Tuesday, October 30

2012 Holiday Gift Guide {Co-Host Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind}

This is my first Holiday Gift Guide.  With the Holidays approaching, and my sons Birthday in early December I am totally in the gift giving spirit!  I love giving gifts, and I've found someone that has that same passion for Holiday Gift Guides/Giveaways like I do.

Meet my Co-Host Debbie from Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind.  Her site offers so many great  Gift Guide Reviews, and Giveaways! Can't forget the giveaways.  This is going to be MEGA!  Look for posts that say {Co-Host Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind} Hope you all enjoy, and possibly get a few ideas on gifts.

Saturday, October 27

Technogel Sleeping Anatomic Pillow Review

by Life According To GreenVics

TechnogelSleeping.com Anatomic Pillow 

(Anatomic Pillow for Side & Back Sleepers)
A good nights sleep is very important to me.  Being a Mother of a 22 month old boy whom wakes up early, and a husband that works 12+ hours a day I am always up, and doing something.

I have trouble sleeping from an ORIF in my left leg.  That is inner metal hardware drilled from tibia plateau down the bone that makes it so I can bend my leg enough to walk.  I prefer to sleep on my back, and my side.  I go through a lot of pillows because of the way I fold it to be comfortable enough to sleep.

Recently I reviewed the Technogel Pillow called Anatomic by Dr. Scholls.

My first thought of  the pillow when I opened the box was it's pretty heavy.  When I pushed down on the pillow the techno gel was extremely soft, and bounced back to normal when the pressure was off of it.

I was also impressed by the 100% cotton breathable, zippered pillow cover.

To give this pillow a fair review I have been using it for almost a month now.  Some nights I sleep on my back, and some on my side.

When laying on the pillow while on my back the Technogel literally contours around my head and neck.  It made me feel like it was perfectly shaped for me.

My favorite though was laying on my side.  With other pillows I will place my hand under the pillow and fold it some so I can sleep on my side while still maintaining head/neck support.  When I used the Technogel Pillow I found myself not folding the pillow at all, or even trying to.  When I placed my arm under the pillow, and my head & neck ontop both sides contoured to my body.

I have  been experiencing a better sleep routine as well.  Even when Little Man  awakes during the night/morning.  I will get up and calm him down some, then we go back to sleep.  I've noticed it's a lot easier for me to fall back asleep.  I just feel better, and I awake easier to start my day.  It really does have to do with comfortable bedding that contours to your body, and how you sleep it's also great to keep a sleep schedule. Believe me I know it's hard to do this, but also if you can't sleep instead of tossing and turning it's better to get up, do something that's relaxing and then try to go back to bed.  I also like to sleep with the room dark, and cool.

This pillows technology is much different than foam.  It's more durable, there is 3-Dimensinal technology, and it's thermal regulated.  If you're interested in learning more about how this pillow can even help reduce and distribute pressure to help blood flow you can find out more below.


There is a pillow for every type of sleeper.

This would make a great Gift, being I already buy family members new pillows each year.  Technology is always changing, so why not upgrade your pillow too? Hope you enjoyed my review, and wishing you an abundance of sweet dreams whenever you fall asleep tonight.

Smoobees Review & Giveaway

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide

This is the Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush!  Both my son, and I have a very sensitive scalp.  If you look at the brush, it's different than other brushes.  There are two different types of bristles.  Small softer black ones inside, and the long white ones on the outside.  This gave a more even, gentler stroke when I brushed our hair.

Every other year I donate 10+ inches to Locks of Love.  So I love my hair, and a hair brush that does not break my hair is always good.  Knowing what I like, and what works best, gives me a sense of relief when I use it on my kids hair. 

The brushes handle is wooden, it's very well made, and worth the $17.99.  They can also be bedazzled! Check out Smoobees site for cute ideas. Tho, I think they are great for all kids hair, not just for girls.  My sons hair is getting long, and it's perfect for his.

I received this product for free.  You can also enter to win one for free too!  Just enter below via RaffleCopter.  The only mandatory entries are to like Smoobee on facebook, and to Like my page, Life According To GreenVics.  The brush really is a great find, and would be super cute as a gift.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Friday, October 26

Emerson Creek Pottery Go Green Apple Baker Review & Giveaway

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide

This is completely non-toxic, 100% Virginia Clay.  These Go Green Apple Bakers by Emerson Creek Pottery are hand made in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

I absolutely love this apple baker.  It's so easy to use, and works fantastic! Below is a sweet treat my husband made for our Toddler. 

Instead of a bunch of overly sugar treats, we cored an apple, placed it in the middle of the apple baker.

We then added just a pinch of sugar, and some Ground Cinnamon.

And let the apple bake in the Oven, it was done in no time.

Rather my husband make this as a snack for our toddler than any other sweet treat.  Personally, I wanted Vanilla IceCream in the middle of mine after baking but.. Someone ate all my Ice Cream!

A few ideas,  Bake apples with the Go Green Apple Baker, You can even do 3-4 apples and place around the apple baker.  Once the apple has baked with Cinnamon Sugar, Let cool to warm, and add some Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Or, You could even bake a bunch of these apples, cut into slices, and use for plain oatmeal, or to just eat alone as a snack.  

Check Emerson Creek Pottery out on Facebook!! You can also enter below to win your own Apple Baker!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Tuesday, October 23

Get 75% more from your Fiber Supplement with Konsyl Original Review & Giveaway

by,  Life According To GreenVics

Konsyl Original Psyllium Fiber

Get 75% more from your Fiber Supplement with Konsyl Original,
enter for a chance to win Konsyl Orignal PLUS 
& A $75.00 American Express Giftcard!

I don't care who you are,  or how old you are.. things like psyllium fiber are needed.  Even if you think your diet is high in fiber from the foods you eat.. most of the time it is not enough.  The fact that Konsyl is Heart Healthy, and Helps lower cholestrol should be enough to make us.  As humans,  as living organisms want to regulate our bodies to work to their fullest potentials. 

Konsyl has 75% more psyllium fiber than competiters to ensure that users will receive the full benefits of psyllium fiber. It is also Sugar & Gluten free.  100% Natural.

To review Konsyl I was sent the packet powder pysllium fibers, and an easy to use shaker cup.  The packet pouches are perfect for having a few in the car for when you just don't feel good for the day,  maybe you're sluggish, and your body just doesn't feel like itself.  My husband always has a few extra packs in the car also in case he forgets to drink his in the morning.

For each packet, you need 8 oz of water.  You shake for a few seconds, and drink quickly.  It's important to drink quickly so the fiber doesn't thicken too much,  that can be a choking hazard ONLY if you dont use the proper amount of water, shake & drink fast enough.  

If you don't have a shaker cup, just use your water bottle.  Once the water bottle if half way full, thats about 8 oz.  Add to that.  It's really good in flavored water too.

I always feel more like myself when I take fiber.  I'm not as sluggish.  Everyones body is different, but in reality, everyones body needs fiber.  

In Celebration of offering 75% More fiber, Konsyl is also offering one lucky follower to win Konsyl Original & A $75.00 Amex Gift Card.

Enter below on RaffleCopter. If for some reason you can't enter on raffle copter, just leave a comment bellow with a valid email, your name,  join the Konsyl Community On Facebook to learn more about the #1 doctor recommended fiber supplement.  And, like, Life According To GreenVics On Facebook, and you will be entered.  

U.S. Residents Only.  No purchase Neccesary.  Only mandatory entries are to Like Konsyl On Facebook, and Life According To GreenVics on Facebook.  Giveaway begins 10/17/2012, & Ends 11/17/2012. Winner receives Konsyl Original, & A $75.00 American Express GiftCard.  Prizes are shipped directly from Konsyl, Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for shipment of prize.  Winner will be chosen at random via Raffle Copter.  Winner has 7days to reply to winners email, if not, prize is forfeited, and another winner will be chosen at random. So please use a valid email!

Konsyl Original Formula 450g size is available in retail stores; other Konsyl products are conveniently available for purchase on www.konsyl.com and on various e-tailers, such as Drugstore.com, Walmart.com, Amazon.com.

Monday, October 22

Boylan's Winter Wonderbox Review & Giveaway

by Life According To GreenVics

Made with Sugar Cane!

Creamy Birch Beer Floats = Family Tradition To Me.

Creamy Red Boylan's Birch Beer Float
Here's a great recipe to make an easy Creamy Birch Beer float. First you'll need Creamy Red Boylan's BIRCH BEER, and Vanilla IceCream. Scoop four scoops of icecream into the mug, use a bottle opener to pop the top off the Birch Beer.  Finally pour the Boylans over the IceCream.

Look At Those Delicious Layers

Would you like a Creamy Red Boylan's Birch Beer Float too?! Read my review & Enter below for a chance to win a case!! Boylan's has been creating some of the best sugar cane sodas since 1891.  This specific Winter WonderBox(Retails $15.00) consists of twelve glass 12oz bottles.  Flavors included are (three of each):
  • Creamy Birch Beer
  • Root Beer
  • Black Cherry
  • Ginger Ale
The glass bottles, along with the sugar cane sweetness gave me this vintage feeling.  Like how Soda should be.  It really was a treat, and was my Toddlers first ever ice cream float. I believe in creating family traditions.  To me,  something as simple, and easy as making a Birch Beer Ice Cream float can be that tradition to share during the Holidays.  

Someone likes the Float!

Everything I do, I do for this little Guy right here.  His happiness comes before everything.  To see him enjoy this float with me, made me miss my family that's 800 miles away.  Being from a family of 8 in one household,  and all of us having a killer sweet tooth making our own root beer floats at home saved money, and still allowed us to do something together as a family.

If you are a No Caffiene, Sodium Free, No Artificial Colors, Or Flavors, Preservative free kind've family the Ginger Ale is something you should look into trying from Boylans.  

Husband Enjoying A RootBeer Float

I received Boylans Winter Wonderbox for free, for my honest opinion.  This Soda really is delicious!!

Enter to win a Case of the Winter Wonderland Boylan Flavors!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
U.S. Residents Only.  Giveaway begins 10/22/2012, Ends 11/05/2012.  Prize is mailed directly from Boylans Bottling.  Winner is picked at random via RaffleCopter.  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fullfillment.  Winner has 7 buisness days to reply to winning email, if no confirmation is received prize is forfeited, and another winner will be choosen at random. Retail Value $15.00.

Don't forget to either recycle, or get a glass bottle refund (depending on your state) for those empty soda bottles!!

Sunday, October 21

SendThemCookies.com Review

by Life According To GreenVics

Gourmet Quality thats beyond Good enough for you, and your family! My family loved the treats. I loved them so much, I am going to send my Dad that's in a different state some for the Holidays. I know what he loves, and these would make him smile so much, he'll think I spent a fortune!

2.5 lbs of Handmade Sweets for $39.95

Imagine having a WOODEN CRATE OF COOKIES delivered to your front door? The excitement, the watering of your mouth knowing there are so many different sweets to tame your sweet tooth beast. Knowing they are speciality Gourmet Homemade cookies from Paul Evans Gifts for reasonable prices.

Already Gift Wrapped, and In A Reusable Wooden Crate

This is the tray I was sent from SendThemCookies.com to review.  I was blown away at how many delicious gourmet cookies were in the wooden crate.  There were layers of goodness!

The 2.5 LB European Butter Cookie Sampler Crate comes with:
  • Minature Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Minature Almond Shortbread Cookies
  • Pistachio-Ginger Bars
  • Toasted Coconut Bars
  • Chocolate-Walnut Biscotti
  • Raspberry Linzer Heart Cookies
  • Rich Fudge Brownies
  • Minature Pecan Tartlettes

It's a bonus to receive a reusable stained wood gift crate,  mine came with a custom hand written gift card too.  It was just as sweet as the cookies.

Layers Of Sweets, and Mouth Watering Treats

Can you believe 2.5 LBS of Home made Gourmet cookies are just $39.95?  Plus shipping, but that is still so crazy cheap.  The taste is NOT cheap, the taste really is Gourmet Hand Made delicious, melts in your mouth, perfection.

I've sent my parents cookie gifts that I over paid for from other companies, that they may have got a dozen cookies from, and that's it.  I wish I would've known about SendThemCookies.com before.  

These are 100% better than grocery store bought cookies.

These cookie gift baskets would be a great treat to send family members for the holidays.  Say money is tight, and you can't afford to buy a gift for each one.  Gift baskets with varities in them like SendThemCookies.com has something for everyone.  Really, these are great for any occasion.  

Believe me when I say, these remind me of my Mamas cookies.  My momma can bake.  They were Delicious, fresh, and I have never had a cookie gift basket this big.

Visit Paul Evans Gifts for SendThemCookies.com, or on FaceBook, Give SendThemCookies some facebook love!! You can really tell these are made with love.

Shipped anywhere!!

I was not told what to write by Paul Evans Gifts SendThemCookies.  I did receive these treats for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  I mean everything I've said about them.  I totally have a killer sweet tooth.   

Friday, October 19

Delivery.com Review & Giveaway

by Life According To GreenVics

I really love the concept of Delivery.com.  Sometimes we tend to stick to the same menu when ordering out because we don't know the options out there. Don't forget to also scroll below to enter the $40.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Sushi From Delivery.com
You can search on Delivery.com to see what is offered in your area for  Food Delivery, or for pickup. No searching for old menusno phone calls, no waiting on hold and no repeating your order.  There are also iPhone and Android Apps for easy ordering on the go. I'm all for anything that makes life easier.  Can't get any easier than ordering your food online, and having it delivered.

To see if any restraunts in your area is available on delivery.com, just search by City.

I also like the fact that if your friends or family are in the area you can surprise them with a  Delivery.com Gift Certificate.

The Gift Certificate is so easy to use! Just go to the site, enter your address and order your food with the gift card number. 

How Easy It Is To Search Delivery.com

Here are Restaurants in the area that I am currently at.  First spot.. Sushi!! I really love sushi.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
U.S. Residents Only.  Gift Certifcate is only valid in Areas that delivery.com delivers in.  Please check to see if your location is offered.  Giveaway begins 10/20/2012, Ends 11/03/2012.  Price is Valued at $40.00.  Winner is chosen at random via RaffleCopter.  Winner has 7 Days to reply to winner email or another winner will be chosen at random.  Good luck to all.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, October 18

Bow-N-Ties Review

by Life According To GreenVics

Designer hand made ties from $9.90 to $24.90.. yes, it's true.  I didn't think the quality of the tie would be this good when I had the opportunity to review Bow-N-Ties but it met our expectations, and then some.

Use promo code: GHK67TR to get 20% Off!! (Expires 10/21/2012)

My husband loves his ties.  It used to be mandatory at his job for them to wear ties.  He still can wear them, so he was happy to be part of this Bow-N-Ties Review.

His thoughts on the tie were, "I thought it was classy, and elagant." He also expressed how sweet it was he has a new tie.  It's been years since he's been givin a tie. 

This is the Cavallieri Pin Dot Tie in Merlot.  It's 100% Silk, and hand made.  I thought the quality of the tie was beautiful for just being $24.90.  Every tie on Bow-N-Ties website are under $25.00.  I saw some really nice ones for just $9.90 too.

The tie was extremely well made.  Very soft.  And just looked great around my husbands neck.  His smile said it all.  To me that is just beautiful. 

What fantastic gifts these ties would make.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

CollageIt Downloadable Software Review

by Life According To GreenVics

CollageIt Downloadable Software Review.

Downloading the Software from CollageIt was extremely easy.  Set up was literally just a few clicks.  It can be used on Windows, or Mac.  

I customized my own layout in CollageIt, and added pictures of Sy for a halloween theme.  I also changed the color of the background.  I have so many ideas on what I want to use this collage for.  Most importantly would be to print, and add to scrape books.  Then I can add even more personalized touches.   

The overall ease of useage for this program was extremely user friendly.   Easy to use, and navigate.  To add images there is an Add button on the left bottom side.  Then you can drag those images into the Template Layout picked out. You can even Shuffle things around if you're not "sure" if that is how you like it.  If you are looking for an easy program, that loads fast, and doesn't drain your memory, I would suggest this easy collage software.   

Download A Free Trial:http://www.collageitfree.com/

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Purex Insiders: Triple Action Purex Oxi Sweepstakes

Being part of the Purex Insider has its perks! I get to review The Triple Action Purex Oxi, and do giveaways on my facebook & twitter (Coming soon!) For now you can enter Purex Insiders Sweepstakes below. It also helps me get entries for the blogger contest, so thank you in advance! I love you all. =)

There are $6,000.00 worth of prizes Purex is giving out.  This is one of those things you'll never win if you don't enter! 

Sweepstakes Ends November 30, 2012.  

Don't forget to share with your friends! I've won coupons, and magazine subscriptions personally! 

$500.00 Christmas Cash Blogger Event!

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Christmas Cash Event hosted by Mom Powered Media

Prize: $500 Visa Gift Card OR $500 Paypal Cash OR $500 Amazon Gift Card {winner's choice}

Sunday, October 14

BookWedge Review

This is the BookWedge.  It's part of my Holiday Gift Guide.  What I liked about this is it's easily inflatable, and sits comfortably on my lap.  It would make a perfect gift for those loved ones that like to read.  Even those that are in school that read a lot in bed. It also partners well with the WondaWedge. Both would be  great for the avid reader.

My SonyS Tablet Fits Perfectly On The BookWedge
Just like the WondaWedge, it can be inflated, as easy as it can be deflated.  It's good for all kinds of Books, (Paper back, hard back, or e-books on electronic devices.)

I Inflated Mine In  Just A Few Minutes

I used my Sony S Tablet on mine.  Whats great about my device, and the BookWedge, I can play flash games, facebook games, while in my lap. 

Side View Of My Tablet, and Book Wedge.

Experience:  Blown up within minutes.  It held my tablet firmly, and did not fall off, or over.  As you can see my tablet is a little top heavy, and thin at the bottom.  That was not an issue with the BookWedge.

Durability: Deflated easily, and I inflated it again right after to see if it would be as easy.  It was.  There were no issues with leaks.  It rolled back up with ease.

Price: The BookWedge retails for $19.99.

Don't forget to check out my Review for the WondaWedge. Same durable material, and ease.

My Hubby On The WondaWedge Relaxing After Work

Hope you enjoyed my Reviews, and thought of someone these would be great gifts for!

WondaWedge Review

by, Life According To GreenVics

The WondaWedge is part of my Holiday Gift Guide.  This product would make a fantastic office gift.  You could even give it to that family member you just don't know what to get.  As soon as I received the WondaWedge I let my husband lay on it, and he's already claimed it as his own.  

My Hubby Relaxing on our WondaWedge

Sometimes you just feel like laying on the floor, and watching TV.  I'm not sure if it's because we did it as kids, or that it's just nice to stretch those muscles out.  I was sent WondaWedge for free to review.

Deflated WondaWedge
This product can be used for multiply situations.  The beach, the park, a concert.  Or just to hang out at home.  We like to lounge on it in the middle of the floor.  I wish I had the WondaWedge when I was pregnant.  My husband is guilty of taking the pillows off the couch to use on the floor and this product really is a better alternative than him using my couch cushions.

I really look forward to taking this camping with me.

Experience:  It's easy to blow up. It holds it's air & is soft to the touch.  It even comes with an attached  mat in case you are laying on the ground.

Durability:  Both my husband, and I are husky people so we need things that wont break/pop soon as we use it.  This has held up to the test of being above average.

Price: The WondaWedge is $24.00.  Pretty reasonable for how it deflates, and rolls up for easy storage when not in use.

Colors Available: Navy Blue, Lemon Yellow, Think Pink, Warm Grey,  Lime Green, Citrus Orange.

Don't forget to check out my Review for the BookWedge!

Can be used for books, or tablets!

My question to you.. Did these products make you think of someone these would be great gifts for? 

Friday, October 12

StarLooks September 2012 Monthly Subscription Box Review

StarLooks September 2012 Gift Box

Review by Life According To GreenVics

Starlooks.com is a $15.00/month Subscription box. This is the 2012 September Box. Included in the box are 6 Full Size products.  There are various signature sets that can be purchased separate if you like what was in your sample box.  The Makeup included in this months box were a 5 palette eye shadow, clear primer, little jewels for your eyes/brows/wherever you want.  And, a Quartz crystal.  

StarLooks ranges from 3+ Full size products that are worth double the price of the box.  I was impressed with the products I received to review.  I also had fun trying the products out on myself.  

Below is a Video I made showing that I received in the box, and how it is mailed.   Starlooks comes Gift Boxed, and really did make me feel like a star.  

The fact that this box came with 5 monochromic eye shadows and a clear primer.  Along with the diamond jewels were a fun touch.  Septembers box was playful to me, and made me want to shine.

There is a Starlooks:Looksbook How-To on ideas to use what's being sent for the month.  Or, you can just create your own.  I just had fun with mine.  The Looksbook has some wicked ideas, and images.  I saw some past boxes that I wish I had known about before.

My Impression of Septembers Monthly box:  Playful! Fun! The diamonds made me feel classy, and like I was a Hollywood pinup.  I think this monthly subscription box is well worth the $15.00/Month.

Usually monthly boxes are just sample sizes, but StarLooks guarantee's full size products in each box.

Starlooks on Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube.