Wednesday, May 30

BzzAgent GreenVics Filippo Berio® experience

Through, I was giving the opportunity to try Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I cook with Olive Oil, and Safflower Oil as is, but I had never tried Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Before receiving a bottle free in the mail. I was also giving $1.00 off coupons to pass out to family, and friends of my Moms Group.

I decided to cut up some mushrooms, & red onions for the dinner I was preparing, I sprinkled just a little bit of the oil on the vegetables themselves, and a dab into the frying pan. I liked the oil because it wasn't too thick, and overpowering on the veggie, which meant I could still taste the earthiness of the shrooms, and onions.

I was very pleased with how the meal turned out. Juicy, not burnt, not over powered by the oil.

You can checkout here, and more about Fillipo Berio here.

What made The Filippo Berio experisnce a good one: Thee extra virgin oil was not over powering, and just a dab, as in not even half a teaspoon was enough to saute the vegetables, and still be able to taste them, and not the oil.

Prep Time & Clean Up: Cutting, and preparing the onions and mushrooms were easy, I just sprinkled the seasoning on I wanted to use, and then pan sauteed til the texture I like my vegetables, I like them still a little crunchy. Cleaning the pan out was easy, nothing was stuck to it.

Mambo Combo Play Tent; Something Cute for Ya'll

I bought Mambo Combo play tent for the baby to crawl in from Meijers, and he loves them.

I didn't realize how big the tent, and tunnels were until I put them together, they were simple to put together, just a few plastic pieces that snapped together w/strings int he middle.

The tunnels themselves can be put into little bags to store, then unvelcro and they spring back into full tunnel size.

Overall experience for the Mambo Combo playset: Complete fun for the whole family. He loves the tunnel, and we love getting on the floor to play with him.

Storage: When not in use the combo set comes with its own bags to put away, takes up no room once put back in the bags, and don't have to worry about lack of space anywhere.

Price: I paid for this out of pocket myself, it was on clearance for $19.99

Product Reviews

I'm starting to incorporate more Product Reviews & Giveaways for my Mom Group friends here in Ohio. Of course everyone is welcomed to discuss on every topic anyways, no matter what. This is going to be exciting, and fun. Video blogs, pictures, and reviews will be posted, as well. I can't wait! It's exciting when companies want everyday people, with children to try/review things. Sometimes even do giveaways too.

Watch out!

Today baby Sy learned how to climb up his dresser.. Let the good times roll!! He is way too active, and smart for being just a year old. I swear, in his own mind, he's already 4.

Saturday, May 26

Green Moms Meet.

I'm part of Moms Meet Bloggers, there's also recipes, and healthy alternatives to snacks/meals, even things like shampoo, body wash, and laundry soap. If you ever just want to talk, and need someone to help you, or to just listen, You can email me.

I just applied right now for the Blue Diamond one, if you are interested in doing so too, you can go here, and become a Mom Ambassador .

Green Moms Meet is a great place to find other moms, their opinions, info on going green, and healthier alternatives to everyday things we already eat/use.

Friday, May 25

Home Depot Garden Club

Joining the home depot garden club is free. Sometimes they even send you coupons in your email for b1g1 free of something, or even a free item coupon to begin with. Home Depot Garden Club

Thursday, May 24

My Sy looks like Astro Boy!

It's so hard to believe he is just a year old. I swear he's older sometimes.

I love him so much, and he's getting big! I miss my itty bitty cute baby.

I love you Sy!

Always & forever no matter how big you get.

Private Selection Taste Of Summer.

I was very pleased to have been chosen to participate in the BzzCampaign for Krogers Private Selection. I was giving a few 20% off coupons for the Private Selection brand to give out, and for myself a few free item coupons, a coupon for free ground angus up to $5.00 off, $1.50 off a pint of private select icecream, and a free 6" Private Selection baked pie. I shop at Krogers all the time, and I am really enjoying their own line of products for their "Private Selection.", Today I bought the angus beef to make some burgers, and I had the bag of pepper, and sea salt kettle chips for dinner that came in my BzzKit w/the coupons. Using the coupons were very easy. I was just disapointed that my krogers here in Columbus had no Private Selection baked pies out. Absolutely none, so I am saving that coupon for when I pass by another store.

Here are the Private Selection Items I picked up;

The Private Selection Angus Ground beef was really easy to work with, I added egg, some italian bread crumbs, and pepper, sliced garlic cloves, little bit of soy, and made my burgers.(yes that little burger is for my 18 month old, lol)

I also cut up some mushrooms, and onions for the toppings.

The burgers were moist, a great angus beef taste to them, and the chips had the right amount of kettle chip crunch to them. I wish they were spicy, or BBQ, those are my favorite flavors, but the sea salt, and black pepper werent bad. I just don't really buy things normally that have alot of salt in them.

The private selection Raspberry And dark chocolate chunks in the pint size container is to DIE for. This really is a great store brand. Dinner & desert tonight was easy to make, and delicious.

This BzzAgent (Greenvics) really means it when she says for the price, the quality of the food, and the taste, and ability to purchase everything you need while in just one store makes the Private Selection brand one of my favorite store brands.

My birthday is soon!

And, I will be the big, 3,0. Wow.