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Sunday, May 5

Baby Buds Eco Friendly Toy Review!

Autumn loves her Baby Buds Toys so much.  Her favorite is the Monkey blanket, it's also a hand puppet.  It was kissing her sweet baby cheeks, and she would smile at it.

I also noticed how soft, and light Baby Buds baby toys are.  That made me feel safe allowing her to play with them. The Owl Bowl rattles like bells, and has velkro that can be used to attach to things like strollers, musical mobiles, and car seat carriers.  The owl rattler has little ball that rattle, its cute but she isn't old enough to hold it yet.  The Monkey blanket is her favorite so far.  She's old enough to pet the monkey, and have it kiss her chubby cheeks.

They honestly are some of the cutest baby toys I've seen for Monkeys, and Owls.  If this is something you'd love for your little one, you can go here to see if your Local Target Carries Baby Buds.

They look like twins, LOL! Just kidding, tho they both are extremely adorable! You can find out more about Baby Buds by their social media websites.  I received these items for free for review purposes.

One more super cute photo of Autumn playing with the Monkey Hand Puppet!

Saturday, May 4

May The 4th Be With You! Angry Birds Star Wars Giveaway!!

I am guilty of having what is considered a Dork Side, but I don't care!! I love that my mini me likes Angry Birds, and Star Wars too.  He would not give back the game.  I really like that there are also special codes inside to use for the in-app game!!  He isn't old enough to play the game with me, and.. my husband FALCON, haha, he got a kick out of playing the Millennium Falcon Bounce Game.  Maybe because I kept telling him to Bounce.  I found it funny.. but my mini me watched!! We get pretty competitive when it comes to games.  We love board games, and always find good deals by using coupons!!

One lucky fan gets a chance to win the game, and your own form flyer too. Enter below via rafflecopter to win!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Little about the games,

Angry Birds Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bounce Game

Retail Value $19.99, Ages 8 and up; Players: 1-2; Available now at the

Bounce into action with the new ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS MILLENNIUM FALCON BOUNCE GAME. Bounce three balls at the MILLENNIUM FALCON to knock down as many enemy pigs as possible, and land in the cockpit to score big! Players can also unlock ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS in-app content with a special code on each pack.


Retail Value $9.99; Ages 5 & up. Available now at the

Toss around these 3.5-inch soft foam, iconic characters for a new way to play ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS! Available in LUKE SKYWALKER, CHEWBACCA, DARTH VADER and STORMTROOPER. Each Sold Separately.

Disclaimer: I received these items for review for free, one lucky fan gets to win their own set from the sponsor as well. Giveaway begins 5/4/13 4PM Est, and Ends 5/4/13 5PM Est. This is for a one hour flash giveaway!! Winner has til 8:59 PM on 5/4/13 to claim prize, or prize will be forfeited, and another winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter. Good luck!

Wednesday, April 10

Begin Again Toys For The Hero Review

Everyone that has a toddler knows that the calm sometimes is far, and few these days.  I am always on the look out for playful toys that my 2 year old will enjoy.  Especially bath time Toys.  Bath time is my 2nd favorite, next to Bed Time of course.  But Bath time I can just sit & talk to Sy while he plays in the water.  He likes to float, and kick his feet like he is swimming.  He loves bath time, therefor I love that he loves bath time.  He's actually one of those kids that cries when it's time to get out the water.  He's just like his Mama, a water creature at heart.  I grew up around the water. I was always swimming at the beach, and playing in the marsh.  So it's really nice to see how much he loves playing in water too.  
The bath toy he is reviewing  is by Begin Again Toys.  It's a bath time ball filled with Toys For A Hero.  The toys are made from heavy duty rubber.  They are Dish Washer, and Pool Safe.  The Rubber is flexible, and does not break when you bend it.  He's actually chewed on these because he likes the sound the rubber makes when they squeak.  He bites hard too, and his biting doesn't even leave a mark on these toys.  I really love that about Begin Again.  The toys are high quality, and for the imagination.  

Sy loves the little red diver.  He gets carried outside the bathroom, and lays around with him until bedtime.   The Octopus, and Sharks are equally as cute tho.  The whole set is different, and unique.  I am a sucker for bath time toys, crayons, and paints for the tub.  When he is done with the bath tub Ball, I just hang it from the tubs faucet, and there is nothing for the water to stay inside like some toys get nasty because it's hard for water to drain off it.  This doesn't have that problem.
You can find Begin Again Toys on Amazon, and At Whole Foods.  There are even wooden puzzles, yoyo's, art kits.  You should really check them out on Amazon.  There are some great sales right now with free super saving shipping.  I know some people don't live close to a Whole Foods, so this is great you can still find them online too.

To find out more about Begin Again, check them out on their website, and social media outlets below.  If you have any questions, just ask them! They are a great company.
Begin Again Toys On Amazon

Disclaimer: I received these toys for free to review.  All opinions, and images are my own!  

Monday, March 25

Happy Glittery Easter Build-A-Bear Workshop! Check out these cute bunnies!

Absolutely love Build-A-Bears 16 in. Flower Fun Bunny.  Look at how bright, playful, and happy the bun is! Any purchase over $20.00 right now will receive a Glittery Easter Egg decorating kit ** While supplies last.

This is my little man holding his Build-A-Bear 15 in. Lil' Bunny Big Ears.  Check out the rest of the bunnies Build-A-Bear has to offer by clicking here.  

I received the Flower Fun Bunny to review! All opinions are my own!  

Monday, March 11

I See Me Personalized Children's Books, Snuggle Bunny Review

I See Me's New Snuggle Bunny Personalized Children's book is beyond adorable.  The book itself is great for bed time.  It also helps children learn to count 1 through 10.  Each page is beautifully illustrated, and personalized with my Son's first name.  This is ideal to give him for Easter in his basket.  Below are  a few other ideas from I See Me For Easter.  

I don't give my son a lot of sweets for the Holidays, and he does love books, and stuffed animals.  I just know he's going to love his very own snuggle bunny gift set. Also check out the My Very Own Storybooks, Pirates, Fairytales, Birthdays, and many more!

There is also a promotion code that ends in a few days on 3/15 to get $5.00 off for min. purchase of $19.95. The Easter cut off for delivery (Since the book is Personalized.) is 3/15.  The Code to use is: HOPS

Also feel free to enter the ISeeMeSweepstakes for Raising A Reader.

For more ideas you can find ISeeMe on the Social Media Links Below, They are a great company so feel free to say hi to them, like them, and ask them questions! 


I received this book for review.  The book meets, and exceeds my expectations.

Wednesday, January 16

My Pretty Playhouse by Review for 100% Recycled Cardboard

My little helper and I had so much fun putting My Pretty Playhouse together.  Assembly was easy.  There is no glue, no tape, you just set up the two main walls.  Interlock the tabs, then put the roof on! It's that simple.  It can even be colored on or left blank!   Made from 100% Recycled Cardboard!  I also have respect for the company that they did not ship the item in a different box.  The playhouse comes mailed directly in the box itself.  I have this pet peeve that I cannot stand when boxes, are mailed inside of boxes.. especially if its something like.. Cardboard!  So, thank you Cascades for not wasting a tree!

There are other playhouse designs, and even card board furniture. The prices are affordable too. The My Pretty Playhouse retails for $38.00, some of the furniture like the table, and chair set retails for $15.00.  At least with items like this, artistic, personalized touches are welcomed.  

You can find out more about Cascades, and all that they do for Recycling on Facebook, and Twitter.

(Baby Sy has been a fan of cardboard for years, Lol )

So, what do you get the toddler that loves their cardboard boxes? Their own cardboard playhouse!

Items received were for review.  I was not paid, nor told what to write.  All images are my own!

Monday, December 17

{ Giveaway } Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two Review & Giveaway

Holiday Gift Guide 2012, Disneys Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two.

I received Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two for Xbox 360 for free to review.  I absolutely love video games,  I like that I can play games like this by Disney, and still have fun while my Toddler watches the TV like it's a show.  The graphics, and story line for Epic Mickey makes it fun for all ages. The Co-Op action makes it even better, it's so much fun playing with some one else! This is also the first time in Epic Mickey History that Mickey and Oswald join forces to save the Wasteland.  Scroll below to enter via RaffleCopter to win your own Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

  • Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two immerses players in Wasteland, a world filled with 80 years of Disney’s forgotten characters and attractions lovingly crafted by industry luminary Warren Spector.
  • For the first time, Mickey and Oswald join forces as true partners. Players can play solo as Mickey Mouse, using his magical brush to paint in or erase the game world, or with a friend as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, commanding electricity with his powerful remote control.
  • The exciting drop-in, drop-out 2-player co-op mode makes Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two not only a great gift for teens and kids but also a family affair.
  • The video game is available on all major gaming systems including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS. PC/MAC will be available January 2013.
  • Disney fans, gamers and parents can buy Disney Epic Mickey 2 at $59.99 for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, $49.99 for Wii and PC/MAC and $39.99 for Nintendo 3DS.

Giveaway: Winner chooses Epic Mickey 2: Power Of Two Video Game.  Game is only available for PS3, Xbox360, WiiU, Wii, PC/Mac, 3DS.  Retail Value Ranges $39.99-$59.99. What game console do you have? Enter below via RaffleCopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Collectible Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Hat! 

Epic Mickey Online, Facebook, and Twitter.

Disclaimer:  Giveaway begins 12/17/2012, Ends 12/31/2012,  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Prize is mailed directly from Sponsor.  Prize may take 2-4weeks for Delivery. Sometimes faster! Winner is chosen at random Via Rafflecopter.  Winner has 4 buisness days to confirm, if no confirmation is made, prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen at random via RaffleCopter.  Prize Value ranges depending on Console needed for Play.  I was not paid, nor told what to write.  All my thoughts, are my own.

Tuesday, December 11

Nickelodeon 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Dora, Bubble Guppies, Team UmiZoomi

Life According To GreenVics 2012 Holiday Gift Guide,

My two year old is a total Nick Jr fan.  Because of his Dora The Explorer love, one of his first words were Backpack. Which I found super cute.  This is the Dora Deluxe Bin Organizer.  SRP $44.99. It's bright, colorful, and extremely playful.  We embrace all spectrum of colors in this family, there is no "girls/boys" only items. The organizer was easy to set up, and his room looks so much better.

Bubble Guppies Gil & Molly!

I am even guilty of getting the Bubble Guppies Theme Song stuck in my head.  These are the Bubble Guppies Gil & Molly plush characters SRP $12.99.  They are 7" tall, extremely soft.  If you've never seen Bubble Guppies, they teach math, literacy, and they sing/dance.

"Come discover the vibrant 3D underwater world of a group of diverse preschoolers with colorful fish tails in the DVD, Bubble Guppies. Set to a soundtrack of catchy pop songs, Bubble Guppies infuses the core elements of kindergarten readiness, including: math, literacy, the arts, science and socio-emotional development. The DVD features a special double-length episode, “Bubble Puppy’s Fin-Tastic Fairytale,” guest-starring Wanda Sykes. In addition, families can enjoy two extra Bubble Guppies episodes and DVD exclusive special features, including a “Create Your Own Bubble Guppy” game, karaoke music videos and a jukebox song selection. DVD Running Time: Approximately 88 Minutes Special Features: • “Create Your Own Bubble Guppy” DVD Game • 2 Karaoke Music Videos “Fairytale Pop Song” “I’m So Mean” (Wanda Sykes) • Juke Box Song Selection SRP $16.99"

The Team UmiZoomi Come & Get Us! Counting UmiCar  SRP $34.99.  This is the cutest remote control toddler car.  It goes forward, and back.  It also talks, and is really easy to use.  My little man loves it.  I just keep asking him "where are you going?" and he giggles! 

These are my favorite types of reviews! Thank you for such fantastic samples.  I received these to review.  Sy just turned 2, and he has been loving his Nickelodeon.  I watched it when I was younger, and now he has his own shows to get into.  He dances a lot, and has so much personality.  

Saturday, December 8 Panda & Red/Brown Kids Backpack.

Fun was had by all the day we reviewed Panda, and Red Backpack. My little man is almost 2 years old, and he loves his stuffed animals, and yes.. one of his first words was backpack. So when I came across PatchBuddies I was so excited that it combined two of his favorite things.

The backpack is made extremely well. The stuffed buddies can be placed on the outside hole, and they do stay in with no problem. When the buddies arent in the outside hole, the inside is zippered, and there is plenty of space like a normal sized small childs backpack (The hole does not go straight through.)

My little man is extremely active, he loves to run, climb, and just explore. The patchbuddy did stay on, there are straps/snaps that could be adjusted down to his size.

I received these products for free, for my honest review. You can find online, Facebook & Twitter. Patch Buddies has bunnies, Cows, Birds, all kinds of different characters. 

I think patch buddies are extremely adorable, and whenever he wears it (carries his own snacks in it.) I think how big my baby is getting.  Maybe I am biased, but to me, he is the cutest little boy on the playground.

Wednesday, December 5

{ Review } Build-A-Bear Workshop® Make Your Own Beary Limited® Edition Rudolph & Clarice.

I can't get over how adorable these Beary Limited® Build-A-Bear® Rudolph & Clarice are! You can find these lovable festive friends at the Build-A-Bear Workshop®. I love the fact that you can make, and personalize these!

The 19inch Rudolph® nose lights up, I love that anyone can make whatever character they want. He can be decked out in Holiday gear, or even with a tuxedo. Anything you want really! The assortment of accessories at Build-A-Bear® are plenty!

The Slippers on his little paws made me go Awwwww!!!! Too cute! All I can do is want to sing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer® while pushing the button to make his nose glow.

The 18 in. Clarice® has the most holiday-cheery- bloomers & dress that are just as equally adorable! There are even shoes to match the dress. Clarice also has a heart on her that lights up when pushed.

I've always been a Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer® fan so when I saw Build-A-Bear® had Rudolphs, and Clarices to make I just had to have them! They will be the center piece for my Holiday decorations. I've already had family members want them. They both are pretty big, and can stand up on their own without falling over. They retail for $23.00 before accessories.

Also there are always the option of a Gift Card so your little one can go into the store, and make their own Build-A-Bear®.

Don't forget to check out the Limited Edition Smallfrys, their sizes range from 7inches. I'm in love with the Long Earred Bunny, and Hedgehog.

I received these products to sample for review. My opinions are my own! Wishing you all an abundance of happiness on this upcoming Holiday!

Happy Holidays! Love Wastefully, always!

Sunday, November 25

{ Giveaway } Soy Based Rock Crayons Review

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide, Review & Giveaway

Before you judge the crayons for being shaped like rocks, they are shaped this way so kids develop fine motor skills by encouraging them to use their thumbs, first & second fingers in a tripod grip.  

These are natural soy crayon rocks! They are just super easy to use, waxy, as in I really enjoyed them.  They reminded me a lot of Oil Pastels.  We love art, and I am always coloring with my Toddler for fun. In my opinion art is very important.  It's about creativity, and expressing ones self.

Crayon Rocks Holiday Gift Set comes with 20 different Crayon Rocks, in a cute holiday festive gift bag, along with a Wooden Snowflake and card to color in.

The silver crayon rock was my favorite to use.  I may take this one for my art supplies!  I just loved how smoothly it glided on the paper.  

These to me are the perfect Stocking Stuffers!!! Something different, something creative, and an excuse to get the family involved into drawing something together.  

I received my crayon rocks for free to do a review.. so we drew a Christmas Tree, with some lights, and a big red bulb!  

Crayon Rocks! Enter Below to Win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
U.S. Residents Only. Giveaway begins 11/26/2012, and Ends 12/03/2012. Winner receives a bag of Crayon Rocks, and wooden snowflake. Winner is chosen at random via Rafflecopter, and has 4 days to reply to winning email. If no reply is made, prize is forfeited, and another winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter. Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Prize is mailed directly from sponsor.

{ Giveaway } Zoobie Pets Draco The Dragon Review & Giveaway

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide & GIVEAWAY! 

aw @ Silas petting his new found friend, Draco the Dragon

Zoobie Pets are too cute! They are soft, and easy to take the blanket out of the pets.  The blanket is the perfect size for my Toddler right now.  Below are some photos of my little man and Draco. Zoobie Pets motto is to Play. Sleep. Love.  
Really, that sounds magical to me! 

Dracos going for a ride! It isn't bed time yet, it's time to play!

One lucky follower will win a Zoobie Pet Draco of their own!! Enter below via Raffle Copter.  

Giveaway begins 11/25/2012, Ends 12/07/2012, U.S. Residents Only, Winner is chosen at random via RaffleCopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all!! There are many other cuties from the land of Zoobia from Zoobie Pets. I received Draco for free to review.  Nothing is better than a review that my son participats in too.

Squaredy Cats Stuffed Animals! Tiger Lily Review

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide: They are on sale at right now for $5.98!!

Review by Life According To GreenVics

All the cool cats are squared when it comes to these adorable Squaredy Cats plush animals!  I received Tiger Lily! Not Squared to GO WILD, and it fit my little mans personality right on.  He's my wild child, and keeps me on my toes.  Plus he loves animals.  The quality of these Cats are well made.  Even the embroidered eyes, stripes, and paws are very detailed.  It's soft, my son really likes the Kitties fluffy tail.  The side is embroidered with whatever Squaredy Cat personality you picked.  

Super Cute Squaredy Cats Stickers & Post Cards
There is seriously a different squaredy cat for each personality type.  These cats are cute, and unique.  If you are interested in them, and finding out more you can find more info by going to ( who carries them, Build-A-Bear, Toys-R-Us, and other toy/craft stores online.)

Wouldn't these be cute popping out the top of a Christmas Stocking?? There are stickers, pins, tshirts, all kinds of cuteness that matches each cat.

Sunday, August 19

Giant Microbes, Superbug MRSA

Giant Microbes Super Bug MRSA
"You won't find this Superbug in the Halls of Justice."

Super Bug MRSA
Giant Microbes, Super Bug MRSA, is beyond adorable, well you know.. for being MRSA.. I fell in love with the little bug, and his gold & black cape.  There is a site called Giant Microbes by Drew Oliver, that has nothing but these little buggers  Some even come three to a petri dish.  There are soo many of them.

Really,  The site is fun to search and see what one of these bacterias/viruses/critters look like up close.  The microbes are only a million times their actual size! So knowing those funky shapes, are the actual shapes of what the things are?? Creepy! Yet, oh so cool! 

GIANT BUG Super Bug MRSAEach one comes with a little pamplet on actual facts about what it is.

MRSA means methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.  1 in 3 people carry the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Many MRSA carriers show no symptoms other than when their immune systems are low. The difference between a virus, and bacteria.. Bacteria can live months without something to keep them alive.

I had so much fun doing this review.  The stuffed plush microbe is definetely unique, and addicting.

I'd love to catch them all.. Get it.. Catch them all..? Hahahah.

What Microbe would you catch?  

Giant Microbes

Got to catch them all.. Well not really, please don't.

For some reason I just want to throw MRSA at people, and giggle profoundly at, ha ha.. You were just hit upside the head with MRSA.. I know I shouldn't.. You should not try this at home.  But, these plushes, vinyl toys, and merchandise are just fun.  I received my Microbe for free in exchange for a review.  

On a serious note (I left this for last for a reason) MRSA is contagious just by human touch, with that being said, if a bump, pimple, cut, whatever becomes infected, starts to blister,  it may need to be drained, because the bacteria will stay inside.  It's a very dangerous staph infection that can burrow deep inside, even to internal organs, and your bones.  If for a moment you think something isn't right, go to the doctors.  This is not something that just "goes away." 

I received this product for free from in exchange for my honest opinion for a review. I was not paid for this post.  No one told me what to say.