glass of water to take something for my headache, and stomach ache. It just needs to be fast, and easy so I can move onto the next thing.

It's not laziness when you are ran thin all day, and just have no time for yourself, when you are doing everything else.  That is why I found the convenience of having these First Aid Shot Therapy single shot liquid bottles to use.  I used two, and threw the other two in my purse for another time.  These are great for anyone on the go.

I had the opportunity to review the Pain Relief, and Upset Stomach Shots.

First Aid Shot Therapy Pain Relief, Berry Flavored.

My son doesn't hold on when you hold him, and lets himself drop down, he's 50 lbs, and it's taking a toll on my Right side where I have to carry him (My left side is the leg I have the ORIF hardware at.) I liked how my arm felt after drinking the shot, instantly I didn't feel the sharp burn in my shoulder that I've been having on and off all week. The taste itself,  to my surprise wasn't horrible.  I was expecting something medicated, and thick.  It wasn't that syrupy which made it more tolerable in a single shot to take.  I also experienced no after taste. Huge bonus.  These are something I would take.  I rarely take anything for pain, but the cold, my son, trick or treating, took it's toll on my body this week. My headache went completely away, and the pain in my shoulder was dull, no longer sharp, or burning.  I stretched it while it felt better too.

First Aid Shot Therapy Upset Stomach Relief, Natural Peppermint & Ginger Flavored.

Yeaaah, I am a huge fan of sweets during the Holidays,  the sweets however do not like me.  I would like to believe I have will power, but naaah I don't.  I will eat the sweets first, then skip dinner ( I know that's not healthy, but hey it's the Holidays!) It really starts before Halloween.  Pumpkin everything.  I have to have it.  Even if it gives me heartburn.  Usually I take 2-3 calcium pills, but a single shot of First Aid Therapy kept my stomach acids down, and I didn't feel bloated.  My favorite was the Upset Stomach shot.  It goes down milky, the taste I would probably actually like in my Ginger Tea, mainly because I do like Peppermint, and Ginger together anyways.

All opinions are my own.  This was my experience taking First Aid Shot Therapy. I truly believe anything that helps to feel better, and is convenient in size, while the taste isn't unbearable is worth having around for the Just in case. They are also FDA-Compliant. My over all impression: I liked both of them.  I would take them again, and see myself buying them in the future.

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