Wednesday, September 7

End of Summer STEM Toy Reviews!

Our Summer flew by with all the fun toys we reviewed to keep our minds sharp, and our bodies healthy while learning. We received the following toys below for review. 

Groovy Glow Wubble Ball 2-pack

Sy had a blast with these. I absolutely appreciate how easy it was to blow these ones up with the included straw and they came with a patch kit. He is hard on Toys and the patch kit was used, and worked as intended, couldn't even tell how rough he was with it.  

The ball itself is huge once blown up it almost resembles a planet, it makes a wubble sound, almost like gelatin shake when hitting the ball into the air. The wubble balls were a lot of fun to play with.

Smithonian Prehistorian Sea Monster Kit

There are many things to learn from Smithsonian Prehistorian Sea Monster Kit. First lesson is following easy to understand directions. 

Next lesson learning about the beginnings of life as you wait for the eggs to hatch.  The kit comes with Triop eggs that you have to hatch, and feed.

You're in for a treat as they swim around look for food and it's your job to provide, with included food pellets. This kit is a jumping off point for learning and is fun and exciting to learn how important it is to take care of living creatures.  

This robotic Quarterback was easy to use, and basically already put together.  Just had to take the back off and add 4 C batteries and put two pieces on to play.  The older kids had no problem figuring the Pro Passer out.  

It's great active outside fun for the kids to throw a ball around and have lots of fun with.  

There are a set of blue buttons on the front to control where you'd like the robotic arm to throw, and a map off to the left side that lights up what direction it's set on before running where it's throwing the ball at.  

Smithonian Mars Dig Science Kit

Let's face facts, it's very dangerous and expensive to go to Mars. No one has done it yet doesn't help either. Your young astronaut is looking to you for help, and that's where Smithsonian Mars Dig Science Kit comes in for the save. Using the tools provided and a little imagination the red planet will reveal it's mysteries. This kit can start a life long interest in space. When you're astronaut does finally go to Mars, they will have fond memories of their first trip with you.

Wednesday, January 27

Ready to file your 2020 taxes?

Congratulations to all of us that have worked and made it through another year. It's that time of the year when 2020 tax returns need to be filed. I hope you and your family are safe, and healthy during these trying times. This sure has been a whirlwind of a year. I have a few tips that helps me get ready for tax time. I believe in all aspects of life that it is better to be prepared than uninformed when it comes to your economic nexus, your workers, property, warehouses, and inventory. 

Are you self filing? Joint Filing? Personal? Or Business? If you have receipts, and itemized bills get those together now to be organized.

If you are Self Filing/Joint Filing and worried about your w2 being delayed in the mail you may be able to log into your companies paystub portal to print your W2. With all that is going on it is not the United States Postal Services fault for mail delays. Try calling your employers payroll department and ask if they have a paystub portal you can sign up for or if they can electronically send your w2 since postal mail is delayed right now.

I know this year will be different for many due to the Pandemic and the Stimulus Check that many did not receive. If you didn't receive the new Economic Impact Payment by February 1 you'll need to claim the Recovery Impact Credit. This is where it gets tricky, I know a lot companies dangle early tax loans with their last year's Paystubs, I personally would not do that this year. I suggest seeing a tax professional after February, and after checking the IRS Get My Economic Payment status to see if you were supposed to get it by direct deposit, United States Postal mail or some it says Unavailable/Does not qualify but does qualify. Many that used Turbotax, H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt did not receive their Stimulus Money filing with those type of Tax Businesses due to them taking their fees out in a bank account set up between Accounts that were closed. I would not use one of those businesses this year. Personally I would see a real tax professional, and not ones that do the early tax loans. In my opinion that is why millions of Americans will have to fill out for the Economic Impact Credit on their taxes this year that needed the money now, not later.

Right now it is even more tricky if you are a business. Your tax nexus is the connection between a seller and a state that requires you, the seller to register then collect and send sales tax your state. Business activities such as having a physical presence or reaching a certain sales threshold, establish nexus with the state. If you are a small business I hope you took advantage of The Cares Act Small Business Protection Program Loans available in your States. Some even had Grants to apply for.

Have all your W2s ready, 1099s if you are self filing. Even your Bank Statement Summary can help with itemized expenses. What helps me is highlight with different colors.

This year I suggest having a professional not those pop up strip mall tax companies fill out the 1040 since not all received the full amount or any amount that were eligible who used the pop up businesses. This year will be different than previous tax year's.

Saturday, April 25

God opened his arms to another Sweet Angel.

(Photo collage by Terri King,

Heres is something beautifully written by my cousin Dakota for his little brother Dylan becoming an Angel.

Gofund me for the funeral expenses: any little bit or even shares are very appreciated. 

I will say this forever, our special needs babies are not burdens, they are pure love.  He was such a sweet boy.  I basically spent the entire family reunion holding his hand in October because Everytime I would put my hand down he'd reach to hold it again.  He was very loved by everyone.

Friday, November 8

My favorite JBuds: #1 True Wireless Headphones under $100.

JLab is really bringing the Bluetooth total wireless headphones on this season.  Maybe you're a gamer, a music lover, ebook reader, or podcast fiend like me. These ear buds are high quality, and affordable.   

I'm telling you, that you will be very impressed with this series. 

Not only are they under $100, they also come in a carrying case with a built in USB charger that the inside of the cases magnetically pulls the ear buds firmly into place for easy charging.  Very comfortable to wear, stylish and easy to sync.

While the outside either the bottom or side has a USB cord that is built in for charging so the case can be on the go as it's own charging station.

There really is something for everyone.  This new series has the JBuds Air Icon with the capacity to use for 24 hours before recharging.

Then there is JBuds Air Executive.  It's built in Mic, and true wireless capabilities makes it easy to be mobile and get everything done for the day with the ear buds in while still being professional.

Finally, my favorites - the AirBuds Air Sports.  They have 40+ hours of play time, and fit perfectly in, and around my ears.

I am a very active person while at work, and these are the best.

No wires, no worries.  I am constantly up, down, kneeling, squats, on a ladder, back and forth. These are my favorite for my ear size, and lifestyle.

Find Your Go with JLabs JBuds available at Best buy by clicking here.

They also come with interchangeable pieces to fit your ears. 

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

Friday, November 1

Whaaat? A microwave that air fries?!

Who knew a microwave like the Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1 existed til now? It air fries, bakes, and roasts. Not only is it a 3 in 1 microwave it can just be used as a normal microwave too. I don't have much counter space and I appreciate that the Breville does this much in one space.  My favorite coffee grinder/Brewer is by Breville so I have no doubt this Microwave is amazing.

Introducing the NEW! Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1 Microwave
- The combination Microwave that Air Fries and is a convection oven. Now available at Best Buy.

A microwave lets you air fry (crunchy fries, brussel sprouts, chicken wings), bake or roast (whole chickens, lasagna, chocolate brownies) or simply microwave with even heat distribution. The Combi has a 80% quieter soft close door – so no more microwave slams! It’s also 50% quieter while in operation. Clever touches like child lock & mute buttons mean less beeps/bumps/clangs and more pops, bites and crunches! Intuititively easy presets at your fingertips: Smart Cook, Smart Reheat & Smart Defrost

This is a sponsored post.

#1 True Wireless Headphones under $100: JLab Headphones

Looking for the best gift idea for an avid music lover, ebook reader, gym goer or podcast listener? JLab Air has covered for truly wireless ear buds that are under $100.

Jlab Air features three new models to give you true wireless earbuds that deliver on sound, quality and comfort.

JBuds Air Sport

JBuds Air Executive

JBuds Air Icon, an upgraded everyday option.

There's something for everyone to find your go.

Rechargeable battery Offers up to 6 hours of use on a charge.

Sweat-resistant Provides protection from sweat, so you can easily wear headphones while working out.

Bluetooth interface Enables simple wireless pairing with your Bluetooth-enabled device.

In-ear design Fits securely and directs music into your ears for full, uninterrupted audio.

Stereo design Delivers crisp tones.

Dual connect (Air Icon Only) Use either earbud independently or use both and experience a seamless connection.

This is a sponsored post.

Tuesday, October 22

Finally a cordless max that can vacuum and wash at the same time! The new BISSELL Crossover Cordless Max.

With the Holidays approaching and being in a time crunch for work, school, kids, shopping, and cleaning the house for guests BISSELL just released a Crossover Cordless Max that can do two jobs at once.

Check out the NEW! BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max now at Best Buy. Not only can it vacuum and wash your floors at the same time BISSELL will donate $10 to BISSELL Pet Foundation® for each CrossWave® Cordless Max purchase upon activation.

Visit to register your device & BISSELL will make the donation.

Click here to check out more about the new BISSELL Crosswave Cordless Max.

Vacuum and wash your floors at the same time with cordless freedom.

Up to 30 minutes of cordless cleaning power* with a 36V lithium ion battery. *May vary based on mode and usage.

Multi-surface cleaning means it's safe and effective for use on tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, and more. It even refreshes area rugs.

Self-cleaning cycle helps maintain machine's cleaning performance thanks to Two-Tank Technology that keeps clean water and formula separate from dirty water and dry debris. Disclaimer: This is an ad.