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Thursday, December 11

#PerplexusWarp #Review @PatchProducts #HolidayGiftGuide #Spon

Disclaimer: I received Product through Sverve & Patch Products to facilitate a review. All opinions, images, and video are my own.

I am impressed with how fun and competitive Perplexus Warp is. My son loves IT! Its for ages 6+ but I want to emphasis on the plus part.  It really did keep every ones attention.  Following the loops, the upside down drops, and the plastic hooks you use to help guide on the spots that have no sides to the Zones.  There are even steps to go down, and bump into Warp Drive over a steep like hill on the zone's course.

If the ball falls off, you have to begin all over again. It's not just "Oh lets barely shake it to get it back on track" Nope, even to get it at the start point you have to use a little Brain Power.  Soon as it starts, it's a turn sideways, back and forth down the middle of the white track zone.  Patchwork Products really has creatured a fun, problem solving puzzle.

I really do recommend this puzzle.  It's nice to unplug, no batteries needed, and just problem solve while thinking fast.

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