Monday, June 18

Don't let anyone tell you video games are just for kids.

It is easy these days to be able to get online and search for different blogs that can help explain how to be successful in an array of different ways. I remember when I was younger that the internet just really started that maybe you would have been only able to find a few sites that were willing to give you a specific outline for the successful in a career for online either code or online Commerce. Everyone back then wanted to be paid to teach you how to even get to the point of going to school for something like this

What I really enjoy about online and Technology nowadays is everyone is willing and excited to openly share how they became successful. It's very relatable to a person when they break down in an outline how they managed to juggle everything from just regular life School and pursuing their dream of making it in the industry that they wanted to learn.

We live in an age that it's is 100% acceptable to be a dreamer. Not only is it okay to be a dreamer but we live in an age that we make our dreams come true. Anything is possible these days you just take the time to research and learn what it is you have to accomplish to get to a certain point. I can't imagine a life without the internet. There are still certain Generations that don't understand the internet is not a bad place. Online is what you make it. If you want to make online be this huge open domain public Library of information that is mostly free information on how to make something become a reality.

There is a misconception that only certain types of people can make it in a business atmosphere. In this day in age it is the dreamers that make it happen. Without the dreamers that wanted to make parts of our life easier whether it be by developing apps, websites, and video games life would still be people going to pay bills in person or send the checks via United States Postal Service. Every app is miraculously coded for the program itself line by line, along with security measures embedded into these programs. I know that there are still people who don't trust online websites or transactions. I am the opposite of that I trust secure sites more than I trust physically sending my information on a piece of paper where numerous hands touch it and it could be delivered to the wrong place opens and everything is there for someone to take. I like that online things leave a trail that I can see what transaction number it is where things are being delivered to instantly. Really if it weren't for the persistent dreamers that's made it a reality none of the currents comforts that we rely on nowadays would be possible if it weren't for these people like Adrian Rubin, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.

It is okay to play those video games, it is okay to dream of creating those games yourself in the future. If playing those video games helps develop imagination, and the once to create something even better than the last, always strive for that dream to make it into a reality. You can do it! Don't let someone tell you there is no career or money in apps or video games or online businesses. When we live in a world and are at a place in time that if it were not for these people that wanted to make it's easier to find information online we would still be like it's back in time, wasting gas, time, and money doing basic errands we now can do online within minutes making more time be available for learning things, like what apps every social media manager should be utilizing online to make things run more smoothly. I generally like reading other success stories and what works for them and how it could work for me. Many like self-help books, I like reading about people like myself that grew up playing video games, and online that made it into a career and invent d things!

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