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Saturday, May 14

You had me at No Artificial anything! @ReedsGingerBrew #Review #GlutenFree #PreservativeFree #CaffeineFree #Sodas #Spon

Aren't all the colors of the Brews beautiful? Colas, Cream Sodas, Root Beers, and even Ginger Beer (Ale.)

I'm truly amazed by REED's Inc.  with all of their Brews being GMO Free, Preservative Free, Caffeine Free, and with No Artificial anything while still maintaining a great taste of fresh ingredients, and the carbonation is to die for.  When I am craving a Soda, it's that carbonation, and mix of Flavors that I want.  The first Soda I wanted to try was the Zero Root Beer that has No Calories!!  It was delicious, and hit the spot I was looking for.  Something Sweet while the foam was perfect on top! I then tried the Jamaican Style Ginger Beer (Ale) and was blown away by the spices.  These are how Sodas were meant to be Brewed.  

With detail to Flavor like that I completely can taste why each beverage tastes as strong, and smooth as they do. "Virgil's made naturally for the soft drink connoisseur originally Virgil's was one man's passion to create the finest root beer ever produced.  After retiring from a very successful career in the beverage industry, Ed Crowly set out to research making his root beer. As a result of his research Ed developed the recipe for Virgil's Root Beer.  Recipe in hand, his search for the finest ingredients took him around the world.  The results are three NASFT awards for Virgil's Root Beer the highest ever for a beverage. When Ed retired, Reed's Inc. took over the company and has added cream sodas, and colas worthy of Ed's pioneering efforts all made naturally without caffeine or preservatives.  Reed’s Inc. was started in 1989 by Chris Reed. His research into the history of sodas found soft drink recipes from before the beginning of the modern soft drinks industry… He found that back in the early log cabin days, the pioneers couldn’t go to the store and buy soft drinks, they brewed their own sodas. They didn’t make them the way modern commercial soft drinks are made, even the so called natural ones. They brewed them in their kitchens, directly from roots, spices and fruits. These early soft drinks, besides being natural and delicious, were also healthy. Many folk used them as herbal tonics." Read more about Reed's Inc. Brews here,

Just Listen to the fresh ingredients in the Regular Virgils Root Beer; Purified Carbonated Water, Un-bleached Cane Sugar, Anise From Spain, Licorice From France, Vanilla (Bourbon) From Madagascar, Cinnamon From Ceyton, Clove From Indonesia, Wintergreen From China, Sweet Birch From The Southern U.S, Molasses From The U.S., Nutmeg From Indonesia, Pimento Berry Oil from Jamaica, Balsam Oil From Peru, Cassia Oil From China.  

Check out more of Reed's Brews over at, for more flavors like Spiced Apple, Raspberry, Cherry, Premium, Original, Extra Ginger Brew (Ale.) Then You Have Virgil's Root Beer, Cream Soda, Black Cherry Cream Soda, Orange Cream Soda, Real Cola.  And, the Zero Calorie options of Virgil's, Zero Root Beer, Zero Cream Soda, Zero Black Cherry Cream Soda, and Zero Real Cola. Can't forget the Butterscotch Beer either!

I tried the Crystallized Ginger Candy and it literally melts in your mouth, and has the strongest, tastiest natural ginger flavor ever.  It's soft, and easy to eat which I really enjoyed.  

If you have not tried REED's Sodas, or Virgils you definitely should try them.  I can't help but enjoy a soda with a meal here, and there.  It's one of my guilty pleasures.  Locate a store near you,

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I received samples for my opinion.  All images are my own, and I completely agree with natural ingredients are the way to go! Thank you Reed's Inc. for making a fantastic product. 

Monday, October 22

Boylan's Winter Wonderbox Review & Giveaway

by Life According To GreenVics

Made with Sugar Cane!

Creamy Birch Beer Floats = Family Tradition To Me.

Creamy Red Boylan's Birch Beer Float
Here's a great recipe to make an easy Creamy Birch Beer float. First you'll need Creamy Red Boylan's BIRCH BEER, and Vanilla IceCream. Scoop four scoops of icecream into the mug, use a bottle opener to pop the top off the Birch Beer.  Finally pour the Boylans over the IceCream.

Look At Those Delicious Layers

Would you like a Creamy Red Boylan's Birch Beer Float too?! Read my review & Enter below for a chance to win a case!! Boylan's has been creating some of the best sugar cane sodas since 1891.  This specific Winter WonderBox(Retails $15.00) consists of twelve glass 12oz bottles.  Flavors included are (three of each):
  • Creamy Birch Beer
  • Root Beer
  • Black Cherry
  • Ginger Ale
The glass bottles, along with the sugar cane sweetness gave me this vintage feeling.  Like how Soda should be.  It really was a treat, and was my Toddlers first ever ice cream float. I believe in creating family traditions.  To me,  something as simple, and easy as making a Birch Beer Ice Cream float can be that tradition to share during the Holidays.  

Someone likes the Float!

Everything I do, I do for this little Guy right here.  His happiness comes before everything.  To see him enjoy this float with me, made me miss my family that's 800 miles away.  Being from a family of 8 in one household,  and all of us having a killer sweet tooth making our own root beer floats at home saved money, and still allowed us to do something together as a family.

If you are a No Caffiene, Sodium Free, No Artificial Colors, Or Flavors, Preservative free kind've family the Ginger Ale is something you should look into trying from Boylans.  

Husband Enjoying A RootBeer Float

I received Boylans Winter Wonderbox for free, for my honest opinion.  This Soda really is delicious!!

Enter to win a Case of the Winter Wonderland Boylan Flavors!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
U.S. Residents Only.  Giveaway begins 10/22/2012, Ends 11/05/2012.  Prize is mailed directly from Boylans Bottling.  Winner is picked at random via RaffleCopter.  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fullfillment.  Winner has 7 buisness days to reply to winning email, if no confirmation is received prize is forfeited, and another winner will be choosen at random. Retail Value $15.00.

Don't forget to either recycle, or get a glass bottle refund (depending on your state) for those empty soda bottles!!