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Tuesday, January 1

Lazy Day? Try this Pizza Alternative Recipe (Tostadas)

I wanted pizza for dinner, but I wanted something easy to make, and a better alternative too, so I made Pizza Tostadas. All you really need is cheese, sauce, tostadas, and whatever other toppings you enjoy.

Just bake them long enough to melt the cheese, I like to use a sheet of parchment paper. Makes the Tostadas nice and extra crispy.

I am human, and have my weaknesses, but if I can find something that fufills a craving I have for pizza, that is an even healthier alternative. I try to make that first. You can also use refried beans instead of pasta sauce, or just do stewed tomato's, whatever you like.

I try to make my fridge have fruits, and vegetables portioned off in their own bags, that way I can just grab a bag when I am preparing a meal. I usually buy things in bulk, either from Sams Club, or Aldi's, Those two are the cheapest places here for fresh produce. I do grow my own cherry tomatoes, pablano peppers, and mints. I have what you call an "apartment garden." Ideally I'd love a real yard.