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Tuesday, December 10

Allens Beans, and Vegetable Coupon!! Printable!! Get yours #Coupon #ExtremeCouponing

Get your Allens Free Printable Coupons now!! It's that time of the year to stock up on Canned Goods. I like to donate them, I also like to have them in my pantry during Winter time too.

My family likes to substitute beans for meat, I also like to put Veggies, and Beans into my Rice as a meal. We rarely ever eat Red Meat.  So meals like this with canned beans (We just drain them, wash them off, and add to our meals. I'm a believer in you can turn anything into an awesome meal.) Plus this time of the year, we all need a little good luck where I live.  The roads are Icy, snows falling, and the negative windchill sets in.  Bring on the Luck!

The practice of eating “good luck” foods is commonly observed throughout the South and around the country as a fun superstition. Traditions vary from culture to culture, but there are striking similarities in what's consumed throughout the United States. Specifically, however, the blackeyed peas are thought to bring prosperity, especially when served with collard greens and other greens variations –which are thought to bring wealth and money. This time of year puts a relevant slant on vegetables and the campaign, encouraging families to eat better, eat as a family and to hopefully gain some good luck along the way.

Allens, a company based in Arkansas, offers a range of “good luck” vegetables and recipes enlisting good luck vegetables for good luck planning. Consumers are invited to visit recipes as well as more information on better eating, overall.

Monday, December 2

Tired of Leftovers?! Check out my Tandoor Chef Review & #Giveaway for Authentic Indian Cuisine.

I know there's a bazillion ways to prepare leftover Thanksgiving Turkey, and side dishes, but I get sick of eating the same kind of thing, all the time. Plus, I like to spend time with my family, not hours in the kitchen cooking.  

My local Giant Eagle carries Tandoor Chef prepackaged Indian Cuisine.  I decided to try the

Chicken Tikka Masala with Cumin-Infused Basmati Rice,

and the Chicken Curry with Seasoned Basmati Rice.

The sauces are all Authentic in seasoning, and the chicken was moist, from soaking up the seasoning.  Also, the rice was just right! I can't stand overly cooked, mooshy microwaveable rice. This rice did not do that, at all.

Here are the Tandoor Chef meals right after they come out the Microwave.  I split each in 1/2 to have a nice little buffet with the Hubby.  If you are craving something different, and don't feel like eating out, or cooking, you should really check out TANDOOR CHEF.  

Tandoor Chef makes appetizers, naan, and meals. Some are Veg, and even Gluten Free.

If your local store doesn't carry Tandoor Chef, ask at customer service can they Order it, or check Tandoor Chef out on Amazon. I wouldn't mind some boxes of Food delivered to my front door for the Holidays! I'd be beyond Thankful!

Disclaimer: I received Coupons to Facilitate a Review, All photos, and opinions are my own.

Enter below to win a Tandoor Coupon!! There will be Two Winners.  Please make sure your local Grocery store carries these, if not, you can always request them to!  

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TWO winners, 1 Coupon per Each Win. U.S. Only. Giveaway begins 12:/3/13 12:00 AM Est, Ends 12/9/2013 12:00 AM Est. Winners will be chosen at Random Via Rafflecopter.

Tuesday, August 27

My Island Crab Salad Recipe using King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.

I love King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls!! Not only am I a huge fan of the rolls, but my 2 year old enjoys them too.  They are the perfect small hand's meal.

Today we made an easy meal I call Island Crab Salad,

The ingrediants are simple,

I chopped up about 16 oz's (2 packages of Imitation Crab Meat,
1/2 Red Onion,
3 Celery Stalks,

and, my favorite part of this recipe,
The Whole Pinepple, Cored, and Chopped into Smaller Cubes.

Add the Imitation Crab, Celery, and Red Onions into a bowl,  Along with about 1/2 Cup Of Real Mayo, Some Salt & Pepper.  And then the Pineapple cubes.  

I like mine a little sweet, so I add some of the pineapples juice to the island crab salad too.

Easiest way to serve on the Dinner rolls would be to use an IceCream scooper, and it makes the Serving Size perfect for the rolls.

Don't forget you can enter to win from King's Island Rolls by sharing your own recipes with them too, by submiting to Kings Hawaiian Ultimate Sandwich Challenge.