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Top Tips To Encourage Stubborn Children Into Parting With Old Toys

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Dealing with a seemingly never-ending onslaught of toys can be stressful as a parent. After all, no matter how much you try to clear things away, most kids have enough toys that they can make a mess again in seconds. Not to mention that, throughout the year, occasions like Christmas and birthdays can turn an already tight toy storage situation into an impossible avalanche.

Luckily, kids do tend to stop playing with previous favorite toys as they grow. This provides a great opportunity to clear some space and finally make room for all of the toys they’ve acquired more recently. Until your child sees you in action, that is, and decides that forgotten toy absolutely must remain in their possession.

Before long, the toy situation can feel like an unwinnable battle. But there are some simple ways to encourage even stubborn children to part with old toys, and we’ll consider them here.

Put power in their hands

There’s nothing wrong with saying that your child has to lose some toys before getting anything new. And, let’s be honest, your child probably won’t care all that much about the toys they haven’t played with in years. More often, children fight against their parents just coming along and taking their stuff. So, if you want them to have a clear out, set some boundaries and let them take the lead. If you outline how many toys they need to get rid of but leave them to pick out what they don’t want anymore, this can be more of a joint, easy process for everyone.

Siphon toys away

When you have young children, it’s tempting to just have a clear-out and be done with it. But, even toddlers have a good grasp on what toys they have, and where, and a meltdown will inevitably ensue if you get rid of something that they end up wanting in a few weeks. Instead, it may be better to siphon those unwanted toys away, either in the attic or in a storage unit for a month or so. That way, you can still enjoy additional space, but you have the backup of accessing that old toy if necessary. Then, if your child has gone a whole month without looking for it, you’re probably fine to give it away.

Provide an incentive

If all else fails, an incentive can be a great drive for encouraging your kids to have a clear out at last. After all, every child dreams of a great bedroom, so promising something like a new bedroom layout if they clear the space for it can work wonders for reducing their protests. Equally, if they want a specific new toy or video game, you could put conditions in place before you buy it, such as the need to get rid of five old toys in advance. That’s sure to see them giving things away happily.

Clearing old toys is a never-ending task that’s made much harder by unwilling children. Get your kids onside with regular clearouts using these tips.

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