Thursday, July 13

Subaru has the best customer service for Special Needs families.

I wanted to share how great CMA Colonial Subaru in Virginia treated us when our Outback needed work done. I was referred to them by Eve at customer Service, everything unfortunately was out of Warranty but we still received a $500 off Rebate which almost covered the entire cost of the AC being fixed, and because of that I had enough to pay for the Wheel Bearing replacement as well.

I drive my son to his developmental center that's almost 44 minutes away from my house (one way) every day, and a safe, reliable car is a must for that. I really appreciate great customer service and that's what my experience with Subaru was.

The waiting room had a relaxed environment, with complimentary snack, drinks, and caffeine.  Even Sy had room in his adaptive stroller while we waited for the initial diagnostic to be done. When the technicians were done, and we were informed by Mindy at CMA the cost, and how long the work would take Subaru CMA Colonial in Chesterfield had a rental available that day, and was allowed to use it the entire time the work was being completed. I'm not used to being taken care of like that.. I kept thinking what fees are going to be added on.. but there were none. I'm definitely going back to that location for all future work. I found out the place I was taking my outback to for it's oil changes was using the wrong Oil in it, and I was paying almost double what CMA charges for an oil change. Mindy was very kind, and got us a good deal as well.  

Oh, and I got a code for a Free car wash at their automatic laser car wash that's in the same parking lot.

It sucks having to spend a lot on car maintenance and sometimes the world feels like it's always against me but it's very important to have a safe vehicle, and important to

remember there are still good companies out there with great customer service. So from my Special Needs family to the Subaru family - THANK YOU for helping us out, and thank you for the 2023 Subaru Outback Rental. It was niiiice. 

I would love to afford a newer Subaru but that's not in the budget since I stopped working to take my son to school. I still have a few smaller things to update on my Subaru but this helped a lot!! 


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  2. I got a code for a Free car wash at their automatic laser car wash that's in the same parking lot.
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