Sunday, November 27

Thanksgiving! Thank you Nestle.

I had my first thanksgiving as a married mama that cooked at home. I love to cook, and what made it even better, Nestle sent me a thanksgiving kit. Again, thank you el Mejor Nido.

Baby Sy ate 2 plates! Melts my heart creating memories/tradition.

We made the hand turkeys ourselves out of construction paper. The itty bitty hand turkeys are just too cute. I'm putting one of mine, and one of his in his baby book too w/the pictures. He's a hand turkey destroyer tho, ahaha. He cracks me up.

I had a blast combining my first thanksgiving with nestles kit. I would never had decorated like that, or had the extra help if it wasn't for Nestle. Companies like Nestle that care this much, and do such cute things for us everyday people have my complete and utmost respect. Below is what I applied for, it's closed now.

I can't wait til next Thanksgiving, I have so many ideas, and Sy will be almost 2! Well, come on Christmas this year first!!! The grinch hats came this week. Which I am also super stoked about. I'm doing a bzzcampaign soon for Meijers photo, and I want to take some pics of the baby in his Grinch hat to get made into an 11x14 canvas print.

He's being a ham here, and not the grinch, maybe I will get him to sit still next time!

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