Wednesday, November 30

Shaw Floors Instant Win R2X

Most people that come to my blog are already my friends on facebook, if you aren't you can be my friend here.

I'm always posting new things, and just my everyday *boring* things, that yeah I dont think its boring! It's fun to stay busy, and keep your mind active. I'm always on the prowl for something new, and exciting to try, and do.

Today one of my instant win prizes game. It was from Shaw Floors, facebook page. Last month they were doing an instant win spin game. I won the R2X Spray Cleaner.

I was super excited to win, They were also giving away Christmas rugs, I didn't win one of those, but I did need the carpet cleaner. There were coffee stains, apple cinnamon bars, and cranberry mist spots on the carpet. I'm impressed at what the spray cleaner got up. I didn't have to scrub, I just sprayed, blotted with a sponge, and repeated that a few times. I used almost half the bottle, but I did get the major stains up that you can see soon as you open the front door.

Thank you Shaw Floors!

Monday, November 28

Someone couldn't wait for Christmas.

Meijer 11x14 Canvas Print BzzAgent GreenVics POV.

I'd like to first thank Mr. Meijer, for what a wonderful store he created, and that will be around for a very long time. There was a picture of him, and a book to write in soon as you walked in today at the store. I think they should have made the biggest canvas picture ever for him.
(Blog picture link from Bzzagent isn't loading)

Back to my Bzzcampaign for Meijers Gallery Wrapped Canvas 11x14 print. I was really scared to use the printed coupon that made it free. I printed it, talked myself up, You know, that I'm BzzAgent Greenvics, I can do this. This is just a little step, the hard part is writing the reviews in your own words. Anyways, I get to meijers, I show the coupon to the cashier at the photo counter, she just goes yep, we take coupons, and goes about her work. It went by fast- I transferred alot of pictures I wanted to go through to my SD card, I had no problem using the HP Kiosk. I finished picking what I wanted, and printed out my order slip. I go back to the counter, and ask if I can prepay so I can just pick the canvas up tomorrow, and she goes yes. So she rings us up, but when the part goes for her to scan the coupon, she reads it, turns it over, ( I use coupons so I know it was being questioned), she goes "this will make your order free", I go, yes
I'm a bzzagent, I even printed my Meijers Bzzcampaign page w/the smiley face, and my agent sign on name in case it was questioned. She just scans it and goes "Its free." I was happy she didn't make me stand there with a crying 11 month old that wanted to go eat, and wait for a manager. Seriously , I was so scared using it. Just being accused of something fake makes me nervous. I wish we got Bzzagent cards, or something. *hint hint*, A picture of ourselves on a card, and we can flash it with the Bzzkits booklet. I'd rock it. The blues in the aquarium water behind the baby in the picture I picked is really beautiful. I love the quality, and how the photo wraps around the canvas. I took a picture of the back because I think it's put together nicely. Its sturdy, not sloppy. They were on sale for 29.99, but I can't afford that, maybe if they were 9.99 for the 11x14s, but regular priced 39.99, I just can't afford that. If it were cheaper, I'd get one for my parents as a gift, of all their grandbabies together. They don't have alot of pictures, or artwork on their walls, but I know they'd enjoy this. They don't have one because custom things like these are just too expensive normally.

Burts Bees Holiday Facebook Giveaway

I just won chapstick from Burts bees facebook instant win game. Soo happy!

BzzAgent GreenVics for Krogers Private Selection

BzzAgent Greenvics reporting for BzzCampaign Kroger Private Selection.

I woooo'd outloud when I received my bzzkit today, not only were there coupons for $2.00 off to give my family and friends, there were three Free Private Selection Brand coupons. Along with a really nifty Oven Mitt. LOVE, LOVEE! The choices that Kroger has for their Private Selection lines. I was blown away by the options. These are good quality products I would completely consider purchasing again.

Honestly I haven't been shopping at Krogers like I used to, not since they stopped doubling coupons here in Columbus, Ohio, off Bethal Rd., I used to go in weekly, and buy things, and get great catalina deals. I did not know about Krogers Private Select brand til I was offered this campaign. When I checked out, It printed a 3.00 off your next shopping trip catalina too, I smiled so big, and the cashier asked me where did I get the coupons, and I had my bzzagent kroger booklet so I let her look through it. I don't mind the weird looks I get when I tell strangers I'm a BzzAgent, the really curious ones will go home and goto

I picked out a variety of things to try.

Private Selection Pizza(Used Free Coupon), Pepperonni & Roasted Garlic. Even the box made it look delish, The crust was a little thick for me, I love thin crust, and the box said it was thin and flaky, everything else was right on tho. I could taste the stravecchio parmesan, the perlini mozzarella, just enough basil, and fire roasted garlic seasoning. I wish the veggie one would have had chicken on it. Haha. That one looked really good too.

Private Selection Appetizers (Used Free Coupon), SPANAKOPITA, Yes, I had to write it in Caps, IT was BEYOND DELICIOUS, and FLAKY, and I shouldn't have shared this w/the husband. I can completely say this was by far my favorite. It was just perfect. I had never had phyllo dough, and now its just.. I want more. The combination of spinach, cottage cheese, feta, onion and dill were blended just right. Also, there were 12 in the box! 12~, a whole dozen. Awesome Kroger, AWESOME.

Private Selection Desert (Used Free Coupon),Miniature Vanilla Cream puffs, 30 puffs! I'm in love with these things, I sprinkled cinnamon sugar over mine. I'm still eating them now, ahaha. Type a few, pop another.. type some more.. Mmm.

I couldn't make up my mind about desert, and appetizers so I also bought Petite Quiche Collection, You receive 9 mini quiches, ranging from classic quiche lorraine, spinach florentine quiche and mushroom quiche. I'm not a fan of pie size quiche, but I do love the mini's. The spinach was my favorite. Loved how buttery and flaky the quiche crusts were on each too. Deserts were hard to choose from too, so I bought a 2nd one, The Blueberry Peach Panna Cotta just kept calling my name, so it got thrown in the cart as well. I haven't tried that one yet, but who can go wrong with vanilla custard, and sweet fruit tarts.

Now since I've tried a variety, I would use the appetizers at my holiday parties, even birthday parties, the quiches would be great for my sisters baby shower. So would the cream puffs, and pizza. I could cater the party really cheap too, people would think i spent alot of time, and money. Theyd be great for lazy dinner days too, or movie nights.

I really did enjoy not having to cook dinner tonight. If any one wants some $2.00 off Private Select coupons just email, or txt me.

Melissa & Doug Cyber Monday.

I love Melissa & Doug. They have been doing giveaways on their facebook every hour, and annoucing the winners right away. They are always fast to respond, and you can tell their customer service is above & beyond all other toy companies out there. Check them out for Cyber monday on their facebook, from this link here, Melissa & Doug On Facebook.
Or you can use these promo codes, one or the other, at,
Here is my little man sitting in a Melissa & Doug teddy bears lap. I can't wait til he's big enough for a trunki!

Sunday, November 27

Mad love for Plum District.

I got this great deal from buying a giftcard/voucher with plum dollars from plum district for hautelook when it was available. There's always a great deal at plum. They even do % off, and referral programs. I've been saving my plum dollars all year, and decided to use them yesterday because they were also doing a 40% off for small buisness saturday.

And then this Omaha steak deal I got completely free because of saving the plum dollars, and using it at the perfect time. Sometimes it's better to hold onto things until the right opportunity comes along. This goes for coupons too, I do this all the time waiting for that perfect sale, or gift card/store catalina deal to emerge.

Thanksgiving! Thank you Nestle.

I had my first thanksgiving as a married mama that cooked at home. I love to cook, and what made it even better, Nestle sent me a thanksgiving kit. Again, thank you el Mejor Nido.

Baby Sy ate 2 plates! Melts my heart creating memories/tradition.

We made the hand turkeys ourselves out of construction paper. The itty bitty hand turkeys are just too cute. I'm putting one of mine, and one of his in his baby book too w/the pictures. He's a hand turkey destroyer tho, ahaha. He cracks me up.

I had a blast combining my first thanksgiving with nestles kit. I would never had decorated like that, or had the extra help if it wasn't for Nestle. Companies like Nestle that care this much, and do such cute things for us everyday people have my complete and utmost respect. Below is what I applied for, it's closed now.

I can't wait til next Thanksgiving, I have so many ideas, and Sy will be almost 2! Well, come on Christmas this year first!!! The grinch hats came this week. Which I am also super stoked about. I'm doing a bzzcampaign soon for Meijers photo, and I want to take some pics of the baby in his Grinch hat to get made into an 11x14 canvas print.

He's being a ham here, and not the grinch, maybe I will get him to sit still next time!

Wednesday, November 23

BzzSmarterer, not tonight by BzzAgent greenvics

This is bzzAgent Greenvics, for buzzcampaign Smarterer, you can check out the website at, sign up, and see if you can beat my scores. It's competitive between friends, lol.

Tonight has got to be the lowest score I've ever received for the bzzcampaign for the Smarterer website. Maybe its because the husbands home, and chatting away in my ear. But either way, I totally sucked tonight answering the questions. I'm pretty ashamed to even post my score, so here it is.

Don't laugh ;( I'll do better next time! I will touch up on my bzzagent info, and study! I was in the 700's beginning of the week. I MUST do better! It's on SMARTERER, oh ITs on YOURE GOING DOWNERERER.

Here are a list of tests you can challenge your knowledge on at the site,

your blogging skills: Blogger test Facebook test Flickr test Twitter test WordPress test Tumblr Test And many more!

bzzagent greenvics for Krogers Truly Awesome Cookies.

BzzAgent greenvics reporting ;) , Recently I received two boxes of cookies through a bzzcampaign, and some coupons for friends. I loved these cookies. I actually had just bought some name brand cookies that were chocolate w/chocolate chips with a thin layer of fudge in the middle, and I liked the Krogers truly Awesome chocolate chip cookies better.

The box states that chocolate chip cookies are the #1 ingrediant, and I agree! They had quite a bit of chips through out, and there were on the thick side. I did dip mine in milk later after the baby and I enjoyed the first couple. They were soft enough, and melted in your mouth so that they were extremely easy to consume.

I did notice it says they are 120 calories a serving, and one cookie is a serving, but the cookie is pretty thick/full of chips so I am not dissapointed by serving size. I really don't care about the calorie intake when it comes to me splurging on a cookie.

I didn't taste the "real butter", not sure if its because it just tasted like chocolate chip cookies to me, but I really don't think that, and the serving size needs to be printed on front of the box, If people are curious they will read the back. Also, it might make people not want the cookies if they are scared off by the number before even trying them.

Did I mention I love cookies?

please don't tell me how many calories each cookies iz til after I eat a few and turn over to the back. ;(

Monday, November 21

bzz Bzz goes Agent Greenvics & side kick Puppyface for Hills Science Diet.

I received my free 4 lb bag of Hills Science Diet Ideal Blend for fur kids that are older than 7 years old today Via UPS man. It's all part of my BzzCampaign.
Today is officially the first day of the diet change. I'd like to tell you about my oldest son, He's a long haired Chihuahua, and almost 11 years old now. Despite his puppyface, and temperment of acting like a little baby still. He is getting up there in age, and I give him the adult blended food for all its vitamins. He's always had a nice winter coat, so I cant wait to see what Hills Science does for it. I'll do weekly blog updates, and pictures of course.
He's already ate some out of my hand, so he isn't sticking his nose up at the change. I just wish it was softer, and easier for him to chew, He's had dental work done in the past, and he is getting up there in age. I have to make it softer for him to actually eat it.

I'm so excited I get to bring the fur child in on the excitement too. He's been feeling left out since the baby came, even tho he is NOT. This will take some time to write a review for.

Here is also some info from Nutrition Center for optimizing your pets help.

Sunday, November 20

1saleaday, e-reader for $34.99 free s/h

1saleaday is always doing some kind of awesome sale. I bought a droid tablet for $59.99 last week, and this week I found a killer deal  incase anyone has one on their list, it does books, images, Mp3s! And it's just $34.99.

Kroger 11/21 ad has Fisher Price toys on sale.

With Christmas coming up, and people running around crazy because of black friday next week I'd rather find deals like this at krogers. Some of their fisher price toys are on sale for $4.99. Also Fisher Price releases printable coupons online sometimes. You just have to have your printer ready. There may also be some coupons there you can use at another store that takes manufacture coupons. More than likely if you have a young child in your family, you will end up buying something like this anyways. You might as well get some cash off.

Crowdtap, and many others to join.

You want to know how I get my opinion heard..? What sites I personally use, below are all of them. Nothing in life is completely free, you do have to put your time, and effort into signing up, but it is worth it, the open, and endless possibilities of everyday items meaning more because your feedback matters.

Crowdtap has been one of my favorites. You get to do surveys, invite friends to join, test products. It really is fun, and interesting leaving feedback for things you'd normally not try. I love this. Also, you earn various badges. I like the fact you go to different webpages sometimes, and actually get to chose thumbs up, or down for the information. You also have the option if you want to take action and apply. If 5 friends join, you get 5.00, It takes 10.00 to cash out, and you get an amazon e-gift card to use at, also, when you sign up you get to pick which charity you want a percentage donated to, you could even donate it all if you wanted to.

I've been doing this site a few months, and I've cashed out, and donated already.

Also, a lot of other sites offer rewards for getting five friends to sign up. Who doesn't know 5 people? It isn't a pyramid scam, because no one is scamming you to buy anything. And you do things at your own pace. I just tell people always check your email, and keep your surveys for the sites up to date.

If these kind of sites interest you, you should check out:

Stumbleupon, they also reward you for referring friends, and earning points. For these sites you always have to confirm your email, so check your inbox for the confirmation letter. Once you get that, you can start sharing too. At Stumble upon you can make $10.00 Amazon Gift cards for every 5 people that sign up.

Jingit, Jingit is a new idea that whatever cents you make from watching videos you can actually transfer to a prepaid Visa card. I just started using this one, and its easy to top out at what I am allowed to earn for the week. You can make an easy 5.00 weekly. That can translate to an extra 20.00 a month to spend on whatever you want.

This is exactly what Jingit looks like. It's my screen shot from watching ads today.

These are all sites I personally use too. And I am proud to be part of their network. I really don't see why some people can spend hours online, hours chatting, but when it comes to things that makes sense to me, like supplying feedback for high demand companies.. I'd rather do that. I love that my opinion matters.

You can check out my other blogs for information about Smiley360, and BzzAgent, All programs I am apart of.

I've been doing a lot of online shopping at:

Plum District you can earn money, and use it towards giftcards at featured sites. I've got orders that were 140.00 for 12.95 before. I Paid 12.00 for the e-giftcard, then used some promo codes, and after I added what I wanted to checkout my total was .95 cents.

Hautelook is also another site that has really good deals. Sometimes Plum district sells these giftcards half off, and you can use them for whatevers on the site. I've bought some really cheap items from here too.

Also I'd like to point out, I don't do any of this to make a living, I do what I do to get my voice heard, and to get great deals on things that can be had at those prices! That's what coupons/promo codes/and rewards are for!

Friday, November 18

BzzAgent Greenvics

BzzAgent GreenVics

BzzAgent GreenVics reporting for dooty,

Smarterer is a fun quiz like test game that you get points& badges for knowing things. I am on a online bzzcampaign for it for being a bzzagent. They added more questions to answer today. I also answered questions for some social media sites too, to see how I rank.

I have been accepted to more bzzcampaigns, I will post more about them when they arrive. And, this coming week I am doing a Thanksgiving social fiesta for Nestle on the 24th from El Mejor Nido, and going to an AMA Coca Cola house party on Nov. 20th from I will have alot to blog about, and pictures to add soon. I have added pictures of my recent 360 mission. They sent me Snuggle, and I did a review on what happened when I washed my bed sets, and exactly how the fabric freshner held up a week later. I love being able to give companies my 2 cents, and it really means something.

I am doing all of this (and filling out free sample offers inbetween) while I post my blog. I didn't forget about youuu. It really is alot of multitasking involved. My bzzagent score is 727! which I am proud of, I'm #87 on the leaderboard. I'm learning more, and more about the company, the more I play.

Go test you Bzz knowledge

I am starting to remember different html codes to align, and wrap picture texts, break lines.. add links.. I'll get more free time, and really think about how I want to customize my blog.

It's just a matter of time til I can truly express myself here, and get into a habit of being a blog writer. I was thinking about listing my purchases too, but then you'll see that I'm really an impulsive buyer, but, I am getting it for cheap, sometimes even free. Which I justify to myself that the shopping is allowed!

Also the special grinch hats I had made for Sy are complete, and she's shipping them soon.

How stinkin' cute is Sy going to be in these?! My husband will find them adorable, and I can tell him they were hand made too.

Thursday, November 17

It's morning, and I've been up all night..

Omg.. I need sleep. LOL.

bzz Bzzz Goes Bzzagent Angel for Kroger Cookies.

I love doing missions, reports, whatever you want to call them. It's all exciting & new for me. Also I think its great for the family, Even tho its just me doing it, my family, friends, and little one also are involved. I'm currently awaiting to do a special cookie mission in the mail.

krogers cookies

Kroger Truly Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies 11/09/2011 Shipped via U.S. Mail on 11/16/2011

I can't wait til my bzzkit arrives. I can already smell cookies baking, and me not messing up every bowl in the house doing so. Ha ha. When it comes it will be my first mission I will do picture by picture detail.

I'm already getting excited.

Wednesday, November 16

Smiley Snuggles Mission

I've been a member at 360 for a few months now, and this is just 1 of 4 mission's I've gone on. This was the Snuggles White Lilac & Spring flowers. They sent me a full size product to try and give back my feedback.

Above is my little man enjoying the soft, freshness of the recently washed bed set. It needed it badly, ha ha. I washed them last Sunday, and today they still smell wonderful.

Get a Melissa & Doug 25% Off Coupon When You Take the North "Poll"

Melissa & Doug want you to tell them which of their educational toys you think is the best! Just click on the image below to place your vote in the North "Poll!" You'll Get a Melissa & Doug 25% Off Coupon** to use at just for voting!


I personally love Melissa & Doug. I bought baby Sy the Teddy bear, and it's not supposed to be his til Christmas but I had to take a picture of him loving it to show how big the teddy bear actually is.

About Me

Contact: (my old email was I now have my big girl blog panties on by upgrading to my own domain name.)

I'd like to share that I am a 30 yr old first time mama. I enjoy product reviews, sharing my opinion, and possibly helping others find better alternatives. Theres this world experiencing new things, and sharing with friends & family out there..   Now I've been exploring, I have a facebook too that I post alot of deals I find along the way. Even recipes and cheap healthy alternatives for snacks & meals. I don't mind being called a Mommy Blog, It's not a dirty word, it's my life right now.

I've been thinking about creating a blog for awhile now. Just to write it out more in detail what exactly I mean, and why it means so much to me. I do this on facebook too.

I can be extremely silly, I have a twisted sense of humor. I joke/play/pick at people that are playful back. Really I learn fast, and learn more. I love animals, art, and music. I used to play alot of video games( I still play, but not as nearly as much as I would like to, LOL), and had that boring job. I miss the pay, bonuses, and 401k, but the path I am on now, is where I was meant to venture down.

I am part of many mom, blogger, help groups. It's a way for each of us to help one another out. Sometimes one of us will know an easier solution to something, or another mom is looking for an item one of us already owns/doesn't need anymore. It's a great group for when Adults need friends, and so does your little one.

I am always looking for new things to review, you can contact me at, if your PR thinks I'm a great fit for your product, or service. I love doing reviews in exchange for products. Really? You want to know what my opinion is? What I think? How it worked for me, my friends, my family? You had me at MY opinion. Aww, You care! You really, really care. I may link, or quote something from another site, but everything I post, I 100% wholeheartedly mean and agree with. I would never have posted it to begin with, if I didn't agree. I am a very visual person, and I have fun doing my reviews. If you want some one that loves what she does, and will give you an honest REAL time consumer out look, I'm your gal.

This is my Silly Sy, He's nothing but personality.  He keeps us busy!

My beautiful little niece baby Beck,

Super Cute Video Of Sy in the Mambo Tunnel that was part of the Tent picture above. I did a review for that too ( I bought it myself, but I loved it. )

Gaga, and her Grand babies,