Wednesday, May 30

Mambo Combo Play Tent; Something Cute for Ya'll

I bought Mambo Combo play tent for the baby to crawl in from Meijers, and he loves them.

I didn't realize how big the tent, and tunnels were until I put them together, they were simple to put together, just a few plastic pieces that snapped together w/strings int he middle.

The tunnels themselves can be put into little bags to store, then unvelcro and they spring back into full tunnel size.

Overall experience for the Mambo Combo playset: Complete fun for the whole family. He loves the tunnel, and we love getting on the floor to play with him.

Storage: When not in use the combo set comes with its own bags to put away, takes up no room once put back in the bags, and don't have to worry about lack of space anywhere.

Price: I paid for this out of pocket myself, it was on clearance for $19.99


  1. Oh my goodness that is TOO CUTE!! Jude would absolutely love that, and I think I would too lol

  2. Thank you maria! I bet he would, Sy would go in his tent like, yah Im over you, I'm going to my space.