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Friday, January 17

Join #Markerly Blogger Network, and Get Paid for your Influence.

This is a sponsored post for Markely. I tell friends, and family how financially, and intellectually stimulating blogging can be for a person. It's not far fetched to be able to blog, review products, and even make money doing so sometimes. What I enjoy most is how it's on MY TIME.  When I want to, and I get to apply, and accept what campaigns fit best with my lifestyle. A lot of time I get told "I don't have time." Don't you already check your email? Aren't you already looking at products online, and reading reviews for things, as is? Do you ever click SHARE after you buy a product? Don't you like to try new things? I know I do. I've also met a lot of great people while networking.

Imagine working with Levi's, Super Bowl, TruMoo, eMeals etc. from your home, on your time. Or, to get free products to review like wine from companies like Last Bottle Wines and Invino or cool earbuds from Jaybird. That is what Markerly does. They make it easy for you to apply for a campaigns online for sponsored content by emailing you when one is open. I will never understand how someone can play online but never has the time to check an email. Markerly is one of the best blogging network to find sponsored content opportunities and get paid to work with awesome brands.

Markerly's network is open to anybody to join that has over 10,000 page views a month or an average of 3 comments per post. So that is a great goal to go for when blogging. It's all about interaction, and networking. Also a little tip, blog about things you love, and make sure you Share photos, and rename photos what it is. And, Add keywords, and tags in labels, and Search Description. With friends, and family sharing, along with search engines. Anything is possible with blogging. Markerly is very focused on quality blog posts and bloggers that have engaged audiences.

Influential marketing really is the future. Companies, and consumers want to know real people reviews.

I mentioned earlier how I've met a lot of great people while blogging.  It's not just other bloggers, but also made friends on my pages, and companies like Markerly who know that sharing is what it's about. Social Media is like a domino effect.  If my 20,000 + followers just share with a few of their couple hundred friends/family.  Things are seen.  Now if blogger friends share with each other it is EPIC. So don't think OMG 10,000 page views is a lot.  Not really, it's not really that much a month.  Once you have content up, like reviews, products, and I like to do recipes too.  People will search, and find you.

Make it happen, Captain.  Sign up for Markerly Blogging Network here, It costs you nothing to sign up, and Markerly pays super fast. One of the fastest, and best blogging networks that I am proud to be a part of.  In two days they pay by Paypal after you've wrote your posts, and shared.

You can also check out what the Press is saying about Markerly.  Look at how well the content sharing platform is doing! This is why I like Markerly so much.  They understand to be successful, you have to share.  With technology now a days, and everyone being "Plugged in" social media really is the now!

Disclaimer: This sponsored post was extremely easy to write because I already use this Network, and it's fun for me to blog.  Love it, and love my followers.

Friday, June 1

Few Social Word Of Mouth Sites

These are the Social word of mouth sites I am part of, and enjoy reviewing free products either by coupons, rebates, or actual samples, and sometimes even full size through the mail for my opinion.

There are many different sites, and each site has its own rules, and what is expected of you to do for accepting a mission/campaign/whatever it may be called.

I upload videos of myself showing & talking about products on some sites like,

These are just a few of my top favorites to participate in.

Sometimes just a picture is needed, and for you to write a review/report. Other times actual videos, and surveys too. I enjoy doing things like this. It's great to be taken outside of our comfort zones, and pushed into trying things we normally may never have tried.