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Friday, March 29

Ben & Jerry's Greek Yogurt Review AND GIVEAWAY!!!

Did you know Ben & Jerry's has Greek Frozen Yogurt now!? At almost a 3rd of the calories for regular ice cream!  One lucky fan will win a Swag Prize Pack of Ben & Jerrys Free Product Coupons, and gifts.  I received 3 Free Ben & Jerry's coupons, an ice cream lock top (It's really cute,  and does lock the lid shut for a pint.) Also a really nifty Ice Cream Scooper that  scoops rock hard ice cream.  Along with a Ben & Jerry's Pint Size Cozy Cover for the Ice Cream itself.  You know.. just incase it's too cold to hold, haha.

The frozen yogurt we decided to try were;

We enjoyed all the new Greek Yogurt Flavors.  My favorite was the Pineapple Ice Cream.  There was chunks of pineapple in it, with swirls of passion fruit.  It was a great small treat.  The Pineapple Ben & Jerrys Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream is only 180 calories for a half cup.  It's milky like ice cream, and still sweet.  The hubby enjoyed the other 2 pints.  I know when he likes something.. by the way he eats it all, and doesn't talk while eating it.  Haha.  He's on a diet too, and he's lost weight this week as well.  We believe anything in moderation is OK.  

You can find other choices by going to the Ben & Jerry's Flavors Freezer online.  There is also a Ben & Jerry's Locator in case there is a certain flavor you are just vying to try, and can't find it in your store.   There are a lot new flavor combinations for Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.  You'd be surprised that your old favorite, may not be your new favorite.  There is even Cannoli Ice cream now!! Move over Cherry Garcia.. you were my favorite..

In Celebration of eating better all month, and knowing there are so many different alternatives out there.  Here is your chance to enter below to win a Prize Pack for Ben & Jerry's.  Prize Pack includes some free product coupons, and Ben & Jerry Swag.

I received samples for free to review.  All opinions are my own.  One lucky follower beflow can enter via Rafflecopter to Win some Ben & Jerry's Swag mailed directly to them from Ben & Jerry's!  Winner is chosen at random.  Prize Estimated Value is $30.00 (Coupons plus Ben & Jerry's licensed goodies.) Giveaway begins 3/30/13 12:01AM EST, Ends 4/15/2013 12:01AM EST.  Winner will be contacted via Email.  Once emailed, please respond asap so prize can be mailed!  Good luck! =)

Thursday, May 24

Private Selection Taste Of Summer.

I was very pleased to have been chosen to participate in the BzzCampaign for Krogers Private Selection. I was giving a few 20% off coupons for the Private Selection brand to give out, and for myself a few free item coupons, a coupon for free ground angus up to $5.00 off, $1.50 off a pint of private select icecream, and a free 6" Private Selection baked pie. I shop at Krogers all the time, and I am really enjoying their own line of products for their "Private Selection.", Today I bought the angus beef to make some burgers, and I had the bag of pepper, and sea salt kettle chips for dinner that came in my BzzKit w/the coupons. Using the coupons were very easy. I was just disapointed that my krogers here in Columbus had no Private Selection baked pies out. Absolutely none, so I am saving that coupon for when I pass by another store.

Here are the Private Selection Items I picked up;

The Private Selection Angus Ground beef was really easy to work with, I added egg, some italian bread crumbs, and pepper, sliced garlic cloves, little bit of soy, and made my burgers.(yes that little burger is for my 18 month old, lol)

I also cut up some mushrooms, and onions for the toppings.

The burgers were moist, a great angus beef taste to them, and the chips had the right amount of kettle chip crunch to them. I wish they were spicy, or BBQ, those are my favorite flavors, but the sea salt, and black pepper werent bad. I just don't really buy things normally that have alot of salt in them.

The private selection Raspberry And dark chocolate chunks in the pint size container is to DIE for. This really is a great store brand. Dinner & desert tonight was easy to make, and delicious.

This BzzAgent (Greenvics) really means it when she says for the price, the quality of the food, and the taste, and ability to purchase everything you need while in just one store makes the Private Selection brand one of my favorite store brands.