Wednesday, September 7

End of Summer STEM Toy Reviews!

Our Summer flew by with all the fun toys we reviewed to keep our minds sharp, and our bodies healthy while learning. We received the following toys below for review. 

Groovy Glow Wubble Ball 2-pack

Sy had a blast with these. I absolutely appreciate how easy it was to blow these ones up with the included straw and they came with a patch kit. He is hard on Toys and the patch kit was used, and worked as intended, couldn't even tell how rough he was with it.  

The ball itself is huge once blown up it almost resembles a planet, it makes a wubble sound, almost like gelatin shake when hitting the ball into the air. The wubble balls were a lot of fun to play with.

Smithonian Prehistorian Sea Monster Kit

There are many things to learn from Smithsonian Prehistorian Sea Monster Kit. First lesson is following easy to understand directions. 

Next lesson learning about the beginnings of life as you wait for the eggs to hatch.  The kit comes with Triop eggs that you have to hatch, and feed.

You're in for a treat as they swim around look for food and it's your job to provide, with included food pellets. This kit is a jumping off point for learning and is fun and exciting to learn how important it is to take care of living creatures.  

This robotic Quarterback was easy to use, and basically already put together.  Just had to take the back off and add 4 C batteries and put two pieces on to play.  The older kids had no problem figuring the Pro Passer out.  

It's great active outside fun for the kids to throw a ball around and have lots of fun with.  

There are a set of blue buttons on the front to control where you'd like the robotic arm to throw, and a map off to the left side that lights up what direction it's set on before running where it's throwing the ball at.  

Smithonian Mars Dig Science Kit

Let's face facts, it's very dangerous and expensive to go to Mars. No one has done it yet doesn't help either. Your young astronaut is looking to you for help, and that's where Smithsonian Mars Dig Science Kit comes in for the save. Using the tools provided and a little imagination the red planet will reveal it's mysteries. This kit can start a life long interest in space. When you're astronaut does finally go to Mars, they will have fond memories of their first trip with you.


  1. I love all the information and photos about the toys and how much Sy loves them! I love the photo of the ball. It really does look like a planet!!

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